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1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Program – Food To Eat Before Bed For A Flat Belly

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1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Program – Food To Eat Before Bed For A Flat Belly Today I’m going to reveal the most bizarre Nighttime food tip ever and how I stumbled on this one weird food that torches belly fat If you eat it exactly 30 minutes before you go to bed at night Exactly my doctor eats this bedtime belly burner And he’s now slim and trim in his late 60s my grandmother uses my nighttime belly trimmer And she’s lost her belly flab at 92 years old here’s how it works you will set your alarm on your phone or watch to go off 30 minutes before going to bed and Then you’ll eat this one food and watch what happens to your belly fat Oh, it works wonders on thigh fat back fat face fat. You name it now before. I reveal it to you Have a look at my wife and best friend Nicole you know I’ve been absolutely crazy about her since the moment she walked into this restaurant back in June of 2007 how time flies right Nicole is smart driven a Fantastic mom and my hero, I don’t mind saying this to the world now I’m not one of those guys that keep their feelings to themselves so believe me when I tell you this No amount of body fat or any kind of illness would ever change my love for Nicole.

I Loved her just as much when she was 35 pounds overweight Struggling with Crohn’s disease suffering with depression afraid she wouldn’t live to see our kids grow up and get married and Terrified of growing old before her time yet the honest-to-god truth was so painfully clear she didn’t love herself as much as she used to and I was desperate to help her fall in love with Nicole again, so imagine the joy she Experienced when she found out what you’re about to find out today my foolproof willpower free eat What you love weight-loss plan that I discovered completely by accident that Nicole used to go from? 163 pounds to 128 pounds in six weeks and later used on myself to go from 244 pounds to 206 pounds in six weeks All while eating whatever we wanted three days out of the week and it all comes down to one food we eat before bed 30 minutes before bed to be precise even if you don’t fall asleep in 30 minutes That’s okay. Just shoot for that 30 minute window listen up, and I’ll tell you how we did it all I ask is that you pay close attention to this fast-paced step-by-step video all the way to the end if you do you’ll never look at weight loss or Diets the same way, and you’ll walk away today with a plan that has helped over 1869 other men and women of all ages 19 to 91 years old lose all the weight they wanted without Sacrificing their favorite foods reclaim the health and energy they lost over the years Enjoy their love life with a drive.

They believed was long gone surprise Remember how awesome it felt to get a perfect night sleep? Consistently experience the benefits of an autopilot weight-loss plan you don’t even have to think about and fit into that hot sexy dress You’ve hidden in the closet or those College day jeans and so much more my name is Dan long You know for as long as I can remember. I struggled with my weight Nicole didn’t mine, but she was really worried that I might pass away from a heart attack Or diabetes before I turn 50 Can you blame her this was me after trying just about every weight loss diet you can think of so? Trust me I get it that you’re probably a tad skeptical when I say you can eat whatever you want Three days a week and lose all the weight You may think this is a gimmick or that you have to starve yourself on the other days or that you have to rely on Magic weight-loss powders and potions or that you have to be genetically blessed to pull this off Believe me.

I would have thought the same thing until the pain in my partner’s heart drove me to find a solution a Cure for her ongoing struggles with her weight and a fix for my own weight loss woes It was only through sheer luck that I stumbled upon the answer I’ll tell you that story in just a moment plus tell you precisely How you can lose weight – this isn’t theory? This isn’t book learning as my dad used to say and to be 100% frank with you. This isn’t a quick fix Sure, you lose weight faster and easier than ever But let me just say this before we go any further my faith demands I tell you the truth and the truth is weight loss is never easy However, I discovered a system that makes weight loss as easy as possible So I want you to rest assured despite the spectacular news.

