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1 SECRET TO FLAT BELLY & BIGGER BOOTY | My story, pictures (the truth)

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What is going on Koko Puffs, welcome back to my youtube channel Today, we’re going to be talking about how to get your belly to be flat and happy big But at the same time if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel, please do so right now It means the world to me and it’s totally free for you. Let’s get into the video If you have a small butt and you’re trying to get it to be a little bit bigger a little bit rounder For most people there will be some exceptions But for most people you do need to gain some weight overall, and I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking But why can’t my body just take fat from my stomach and put it in my butt? I don’t know. I don’t know Why your body doesn’t do that? You should ask your body. I’m still asking my body why it doesn’t do that It just doesn’t do that. Now, here’s where it gets tricky If you’re also trying to have a flat stomach you want to be doing the opposite of that You don’t want to be gaining weight if you’re trying to get your abs to be flat This is why you will hear a lot of professionals tell you myself included that it’s Generally a good idea to separate those goals and go one at a time because if you’re trying to have flat abs But you’re gaining weight because you want your booty to be big.

I Don’t know what that was, but that’s It doesn’t work that way there are some exceptions where you can do body recomposition But that is what I will consider to be a more advanced type of thing It tends to make things sound more complicated than it needs to be when we could just keep things simple, which is my preference It’s up to you to decide which goal is more important to you If you aren’t really slim or underweight and you do have room to gain some weight then obviously go for the booty and grow your booty and get it nice and round and perky the way you want it to be but if You’re more on the bigger side and you have a lot of weight to lose but you also have a smaller butt and you want to see that booty pop a little bit more then I would advise you to focus on just losing weight first and then when you are around your goal you can then switch your focus to start growing your blue Knowing that by growing your booty you are gonna gain weight not necessarily fat you will gain a little bit of fat But you’re going to gain some weight.

So that is the overall Big concept the answer to your question in a nutshell is the way to grow your butt and have nice abs Is that you have to what? Prioritize like everything else in life. You must prioritize which one do you really want? First do that one first and when you get there, then you can pursue the other goal So if you’re trying to figure out, okay, okay, I hear you what do I need to do to grow my booty have a Series of videos on this topic of what you need to do to grow your booty I also have a booty program that will be linked below and if you’re wondering well, okay What do I need to do to lose weight to see my my abs? I also have a series of videos on this topic actually No, I think I have just one video on that topic, but I do have some more coming Hopefully and I have a lot of workouts to help you lose weight So regardless of where you are on that camp, I’m here for you.

I’m here for you. I want to see you guys win I’m sure it wasn’t what you wanted I’m sure you wanted some magic formula that will allow you do both at the same time the closest thing to that formula is body recomposition, but like I said, It’s not something that’s beginner friendly. Not even intermediate friendly And so I don’t like to recommend it very much, but it is an option and it does exist I guess I should share my story of how I went about doing this It didn’t even occur to me that I should talk about. Like what I did. So for me personally When I started my journey, I started my fitness journey after having my son a few years ago And obviously I gained a lot of weight because I mean that’s what pregnant women tend to do We tend to gain a lot of weight So I gained a lot of weight and so my first goal my first focus was to just lose lose the weight so I did that but then I overdid it and lost my I lost everything I didn’t really have a but to start with I didn’t realize I didn’t have a butt until Instagram pointed that out to me but I lost a lot of weight and when I reached my goal, I looked at my booty and I was like Okay.

Now my next priority is to grow my butt And so I worked on that and focused on that and I grew my booty to where I was happy with it And then I looked at my body and I was like, well, I’m really happy with where I am But I want to lose a little bit of fat so I can see my abs more and maintain my booty So that was the next phase of my journey and I did that successfully and I’m just kind of in a place now where I’m just kind of like having fun and Maintaining the results that I have and I’m not really aggressively trying to do anything which is a nice place to be I can experiment with all sorts of different things I’ve been running lately and I’m really enjoying that and just enjoying my life living my best life staying healthy Focusing on being a healthy person.

So that is my own In a nutshell my own personal journey. I hope this video has been interesting and helpful to you I enjoyed talking about stuff like this. I could talk about the stuff all day long still, uh, Yeah, I guess I’ll see you in my next video subscribe if you haven’t done so already fuck .