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How to lose weight within 15 days various factors make the path of losing weight difficult facing stress at work inadequate sleep and junk food all contribute to this however when you endeavour to lose weight it is not just on diets and workouts that you need to focus on certain tricks can be of great value in your endeavor tricks that will enable you to shed the excess fat within two weeks let us provide you with some tips using which you would be able to eradicate the excess fat in the belly region in no time but we will share this secret with you 1 say no to sugary drinks often submitting to your sweet tooth you end up indulging in fruit juice or soda however if you really want to lose weight this is not an option you need to get a control on this addiction for sugar doctors working at the Department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health have confirmed that such drinks lead to obesity therefore sugary drinks should be avoided at all costs if you want to lose weight to indulge in green tea if you want to get rid of the excess fats rapidly green tea will prove to be a valuable ally dr.

Margaret West – tap Plantinga working at Maastricht University has shed some light on the effects of drinking tea on weight loss as per her green tea is enriched with catechins which are antioxidants that increase the burning of fats to a large extent 3 stay away from unhealthy food items if you are serious about losing weight hide away all the unhealthy food items put them all away your cravings from such snacks increase when they are in your sight as has been elaborated on by scientists from Ohio State University and reaffirmed by the doctors of Cornell University and vtt Technical Research Center Finland if the unhealthy foods are in your house ensure that they are kept in cupboards instead of countertops if snacking is your hobby opt for some fruits for brush your teeth brushing teeth more frequently in a day is also a good idea brushing does not only lead to the cleaning of teeth when you brush during the daytime it also assists in your endeavor to lose weight the Catholic University of Korea along with the Korea University conducted a research project in which 15,000 people participated according to this research a link is present between losing weight and brushing teeth when the leftover food is removed from your mouth its communication with our receptors is stopped thus the brain gets the signal that the time for lunch is now finished five more laughter laughing more can be of great help as incredulous as it sounds when you laugh sincerely the same amount of energy is used as walking this is because laughter involves different areas of muscles including abdominal muscles a study conducted by the researchers from the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University revealed that around ten to forty calories could be burnt in a day by laughing for about 10 to 15 minutes therefore watching comedy shows would be a good idea you can also think of joining laughter yoga Club for the purpose this is no joke currently over 6,000 such groups are operating worldwide laughter indeed proves to be great medicine six increase hydration increased the amount of water to drink it is heard quite often that sufficient hydration leads to an increased process of burning of fat the topic has been researched by researchers from the Humboldt University and the German Institute of human nutrition during the study the participants were asked to consume two glasses of water the results revealed that their metabolism sped up by 30% with an increase in efficiency according to scientists if you drink around 50 fl oz of water in a day you can burn as much as seventeen thousand four hundred calories annually which amounts to around four pounds seven pay heed to the 2.5 minute rule the scientists from the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus and Colorado State University established this rule they gave it the name of Sprint interval training according to this rule an intense workout should be done daily for 2.5 minutes the reason for this is that intense exercise routines for about five to thirty seconds followed by breaks of four minutes can lead to speeding up of the metabolism as a result of which you end up burning 200 calories extra therefore endeavor to opt for intense exercise routines and give all the focus to burning more fat 8 divide your meal portions while eating less is important eating within short intervals is essential as well your body gets the signal that fat accumulation is not required when you eat frequently similarly when a meal is skipped the opposite signal is sent and we end up eating more according to research at Department of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto eating lesser amount with increased frequency leads to a reduction in the cholesterol levels by as much as 15% while the insulin levels are reduced by 28% insulin is of importance because it has control over blood sugar levels a decrease in insulin leads the glucose failing to reach the muscles or fat cells 9 get rid of the blue light here is another tip for you that can speed up metabolism get rid of the blue light visible on your phone if you have a habit of using the phone before drifting to sleep according to experts phones should be avoided entirely prior to bedtime scientists from the department of physiological anthropology at Kyushu University revealed that our brain is confused owing to the bright light and thus the production of melatonin is stopped metabolism has a strong connection with our sleep including the quality of sleep and the duration therefore adjust your screens to have light tones and an improvement will be witnessed in sleeping pattern 10 avoid counting calories according to nutritionists counting calories is not a good idea instead you should focus on the quality of the items you incorporate in your diet this is because every calorie is not the same let us give you an example if you get a high caloric burger it would be harmful to you however nuts with high calories are beneficial natural seeds vegetables and nuts are minimally processed thereby containing healthy and useful elements as compared to their powdered counterparts such items can be used for satisfying hunger as they enrich our bodies with the required nutrients 11 allow entry of cool air in your room studies from National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases revealed that brown fat is influenced by cool temperatures this is because of the fat layer forms for protection of the body against freezing thus white fat is split followed by burning of the chemical energy for creation of heat for the study participants were asked to split and sleep in rooms with varying temperature settings of warm neutral and cool for weeks of sleep in the cool room leaved to the men getting rid of a greater white fat amount from their bellies therefore turning up the a/c during the night will prove to be a good option 12 avoid sleeping during the day daytime sleep should be avoided science establishes that less fat is burned when people remain active during the night and sleep in the daytime a group of 14 healthy people was studied for about a week by the researchers at the University of Colorado they were not allowed any naps during the day and slept only during nighttime for the initial two days their sleeping pattern was then changed to that of an owl it was revealed that worsening of the metabolism occurred when a nap was taken during daytime this is because the biological clocks did not adjust to this change in schedule completely if you have night shifts it is recommended that the amount of calories you intake is reduced 13 allow yourself a cheap date cheat days are quite popular among athletes cheat days imply that you are breaking your diet willingly for a day in a week on this day you can eat whatever you want irrespective of the diet you are following this is done because this step tricks your mind your mind recognizes that a reward will be given for the efforts you are putting in thus resisting temptations becomes a whole lot easier 14 avoid taking stress our metabolism slows down owing to stress as has been stated in a study by Ohio State University furthermore stressed also leads to unhealthy snacking when we eat high caloric food during stress our metabolism is affected and we end up gaining weight therefore binge eating should be avoided 15 get sufficient sleep getting enough sleep is vital if you get good sleep of about 8 hours starting from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m.

and waking up at 6 or 7 a.m. it would do wonders for your metabolism this will also lead to the removal of the excess belly fat a study performed by Murray Pierre Street au njh who is an assistant professor at the Columbia University an Irish actor from the Columbia University Medical Center revealed that those with less than 5 of sleep have greater tendency to gain weight thank you for your time if you like this video kindly like and subscribe to our channel for more free videos on related topic thank you .

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