I’m about to share I’m always going to level with you, and I’m only going to share tips and secrets Proven to work on hundreds of folks just like you folks who are now slimmer happier and more energetic than ever Folks who enjoy whatever they please three days a week, and who are dropping pounds of unwanted fat Faster than ever how does that sound you great just one more thing? Do you see this little marking that marking links to scientific peer-reviewed research? Confirming everything you’re about to see You see my system may have been born out of luck and hard work But it’s now back by cutting edge weight-loss science And it’s even doctor approved the next few minutes will be a total health and body Game-changer for you the scientific discovery that I’m about to share with you is so stupid simple that I ask myself all the time Why didn’t anybody else think of this? Strategic eating all your favorite foods while enjoying life to its fullest Forcing your body to drop pounds and inches of pure stubborn belly fat Preventing any heart attack stroke, or deadly disease every single day But first let me tell you why I gained 38 pounds of deadly belly fat in just six months inheriting deadly blood pressure of 189 over 118 periodic blurred vision daily headaches serious heart palpitations increased ringing in the ears borderline diabetic a cholesterol level of 266 and an LDL which is your bad cholesterol and triglycerides of over 200 all of this in just six months from eating whatever I desired a 24/7 and a nagging lower back injury that would leave me Immobilized and end up causing a huge amount of stress and pain for my family And I yet it was the near-fatal attack.

I had on my 43rd birthday that would lead me to this unusual overfeed hour that would change Nicole’s and my life forever if You currently have 5 or more pounds of belly fat right now You too can be a walking time bomb of potentially deadly diseases without the slightest clue Just like it did me and this was only from six months of bad eating habits Can you imagine one three or five years or more of this type eating behavior Nicole? And I had continued to pack on pounds of uncomfortable deadly belly fat each and every single week Continuing to put stress on our hearts and overall health had I not found this overfeed our trick before it was too late Who knows how much precious time I had left before God called me home potentially leaving behind my two daughters and my wife and You know what really ticks me off How many countless late-night TV? Infomercial diet nutrition gimmicks Nicole has fallen victim to in the past years that only led her to gaining more and more Weight making her belly bigger and bigger while visually making her look 10 plus years older than she really is I’ll guarantee you this men and women over the age of 35 will be shocked and appalled Once I reveal in this short presentation the number one obesity food additive that you’re consuming right now That is destroying your metabolism and hormonal triggers Forcing your body to never let go of pounds and inches of stubborn belly fat that Contributed to my near-fatal scare on my 43rd birthday Then also helped Nicole’s body transformed to lose 35 pounds Especially from her waist and thighs and get this I lost 38 pounds of belly fat from my stomach Preventing me from any harmful Risky surgery dangerous prescription medicines and all the long-term side effects that come with them This science backed over feed our discovery will not require you to slave over some dreaded cardio machine Wasting your precious personal time or cut out all your favorite foods at your next holiday out to dinner experience Birthday or social event out on the town with the men or ladies nope You’ll never be the oddball next to your friends and family Having only a bland salad or a piece of well cooked protein as your restricted meal Instead you’ll turn back you’re over 35 Degenerating metabolism clock with one super simple overfeed hour that will change your life overnight so if you’re eating less to lose weight going low-carb or starving yourself of your favorite carbs or Hooked on caffeine supplements that don’t work or using one of those crazy exercise gizmos or working out for hours with one of those Infomercial exercise DVDs, then you need to stop now Let’s be clear on one important fact It’s not your fault that you have been lied to and still struggle with dangerous belly fat low energy and aging achy body parts Seriously Nicole fell for those silly gimmicks only causing her to gain fat around her stomach and waist Emotionally sending her into a very dark place to be quite frank with you if you’re over 35 years of age Concerned about high blood pressure menopause low energy heart disease diabetes High cholesterol or even a stroke you’ll need to listen real close you absolutely 100% have to lose those excess pounds of deadly belly fat around your midsection before potential Irreversible damage is done.

Make sure you stay with me for the next three minutes. Otherwise you may miss out on What could be the one most vital piece of information that could save your life? Like it did for me and Nicole from her embarrassing emotional roller coaster ride I’m going to lay everything out for you including the first time ever made public Overfeed our secret that banished 73 pounds of stubborn stomach fat Reducing your joint pain and your high risk for high blood pressure menopause type-2 diabetes while balancing your youth hormone and increasing your energy and sex drive lightning-fast This is exactly what Allyson from New York experienced. She lost 38 pounds of embarrassing belly fat permanently Eliminating her knee pains and shortness of breath when walking up the stairs Gaining back her energy and her confidence to play tennis again Then there’s Mike’s incredible story from Florida who used this super simple overfeed hour to banish over 130 pounds of stressful belly fat while reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke and Years of dangerous medications or how about Courtney from Massachusetts who use this exact super simple overfeed hour? You’re about to discover to look dazzling and feel her best ever for her magical wedding day Then go to conquer a 10k race to boot.

