Flat Belly

10 min Intense Abs Workout For Flat Belly | 2018 New Year Routine to Burn Belly Fat

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Life goes by fast. Let’s slow down We got older where did it go now? Back in time when all the I was you and me Hi guys, my name is Amy and welcome to stay fit and travel So I thought it’s time for us to do another 10 minutes intense Africa so we can work out t remember the key is to put the right muscles and that is your abs so sue other exercise Be mindful to really engage and squeeze your ab muscles all right if you’re ready. Let’s go Let’s start with high plank six points tap to warm about body and at the same time train up the core strength to view dog Position Core tight and your body in a straight line from head to toe First tap the opposite sides off your shoulders then your hip bones, then your ankles as you bend each leg That’s why I call this exercise six point stab starting from left shoulder then right shoulder then left hip bone Right hip bone and last left ankle and then right ankle We’re working all full body muscles training the ABS and working on balance and coordination Good job, so far hold it up and try not to move your body from side to side Rest for 15 seconds and we’ll lie down on the mat and move on to the second exercise prototypes With your back firmly against the floor raise your legs up so that they’re at 90 degrees angle With your hands extend that straight out above your head tighten your abs and crunch up to touch your ankle Repeat this for 45 seconds every time you crunch up be mindful to engage your belly So you’re using the right muscles which are your abs not your back or your neck? Good work so far guys ten seconds next one.

It’s like race. Hope get ready Hands below your butt What your lower abs to have your back flat on the floor and raise both of your legs up straight together in the front Around 45 degrees off the floor head up and look straight at your toes Hold it up for 45 seconds the lower your legs are the more challenging It is and the more it works your lower abs, but if you don’t have enough coal strength yet And you feel like your back is arching up then lift your legs high up to keep your back on the book Hang in there don’t drop your legs only a few more seconds to go you’re almost there That was so tough, but no pain no gain, so let’s enjoy the burden Fourth is nice like lunch one of my favorite for ABS Bend your knees placing your hands on top of your quads close to your hip bones Then tighten your abs, curve your upper body up as you slide your heads up to your knees This is one rep repeat for 45 seconds Remember to keep your abs pulled in throughout the whole movement do it slow and controlled so that you’re using the app Rest your abs are so sore, but that’s what we’re here for so good work This is Lake flutters 90 degrees Starting position is same as Lake bass Hole hence below your putt for support head up tightening your apps Extend your leg straight in front of you both off the floor Then engaging your lower abs lift one leg up to 90 degrees pointing to the ceiling keeping your core tight Switch positions of your legs by lowering the one up and lifting the other one until it is perpendicular to the floor alternate sides and repeat for 45 seconds Be mindful to flex your lower abs throughout the whole movement and make sure your back stays firmly on the floor Leaving no gap in between Halfway done guys.

Don’t let it stop you’re doing so amazing Okay guys my lower abs are attack now. I’m sure yours are too Recipe breathe in breathe out, and we’ll move on to the CrossFit setup Soles of your feet facing one another fly on your back with your arms extended past your head hands together touching the floor Crunching your abs raise your upper torso to a sitting position as you reach forward with both hands to touch your ankles Then lower your torso back to the floor your hands tapping the floor above your head This is one breath repeat for 45 seconds.

You should be feeling a burn in your abs It means you’re working the right muscles push it and get a few more in we’re stronger than we think let’s do it Six down and four more to go next one is playing up and down Get into an elbow plank position But instead of having your arms forming a triangle base have them pointing to the front parallel to each other palms facing down Punching your app to move your hips up and down I know this is looking funny, but this is really working your core muscles So keep it up keep moving, and we’re not stopping here. We’re getting closer to the edge Good job enjoy your 15 seconds rest, and we’ll move on to a seventh exercise crucifix Lie on your back and extend your arms above your head Keeping your feet together lift them up and Bend the knees together and At the same time squeeze your abs to look your upper body off the floor and reach your toes with your heads Then lay back down to complete one rep But don’t let your feet drop to the floor have them stayed up for me This is the hardest one so far as this is indeed an advanced move working the ABS the side ABS everything So don’t worry if you feel like it is too tough And you can’t continue non-stop for 45 seconds drop down and you really need to but pick it right back up I’m trying my best to keep moving here as well one more for my Last two to go, let’s finish it strong nice is side pine cut Get into an elbows high plank body form in one straight line from head to toe Then your upper arm with your hands behind your ears, then work your obliques the side of your abs, and then your upper leg So that your elbow touches your knee.

This is one rep repeat for 22 seconds, and we’ll switch side To one change, this is an amazing exercise to train the aplex Which we often look like in general at exercises? Alright guys, we’re finally onto our last exercise of this workout crunch cake Sit back up placing your hands behind your bum supporting your torso up raise both knees up towards your chest Then tighten your lower abs as you examples like together to the front Keeping a slight bend in your knees then working your abs and pull your knees back into your chest Keep rocking back and forth and repeat for 45 seconds This is another hot one, but it’s also our last exercise you guys can do it get the last few reps it And we’re done good job guys that was intense, but we got it done.

Hope you guys had a great burn as people it’s going to be worth it because we’re training hot for the new year new goals if you’re looking for more HIIT or Topical workouts for this new year to stay fit There’s a super cool Fitness app called keep it has a lot of free workout plans with 3d instructions that you can easily follow and do it anywhere anytime There are different levels for beginners intermediate and finds And there are all different kind of walkout and stretches you can also now join their new year Resolution challenge to win some free gifts and out include the rules in the description box below. I’ll see you next week .