Flat Belly


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Hey welcome back today. We have a brand new Intense ab workout that’s gonna target your whole abs giving you that well-balanced look, so if you want to get your abs quickly Try this workout and let’s jump straight into it today. We have ten exercises 30 seconds each Back-to-back. The first exercise is seated crunch. Make sure you squeeze your abs as you bring your legs in and breathe out Breathing properly is very important for any exercises Let’s move on to Russian twist straight away lean back and make sure you do it in a full range of motion and Also, don’t forget to squeeze your abs This is so important If you have trouble engaging your core and squeezing your abs, do check out my latest “top five abs mistakes” video Now we have reverse crunch lie on your back and bring your hips up using your core Make sure you don’t swing your legs too much Then we have butterfly crunch touch your feet with your hands as you crunch up Remember to breathe air and squeeze your abs as you come up Now we have bicycle crunch We are really smashing our abs today Touch your opposite knee with your opposite elbow and this exercise is just really great for your whole abs Now we have mountain climbers bring your knee as close to your elbow as possible Remember to do it in a full range of motion because then you will be fully working your abs Now we’ll plank with hip dips, love this for obliques make sure you don’t poke your butt out when you’re doing this Then we have high plank jacks, this one is really great for lower abs Make sure you engage your core and squeeze your abs squeeze those abs while you’re doing this because you won’t feel the burn Unless if you squeeze your abs, that applies for any exercises Now we have plank with one arm raisee and this is quite challenging at this point Make sure you’re but it’s not poking up or drooping down.

It can be quite hard So just try your best, if it’s not perfect you’ll get better over time The last exercise is Superman Pulse lie on your tummy and raise both your arms and legs up working Your lower back is important for well balanced abs. So remember to incorporate some lower back movement Now we have a 15 seconds break then we’re restarting this one more time I actually didn’t press the record button the first time I recorded, so I did this routine four times.

Anyway, let’s part again. We’ve seated crunch Now Russian twist, you can lift your legs up if you want it more intense Then reverse crunch Now we have butterfly crunch Then bicycle crunch Now we have mountain climbers. Make sure you bring your knee as close to your elbow as possible Now we have plank jacks Then plank with one arm race I notice that my butt poked up a little in the set because I was exhausted by the fourth set But make sure you don’t poke your butt out, but you know, just try your best The final exercise is Superman Pulse.

I’m pretty sure you guys are very happy right now. Congrats guys, you can do one more round of this if you have more advanced I think four sets in total But do check out my “top 5 abs mistakes” video If you have trouble getting the defined that defines six-pack abs don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button and subscribe And also turn on my notifications to see more fitness videos Also do check out my new second channel, if you want to see what I get up to you when I’m not working out Thanks for dropping by and I’ll see you guys next week.

Bye .