Here’s what Mike shared about his incredible transformation I’m no longer fearful of what tomorrow will your information Presentation was the life changing experience that helped me overcome my fears of being overweight for the rest of my life I used the super simple overfeed hour to lose over 130 pounds of depressing belly fat Dramatically reducing my risk for a heart attack or stroke at first I was skeptical but after losing multiple inches of belly fat in the first seven days I was hooked Plus I get to eat whatever I want three days a week I can’t thank you enough for finally helping me achieve my goal, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet of the 1869 testimonials of men and women just like you that have achieved Life-changing success.

I’ll share exactly how they transform their lives and bodies in just a minute But before we go any further. Let me introduce our two beautiful daughters Leah and summer and our son Austin Here’s a family picture of us goofing around one early morning in Tampa, Florida If I hadn’t abandoned my normal diet for just those six short months after my lower back injury Just before my birthday I would have never stumbled upon this overfeed our discovery that would end up saving Nicole from hitting rock bottom And ultimately my life I have to admit Nicole’s and my health and body transformations are nothing short of a god-sent miracle And I remember it like yesterday My weak body being rushed to the emergency room praying along the way for some miraculous miracle Wondering if I would live to see my kids grow up Though this chokes me up to think about how I could have let myself get this way Sure Nicole, and my genetics aren’t perfect but Nobody’s are I should have paid more close attention to the warning signs my stomach bulging out from bad eating habits being over 40 and Carrying in excess of 30 pounds of dangerous belly fat not to mention I felt sluggish skin color was off and walking up a flight of stairs made me winded and my headed and Working out you can forget it even walking fast felt like a chore I caught myself watching TV so much I became a useless couch potato and more and more depressed as the time ticked by It terrified Nicole and the kids on that eye opening day of my birthday One minute we were celebrating life, and the next I was being rushed into the emergency room with my blurred vision in one eye intense headache difficulty speaking and enormous pressure building in my chest feeling confused and helpless Nicole held my hand while the doctors ran, what seemed to be endless tests after tests The doctor said my blood pressure was 189 over 118 And he needed to test my cardiac enzymes next he felt.

I may have had a heart attack or stroke By this time it was painfully hard for me to breathe and I could see Nicole had tears starting to trickle down her face all Overwhelmed with emotion all I could think about was my family and if God was going to grant me a second chance Would I live to see our next wedding anniversary or our children give us grandchildren someday? But as traumatic as this was for Nicole, and I it turned out to be the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for See what happened that terrifying day when we were in that emergency room would end up leading Nicole and I to the overfeed our discovery that would make us lose 73 pounds of combined dangerous belly fat and Ultimately save my life after what seemed like an eternity The doctors and nurses rushed in with the results and said you guys want the bad news or the good news Nicole said give us the good news first The doctor said it looks like you dodged a life-altering bullet.

You didn’t have a heart attack Nicole shouted thank God But now for the bad news We need to immediately send you for more tests We think your brain may be bleeding or leaking fluids or even a possible brain tumor dude you’re blurred vision headache difficulty speaking and your blood pressure being so high Those are classic signs of possible stroke plus your blood work shows all your levels are off the charts your overall cholesterol is 266 with a scary LDL level you’re borderline diabetic and your Triglycerides the type of fat in your blood that increases your risk of heart disease is over 200 We need an immediate CT scan of your brain stat on The way to the CT scan I looked at Nicole and said that’s impossible My blood work from 6 months ago was Perfect before she reminded me of our terrible eating habits that caused all our belly fat to accumulate Let’s pray this brain scan comes back negative Before.

