body language


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Hello everyone and welcome to Body Language, your new channel of healthy life style. First of all, who am I and what will this channel offer you? Oh yeah, who are you? Relaxing prevents me from giving orders. So … move it! Oh, I know. Relaxation is not your thing. So, you know what? No, what? You’re the one to move it! Let’s get back to what I was saying. My name is Sandra and I am a psycho-corporal therapist and a practitioner in holistic, traditional or sports massages. Most of my work, for more than 5 years, has consisted in helping people to understand and recognize their body so to raise their consciousness by leaving behind the mental which is often very present. Do not forget that you have to get the children at school and that your project manager wants his report by tomorrow morning. I will provide you with informations on the functioning of body energy. I will tell you how to understand the language of your body, how it communicates with you to give you information on this or that feeling or emotion. I will talk to you about conscious breathing, how to let it live naturally by practicing sophrology and relaxation.

We will see how to transform a negative thought into a positive thought. You will also discover visualization with its field of possibilities to open up to the potential that it is either in your private or professional life. For example, how to get to a stress-free interview or how to prepare for a sports competition mind free and detached from any pressure. And of course, you will find informations about the massage and its benefits as well as the importance of the intuitive touch. Oh, because you think it will interest us to hear you give all those informations? Well, quite rightly there will be information but, with each video, I will propose a practical exercise accessible to all. So, if you want to know more about the body language and how to soothe your mind, feel free to click on the ‘subscribe’ button. I’ll see you again soon for another video. .