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🔴 LIVE: 5 EASY WEIGHT LOSS TIPS 2017 (PART 2) | Easy Weight Loss Tips To Get Results Faster

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Whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and today we’re going over 5 easy weight loss tips for 2017 and if you’re just joining us this is a live broadcast so welcome welcome it’s an open communication so feel free to post any of your questions down below and we’re going to get right into this just want to make sure we’re up and running so exciting these live videos yup we’re in If you want to lose weight this year it’s not about extreme dieting or extreme fitness because alone none of those things work so today we’re going to be going over five easy weight loss tips for 2017 that are going to get you on track and these are practical doable things that you can start putting into effect right now all right now this is part two in the series if you haven’t seen that part 1 go ahead check it out where there’s five more tips so today five brand-new tips weight loss tip number 1 is to get yourself a workout buddy and you know it’s always more fun together and there’s that extra accountability that happens when you have that workout buddy inevitably one of you may may not want to get in that workout today so what happens is you text each other put it in your calendar and it’s that extra accountability and you know workout buddies are awesome a little healthy competition when you’re working out is good too so really creates an awesome bond and extra accountability so tip number one get yourself a workout buddy good tip number two and this is a diet-related tip and this is we did a video on the Whole30 Diet of the whole30 challenge and one of the things that we like about the whole30 diet is that you eliminate added sugar 100-percent and so for 30 days we encourage you to do that one thing just that one act of eliminating all added sugars from your diet that doesn’t mean you’re going to be eating no sugar that means no added sugar what that’s going to do is that’s going to allow you to one you’re gonna be taking in less you know on purposeful calories so your calories will go down but also it’s going to make you more conscious of the choices that you’re making with the food that you put into your body so you’ve got to read the labels because sugar has a lot of different names these days on the food label so challenge you to go 30 days no added sugar and don’t wait till next week start right now and you know it’s just a lot of empty calories at the end of the day you don’t realize could be as little as you know maybe you have through two or three coffees a day and you’re putting some sugar in there it could be you know in some of those late-night you know healthy snacks I don’t know and there’s just all this added sugar that’s it turns out that it’s hundreds of extra calories a day that you don’t need and it’s keeping away your weight loss goals and also prepared loss lowering your sugar intake is key so tip number one eliminate all added sugars in your diet just want to turn to you guys for a second and see if we have any questions from our viewers here let’s see are we live yeah we’re like this is one of our first live broadcast so thank you for tuning in now if you’re watching this on the replay appreciate you too you know and so we may do more of these depending on if you guys are liking these live broadcast so we’re actually streaming live on facebook and on YouTube right now hey guys thanks for joining the conversation ok we’re going to move on if you do have any questions post them down below i’m checking on you guys and hope you’re having an awesome day now we just went over the first two tips now tip number three is to increase your NEAT now need is an acronym that stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis fancy word but essentially what that means is what you’re doing your movement throughout the day that’s not exercise related so we do awesome fat burning workouts at the boot camp and you know this is not part of it neat are the extra calories that you’re burning throughout your day when you’re just moving now some of you have a desk job I know it’s really tough to you know find that extra movement during the day you may be sitting 48 hours but guess what if you get up every 15 minutes walk around come back it doesn’t sound like much but it really adds up all these things that we do add up parking at the other side of the parking lot when you go get your clean grocery shopping tonight you can go ahead and just add those extra little steps in and these little things everyday really do add up and it’s your life so things that we do every day become habits so these are things that are non impact that ad calorie burning throughout your day you know digiti people are just naturally a lot of times lean and it’s no secret it’s because they’re constantly moving like never stop moving and that’s something that I’ve been practicing for over a decade now where you know instead of sitting stand I mean just move around the more that you do it really adds up and it allows our blood to continue to flow and our hormones to communicate properly so there’s a lot of benefits to it so not exercise activity thermogenesis known as neat look it up you want to learn more about that it’s really a cool thing and that has to do with all the extra movement that you’re doing when you’re not exercising that you don’t even think about it really adds up hey guys hope you like these tips so far we have two more tips first three down and I hope your front finding these tips helpful number three we’re going to go right into it and this is another sort of diet related thing this is a bit of a hack and we don’t like hacks too much because a lot of times they’re just bogus and but this one tip number four is start