We jump to conclusions prior to this happening Nicole and I had no clue of how bad our health really was of course there were warning signs of excessive belly fat fatigue and lack of energy by midday a struggle to stay awake and our sex life had become non-existent I even experienced difficulty walking speaking clearly or understanding and numbness in one leg Red flags that we ignored while our stomachs and bodies still became more bloated each day from the man-made Chemicals in our food no matter. How hard we exercised To be quite honest we both were in the so-called grave danger belly fat zone a place that up to 80 million Americans are coping with on a daily basis right now stomachs growing larger and larger by the day Nicole had tried losing weight countless times Following a strict low-carb diet weight watchers point system and even tried the South Beach diet among other weight loss gimmicks None of which will reverse any of the deadly belly fat symptoms like stroke heart attack or even diabetes With these yo-yo diets and overhyped infomercial exercise programs you find yourself more frustrated than ever before When the little fat that you lose comes back even faster than before Making it feel seem impossible to keep it off for good But these programs leave little or no chance to fight off the dangerous internal fat around your heart and organs That’s attacking your body from the inside out To make things harder try finding the time to prepare and eat five to six meals a day Seven days a week that most of these complicated diet programs require Nicole felt overwhelmed and confused Trying to keep track of calories while juggling three kids her job and taking care of the house and home Only to weigh in once a week finding the scale barely moved her waist thighs and butt virtually stayed the same Leaving her depressed and feeling unwanted little did we know that this birthday would go down as the Overfeed our discovery of the century and at the perfect time Nicole and I felt hopeless we didn’t love looking at ourselves in the mirror anymore Our weight was at its highest ever no energy for our sex life and our marriage was slipping away It was the same old revolving door routine wake up get the kids to school Go to work long stressful drive home dinner and clean up trying to catch a TV show and hit the bed finding ourselves lazy drained of energy Unhappy and feeling ten years older than we really were This is the life that we lived up until that shocking Birthday scare that would forever change our lives for the better while waiting for the CT scan results in the hospital Nicole was very emotional and shaking like a leaf Holding my hands super tight praying for a miracle That’s when the doctor walked in and said did I overhear you saying six months ago Your blood work was clean as a whistle Yes, I sure did Well the lifestyle you both are living now is killing you, but the good news is your brain scan came back negative Nicole immediately started crying with tears of joy I Stood there in amazement that somehow I dodged another bullet I recommend you follow up with a cardiologist right away your blood pressure cholesterol and Triglycerides are at dangerous levels You must lose 35 pounds of belly fat.

If you don’t change your way of life You won’t be around to see your kids graduate every day counts Nicole and I knew that this miraculous second chance could not be taken for granted We have three amazing children And an enjoyable retirement to live for we must do everything possible to lose this weight but Nicole was second-guessing herself She struggled with program after program only to regain all her weight back plus more Frustrated with her belly fat and her cellulite on her butt and thighs It depressed her and her hormones seemed to be way off It was the surreal moment of truth. It was either do or die we’re going to do this together mano-a-mano The last thing I want is to be haunted by deadly heart disease blood disorders diabetes and other diseases from living with excessive belly fat Turns out my 92 year old grandma Carmela would end up being our biggest inspiration of all She frantically called to see how we were doing because she had heard the frightening news of my event After hearing the story she said you do must listen to your bodies I’ve lived 92 years with clear arteries No diseases and a strong heart, and I can still keep up with you grandkids She continued to tell me that her doctors believed her secret to living this long was because of her eating patterns She indulged three times a week with whatever foods.

She wanted and the rest of her meals were super simple and strategic Moderation is the key she told me you’ve not been overweight dead long. She said I Thank grandma and told her I loved her Little did Nicole, and I know this would become one of the unusual Principles that would ultimately strip 73 pounds of stubborn belly fat from our waists Days later Nicole drove me to my first cardiologists appointment with dr.

M by this time I was already taking numerous prescribed medications for my blood pressure and cholesterol Plus they wanted to give me more for my excruciating back pain But I refused I Figured the less the medication the better for my overall health Dr. M. Burst into the room and says how are you feeling? I replied my blood pressure is still dangerously high I have no energy a headache, and I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest Dr. M replied you’re lucky to be alive the hearts care that you had is a sign that your body is in shock It’s a miracle that you’re here today. We’ll need to run more tests right away We need to ultrasound the four chambers of your heart and rule out any blockage in all your main arteries there can be an underlying Problem that we must detect before it’s too late At this point your belly says it all you have way too much belly fat It was just a matter of time your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels are off the charts as of today you must start taking 181 milligram aspirin at night before bed and each morning this losartan and low dippin hydrochloric and this a divorced agent for your high cholesterol I’ll write these prescriptions out for you immediately.

