Flat Belly

[다이어트 기획 1편] 진짜 4주만에⁉️ 홈트레이닝으로만 11자 복근 만들기 도전‍♀️

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Hello, I’m Yuri I’m going to try to get 11 abs in 4 weeks This is my stomach before I get started This is me 2 weeks later It’s been really hard to make this 11 abs I’ll show you what I did exactly soon 1st week meal : eat whatever you used to eat but less and remember, no flour and alcohol and you’re going to need a yoga mat and a foam roller Types of workout I did were plank, leg raises, crunches, toe touch, seated knee up raises, bicycle, side crunches Let’s get started with me Day 1.

I’m going to do the inbody test I have a inbody machine at home 164.5cm tall / 50.1kg / bodyfat 22.2% / muscle 21% / Visceral fat 4kg what do you think? not too bad but look at you, you’re skinny seems like you have body fat more than you should more important thing is your visceral fat she said I have lots of visceral fat for my body normally people who enjoy alcohol has lots of visceral fat aigoo You should drink less This is my abdomen on day 1 ♬ There’s a tadpole in a stream ♬ Let’s get it started! Let’s go Hey, move your as** so simply, we’re going to check how strong your abs muscles are by doing some plank keep your fingers crossed okay, let’s go here we go power up! There you go.

Good job good hips up – am I doing it? – yes you are Hang on, Yuri, is your body on a silent mode? You don’t have to turn your body on a silent mode how long has it been? 22 seconds now you’re falling down get down, you’re done You’re going to start from the basic level First, we’re going to do some leg raises raise your legs like this how? raise it straight until when should I go down? I can feel you vibrating lol up! use your abs up! there you go let’s put it down Good, now, up! we’re going to do 10 reps 1 2 9 no no no, that doesn’t count.

You should go down further this one doesn’t count how come no it doesn’t count let’s put them down again. nine! up don’t try to rebound fold your legs is this the basic level? basic… oh, good point. you’re supposed to fold your legs half that’s why it was so painful (ignoring) yes, fold your legs and then up! now it’s easier, right? try doing it with your legs straight but if it gets too hard then you can fold your legs half and keep doing it (Yuri keeps making dad’s sound) okay, now 30 seconds resting we’re going to do crunches pull your chest up, there you go pull your chest up as far as you can go 1 2 last, up! hold it! hold it! this one’s this one really hurts!! it’s supposed to be hurt ♬ bicycle ♬ as if you’re riding a bicycle lean yourself on this foam roller lean on it raise your legs here we go are you feeling it burning? 3..

Are you okay? you alright? are you not okay? because it’s your first day it’ll get better toe touch lay down then reach out your arms then you’re gonna touch your toes with your hands when you’re up, breathe out let’s do it, up, breathe out There you go, one more time don’t move your legs 3, breathe out, up! relax your neck good job mate breathe hey, hey hey, breathe lastly, we’re going to do side crunches lay down like this, make your legs 90 degree she’s cute you should look up try tighten this area (external oblique muscle) flank, you know. but call it external oblique muscle if you want to look professional when people say 11 abs, it means muscles on your flank area Ah, I get it now try to push your body up like, make your legs 90 degree 1, 2, 3 like this look at the ceiling good no, that’s too much you’re good to go. breathe out, up! two,,, good job, three last! ten! there you go! take a rest the other side the other side.

Come on go! one! two okay. down good job gaesaekis good job Yuri get back to your position, let’s finish it this one’s gonna be easy pull your legs up like this, good one, good, two! good! five! no no no no no cheating, mate don’t move your neck nine, last, 10. there you go finished! now, let’s do two more sets what? I said 2 more sets. You’ve only done one set You remember what we’ve done so far, right? don’t forget those and do 2 more sets I see. so this is not it of course not. You heard me. so I repeat what I’ve done so far 2 more times That’s correct You think it’s too hard? repeat at least one more time let’s do 2 more sets more..

More.. more.. cycling position, 20 times on each side, right and left so you do it left and right, total 40 times It’s that simple okay, you’re doing good good You’re done you did really well today That’s it for today’s home training I couldn’t do more than 2 sets cause it’s my first day for this first week, I’ll keep doing this workout everyday. 3 sets each I’m going to do what my teacher told me to do Challenge accepted! You can do it! You wanna workout too? is that why you’re on the yoga mat? good girl, enjoy your meal after 2 weeks it’s the first day of week 3 from today, I’m going to workout without the trainer’s help plank, Burpee test, crunches and so on I’m going to do these couple more reps than before or make it harder for my body at home until the 4th week ends If you like my video please like and subscribe ^^ please stay tuned for the next video See ya ^^