your day with apple cider vinegar and we actually did a whole video on the benefits of apple cider vinegar and if it’s in fact a weight-loss miracle like most people are claiming or not and that’s on our youtube channel if you’re interested just check out our channel i’ll put a link down below so but essentially one tablespoon every before your meal start your day with about one to two glasses of water so eight to 16 ounces 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar warm water works great little pinch of stevia if you like to kind of cut the edge a little bit that apple cider vinegar strong and make sure when you’re getting your apple cider vinegar it’s gotta say raw unfiltered organic and unpasteurized those are the four things that you want to look out for when you’re getting your apple cider bigger if it doesn’t say all four of those things put it down go to another store and get it drags makes a good option that we usually keeping the cover all the time now you can do that up to three or four times a day so 4 times would be the most that’s four tablespoons would be the max benefit that you would get anything more than that it can actually start being a little too much on your digestion and also your teeth enamel so that’s we have the full recipe and video on our youtube check that out but starting your day with apple cider vinegar is it actual weight loss miracle cure no but it will help and there has been proven studies that it can actually help burn up about at most five percent fat burning with doing nothing else just simply can taking it in to your body 5% extra fat loss and show studies show around the abdomen area so it’s pretty cool and even if it’s one percent it it does help and then the other thing is it helps with digestion but it also can curb your appetite so it doesn’t just make you lose weight no that’s total BS but it does help make you feel fuller so if you have that before the meal they are idea is that you’re actually going to take in potentially less calories because you’re not quite as hungry at that particular meal so that’s why it works and those are the only two things that actually helped with the weight loss in the fat loss there’s other really good benefits to taking it as well but for this purpose of this video today that’s we’re talking about losing the weight maybe dropping those pounds it feels good just checking in on the comments if you have any questions right now answer a couple of you watching right now awesome hey we’re about to get into our fifth tip of the day and that is to get some more skin in the game what does that mean well listen you’ve got invest in you and so a lot of times we see people you know wanting to step up their fitness wanted to step up their fat loss and then joining like a ten-dollar Jim I mean listen that’s a good step but there’s really no investment on your part you don’t care if you go or not and you know what they don’t care either in fact they’re counting on you cannot show up so there’s a few ways that you can get some more skin in the game and this is true with anything listen if you get a brand new car versus an old beater that you’ve had which one do you think you’re going to take better care of right it’s an investment so there’s different ways of investing we invest in it with money we invest with our time and you know time is the most precious thing so invest in spending some more of your time learning how to cook and eating real food you know listen it’s pay now or pay later if you want to go get that fast food and because it’s easy or you don’t have you don’t have time to cook you’ve got to invest in you that’s what this is all about creating a healthy lifestyle is really about investing in you and so it’s it’s your priorities nobody can make you do it but if you get some more skin in the game you know listen buying more no less processed real food it’s gonna be a little more than you’re used to initially but you pay now or pay later right another thing is daily learning spend every day hey spent 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes an hour whatever you can budget from your time and you’re going to spend time learning about weight loss learning about maybe recipes learning about exercises workouts and if you have any questions about those things especially fitness-related you can contact us anytime through our website max’s best bootcamp calm and we will try to answer your questions if you’re in the danbury area come check us out we love to train with you and have you part of our fitness family where we do awesome fat burning workouts get results for you and we don’t waste your time that’s the thing is the final thing is hiring a coach more skin in the game yeah there’s going to be more skin in the game will you be more accountable because of that yes you will and so it’s all about priorities in life you’re the priority you want to be the best you can be for you and your loved ones and so getting some more skin in the game will absolutely help you reach your weight loss goals and so like i said if you’re in the Denver area go ahead and check out our website you can even come down and try free session if you’d like just going to max’s best bootcamp calm and if you’re not in the area go ahead and search somebody out in your area that can help you on your way to really creating a weight loss plan for you anyway guys I hope you liked this video just going to check if there’s any more questions coming in right now you guys thanks for joining so anyway hope you have an awesome day hope these tips help wherever you’re off to today keep these easy weight loss tips in mind remember this was part 2 there’s also a part 1 where there’s five more tips for weight loss results that we created for you anyway thank you for watching this video have an awesome day!

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