I’m also scheduling you for stress tests and ultrasounds that must be a 911 to see you back here next week Nicole and I left out of the doctor’s office and before I could say anything Nicole shouts at me five more prescription meds That’s ridiculous Those drugs will kill you there has to be another solution at that very moment it hit me out of the blue If grandma can live past 92 then why can’t Nicole, and I that’s when the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place We dropped off the prescriptions to be filled and then hurried home to dig into the stack of research papers.

I had been studying Nicole and I refused to accept that I would have to take five or more prescription drugs on a daily basis to stay alive Heck this was what I’d been preaching to all my clients for years It’s no secret that doctors prescribe drugs first here in America instead of researching a natural solution to fix your health problems a recent report from IMS Health estimates Americans spent combined 309 billion dollars last year on prescription drugs with spending rising up to 10% a year Shocking enough somehow I fell victim to this pattern, but I was determined to find another solution over the next few weeks I found myself burning the midnight oil reading stacks of research papers Sifting for a loophole in modern health science to break the belly fat code to reverse Nicole’s and my dangerous belly fat for good That’s when I stumbled across three top-secret research studies one on diet-induced thermogenesis di t2 on nutrient timing frequency and three Over feeding these studies would turn out to be the biggest breakthrough discovery in the weight loss industry Since the cheat day became popular move over cheat day This super simple one two three combo Performed in strategic sequence will end up replacing any and all restrictive diets off-the-wall exercise DVDs dangerous weight loss pills or eating boring bland foods with no flavor Forever it was a super simple sequence that I immediately shared with Nicole only to find her skeptical of my discovery She seemed excited, but confused on what this meant this is huge We have to experiment with my new method of eating right away I think I found a brand-new revolutionary way to lose weight and still get to enjoy eating whatever we want three days a week Just like our 92 year old grandma Carmela it all makes perfect sense now My mind had been boggled ever since grandma’s phone call in the hospital that day Wondering how she can eat whatever she wants three days a week and live with so much energy a strong heart No joint pain and clean arteries with the health of someone 30-plus years younger Grandma told me that three days a week.

She indulges in her favorite foods and does her chores She said her chores only take minutes out of her day, and then she rewards herself with a feast fit for a queen Quickly I referred to the top secret research. I found that’s it Nicole Do you see the over feed our connection between grandma’s weekly chores? Feasting and resting ritual and our dangerous belly fat debacle. It’s crystal clear to me now We’ve been eating whatever foods We’ve wanted at all hours of the day with zero Strategic science sending our bodies into a downward belly fat nightmare the next day I was scheduled for my ultrasounds of my main arteries and heart chambers Nicole was more nervous than I was of what potentially deadly blockage they may find After seamless hours of ultrasounds the technician told me to make sure I followed up with my cardiologist for these ultrasound results Straightaway, it could be a matter of life or death She told me that the inside of my body is under a lot of internal stress It’s imperative that I calm my organs before it’s too late on the way out to the car Nicole says to me You’re on five deadly medications a day to stay alive with countless studies showing that when your organs are stressed out It’s only a matter of time before they give out your symptoms of heart disease weight gain and borderline diabetes are no joke, honey seeing the worry and pain and Nicole’s eyes, I took a deep breath and Said let’s experiment with this new overfeed hour, I discovered together.

We have nothing to lose, but the deadly belly fat around our waste That’s damaging our bodies by the minute. We have no time to waste It’s super simple and only requires a minimal effort. Are you in? Excited but skeptical nicole replied she was all in After all Nicole’s tried many different diet programs in the past and even tried hot yoga Yet has never been able to melt away more than a couple of pounds of belly fat leaving her depressed overwhelmed and potentially the next target for heart disease and diabetes We were very determined to give this our all in fact after I explained this Strategically timed overfeed our to Nicole she looked confused and said to me.

That’s it Let me get this straight. You want me to simply relax 167 hours out of 168 hours a week with eating whatever I want strategically three days a week Without having to do crazy amounts of cardio five days a week Sounds like a delicious dream it almost sounds too. Good to be true If this overfeed hour can melt away our dangerous belly fat drop your bad cholesterol flush out our arteries Lower blood pressure and insulin levels while steadily boosting the powerful youth hormone that increases energy and brain clarity while reviving our sex life I will not be able to contain myself a couple of days later Nicole and I paid our visit to doctor M’s office to find out the results of the heart and stress tests as Dr.

M came in the room and sat down. I felt all my blood rushed to my ears and my heart started pounding anticipating what he was about to say next Nicolle stood there tapping her foot biting her nails waiting for dr m to speak Dr. M. Says you somehow passed all four tests Then hands me a pamphlet with acceptable foods drinks reiterating my blood levels who were still way off He continues telling us you were both over 40.

You know what that means we both shook our heads No, it means your metabolism and hormones are degenerating rapidly This is common for men and women over the age of 35 If you don’t eliminate the deadly belly fat soon you may never live to see the age of 50 60 or 70 Make sure you’re taking your prescription medication religiously and on time I want you to follow up with me in exactly four weeks unless something comes up to see how you’re feeling We both felt a sense of relief knowing I dodged yet another bullet But we still don’t have any answers, so I followed doctor’s orders even though Nicole And I agreed that taking these dangerous pills every day was definitely not the solution So the very next morning after my back finally started feeling better We started this super simple overfeed hour to finally try and blast this deadly belly fat off once and for all But before we could even get started Nicole said to me, honey How would be able to avoid all the food? Temptations when we have a holiday coming up soon your your cousin’s birthday party next week and a girls and guys night out the week after next It seems we celebrate something almost every week.

No worries at all That’s all doable with this easy step-by-step plan I put together for us say goodbye to once a week cheat day and hello to three flexible cheat days a week You’ll never feel out of place or starved at another social event or party ever again this overfeed hour is super simple Flexible and anti overwhelming on top of that We’ve incorporated the thermogenic power of protein into every single day of our system you see Protein is so powerful that you can even eat this number one fat burning food at night even before bed We show you exactly how to do it when to do it and exactly which Protein-packed foods to eat before bed to maximize your results going back to the overfeed hour It’s backed by scientific research to relieve the stress on our organs kick-start our metabolism shrink our dangerous stomach fat eliminating the dangerous prescription Medications all while eating whatever we want three days a week just like our 92 year old grandma, Carmela Nicole didn’t need to hear anymore You’re not making me prepare or eat five to seven time consuming meals a day or take weight-loss pills Or do strenuous amounts of cardio not at all if this works you’ll revolutionize the weight loss industry overnight that day was an emotional one for me as I looked back I Almost lost my wife three beautiful children and All the years of memories just waiting to be had Pondering if this overfeed hour I found could permanently reverse my symptoms of borderline diabetes hypertension fatigue and chronic joint pain As I stared Nicole in the eyes we both became very emotional The excitement of my research findings and the fear of reliving my traumatic heart scare again became our biggest motivation of all We knew how lucky I was to still be alive to tell a story Plus stumble upon this very top-secret research that will change the health and weight-loss industry overnight I Knew it was an unusual discovery unlike any science I had heard of or seen in all my years of coaching and personal training I was anxious to see how Nicole’s and my body would respond Especially with both our metabolisms bottoming out gaining deadly weight by the day, then in what seemed like no time at all Nicole ran down the stairs from our bedroom one early Sunday morning Wearing a new Sun dress and high heels after weighing herself with a glow full of excitement and shouts, honey I can’t believe it.

I’ve lost 8 pounds and dropped two dress sizes How do I look in my new dress I was mesmerised by how? Beautiful she looked and even more excited to see her vibrant eyes light up from her results I was amazed at her progress so amazed that I ran to the bathroom to step on the scale myself to see if I had lost any weight – To my surprise I had lost 11 pounds And we had just started following this simple overfeed hour in total amazement, I cheered you know what this means our belly fat is shrinking every single day I Noticed Nicole had a youthful spring in her step and more natural energy throughout the day without the numerous cups of coffee Falling asleep and waking up has never been so easy our fatigue and joint pain has vanished My overall strength and awareness had increased my mental focus had become clear and dr.

M was shocked to review my latest blood pressure and lab results that was killing me was reversing and Nicole And I did this eating all our favorite foods three days a week Nicole was still able to enjoy her chocolate squares bread wine and other delicious carbs that she craved so much I Also was blown away How I was able to still lose belly fat eating pizza and pasta and Nicole’s infamous homemade Nilla wafer banana pudding It was all super simple – all we had to do was follow this over feed our three days a week We never were overwhelmed and relaxed 99% of each week ate whatever foods we wanted three days a week without having to prepare five to seven meals a day with no Confusing point systems to follow or expensive pre-made meals to buy This groundbreaking program requires you to cheat three days a week to watch the pounds of belly fat fall off Miraculously, there is no system like it period now that I knew this overfeed hour worked on us it was time to put my years of experience Working with clients and this brand new discovery I found to the real test So I gathered some client volunteers who could stand to lose pounds of belly fat and performed a beta test These test subjects consisted of 10 men and 10 women From professional businesspeople to teachers doctors and moms and dads alike all over the age of 35 struggling to lose more than 5 pounds I Documented eight things that were most important before starting the program One age – total body weight three body measurements four percentage of body fat BMI five blood sugar six blood pressure seven cholesterol levels and eight mood After just 30 days these 20 test subjects results were shocking They followed the exact overfeed our secret to the tea only to find each client lost multiple Inches and pounds of belly fat off their waists some clients even experienced Double-digit fat loss all 20 clients were experiencing amazing overall health conditioning like never before Men and women ranging in age from their mid 30s through our oldest test subject of 78 saw significant reductions in their blood pressure blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels 150 year old woman’s doctor was shocked to hear her menopause symptoms vanished Another 45 year old man was amazed that he didn’t need his cholesterol medication anymore The results were astonishing their belly fat was dropping lightning fast while reversing heart disease diabetes menopausal symptoms and medications at an astonishingly rapid pace the word spread like wildfire through text and social media that my clients were losing belly fat every single day and I had clients family members business associates and friends begging to know the super simple Secret formula overfeed our secret that I’m about to share with you Take a look at Megan from Indianapolis a mother of two who lost 23 pounds after discovering her doctor just months before Had warned her that her weight was starting to cause some health issues She gained back her health plus all of her confidence and her husband and family were shocked by her transformation She followed the same exact overfeed hour and won back her body feeling and looking five years younger again How about Richie? He is a husband and a father of two Working overtime as a restaurant owner his blood pressure and acid reflux were out of control I put him on the exact same overfeed hour program, and he lost 45 pounds of pure belly fat eliminating his blood pressure and acid reflux medications forever as more and more of these life-changing transformations poured in All I could think about was how many people over 35 around the world just like Nicole And I we could help lose stubborn belly fat and relieve symptoms of deadly belly bulge related health issues By this time I felt it was my duty to share the super simple overfeed hour with our friends and family Upon request one by one I copy and pasted the short But super simple program on my phone and emailed it to men and women of all ages all over the US and Multiple family and friends in Greece in Canada in just a few short weeks People were blown away with the incredible results they were experiencing I received at least eight to ten emails every day Sharing their success stories and selfie pics showing me how thankful they were that I had shared this over feed our secret with them These men and women were from all different genetics and body types ranging in age from 35 to 92 years of age using one simple strategic method the overfeed our secret that I shared with them was shrinking their belly fat and revitalizing their youthful appearance personally I Got all choked up when I heard about the emotional responses from so many people that were in desperate need of a super simple life-changing reset of course I’m no dummy when it comes to burning fat or helping people claim back their hell It’s been my passion since I became a young adult although I realized that the world is a very big place and that there are far too many people Suffering from deadly belly fat symptoms.

That could be immediately reversed So I needed to get this program out there to help others experience rapid belly fat loss Reduce or eliminate deadly daily medications leveling hormone production while boosting energy and sense of well-being Like all my clients friends and family were experiencing and what’s more impressive Is that I did it without ever having a consultation with them in person or any discussion by phone I just instantly emailed them the easy-to-follow program and the belly fat started to fall off of them immediately that day this overfeed hour was a revolutionary game-changer so I quickly gathered my research notes from each beta test subject and the coals and my personal results and Formulated a super simple easy-to-follow blueprint to melt away harmful belly fat boost energy and youth hormones reverse heart disease cholesterol diabetes and minimizing menopause and frequent joint pain this exact step-by-step plan provides how the strategic Sequence of eating whatever you want combined with only two other simple meals three days a week Will burn off deadly internal fat and stubborn belly fat every single day Eliminating your belly bulge from the inside out I made a list of powerful foods that will target your hormones heart disease and diabetes accelerating your flat belly results when eating strategically in conjunction with your favorite foods three days a week I Then laid out the exact step-by-step protocol that stripped pounds of belly fat off of all my clients and Saved me from having another almost fatal heart scare while banishing all five of those deadly prescription meds I was taking I will also provide you with an easy follow along blueprint on how to reverse your Degenerating metabolism to feel and look young again this is one of the most important key elements for men and women over the age of 35 to revitalize your Metabolism to start burning belly fat again, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg I also include a survival guide to eating out plus a list of specific Simplified belly blasting foods that hone in and melt those stubborn belly fat pockets Located around your waist butt and thighs forever with countless years of research and Recent testing behind this program all the guesswork has been eliminated and designed into a very simple and easy-to-follow instructional QuickStart guide permanently eliminating the overwhelmed hungry feeling you have while using popular programs such as Nutrisystem Weight Watchers South Beach Diet and so many more belly flattening results will happen lightning fast So I’m going to give you a daily progress tracker to track those pounds and inches of fat falling off while you Experience youthful health and energy once again this program is super simple to follow anti Overwhelming and saved my life from deadly belly fat and for that reason I am calling this program the one hour belly blast diet This same exact program has now helped thousands upon thousands of people just like you Break fat loss barriers and lose pounds of belly fat in their first 30 days of using it People like Darlene from Stanton Island who lost 18 pounds of belly fat Shocking her friends and family and Kris from New Jersey who couldn’t believe he lost 55 pounds eliminating insomnia Breathing abnormalities and lack of confidence before I go any further Let me make something crystal clear This isn’t some silly 30-second gimmick or some sexy sounding rapid detox that won’t ever work you and I know Sustainability is the key to your success and with those false claims? It just sets you up to gain more fat along the way Not here the one-hour belly blast diet is one of a kind with its built in 3 core principles Indulge three times a week with whatever foods you choose relaxation 167 out of 168 hours a week and Anti overwhelming sustainability while targeting the underlying causes of your belly fat cholesterol heart disease and diabetes the one hour belly blast diet Finally gives you the relief from hours of planning and stress associated with most Traditional diet plans ridding your stomach from harmful belly fat to live a healthy normal life again Full of energy and happiness you’ll act and feel as if your biological time.

Clock is being reversed Leaving you looking and feeling 10 to 20 years younger as your body transforms And your health improves on a daily basis the progress tracking sheets that I provide you will no doubt Be your biggest motivation of all you can be assured that this program doesn’t require you to eat five to seven times a day or Restrict you from any of your favorite foods plus. You won’t need any expensive prepackaged meals or Exercise gadgets, but just sit in the corner of your garage collecting dust No need for a gym membership either however I am also going to include my easy-to-follow Two-minute belly flab targeting solution to speed up results along with my half your size exercise guide That’s guaranteed to melt more pounds and inches of belly fat faster than some run-of-the-mill Overpriced personal trainer whether your health may be in danger like it was for Nicole And I or you just want to look your best for a holiday special occasion or just feel young again This is the perfect program for you In the event you don’t need to lose weight and still want to learn the super simple overfeed our secret to prevent you from ever gaining a pound of deadly belly fat or experiencing the scary side effects of heart disease high cholesterol diabetes or dangerous medications Just follow the overfeed our secret that you will find in the first section of the one hour belly blast diet manual Nonetheless the one hour belly blast diet will give you relief from heart disease high blood pressure menopause or cholesterol diabetes frequent joint pain and a degenerating metabolism

1 Cup tomorrow morning, burns 3 lbs of belly fat