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10 Min Lower Ab Workout | LOSE Lower Belly FAT

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Hey everyone so finally we have our first lower ab’s workout So this is definitely one of the most Requested videos so far so a lot of you guys asked me how to get rid of lower belly fat So it is a combination of cardio and also ab exercises these exercises today are going to help you to tone your lower abs area and At the same time is going to bring your heart rate up and burn some fat, so if you want maximum result then you should try to do it after a heat cardio so yeah, let’s get started so again with ten exercises 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off and our first exercise is flutter kicks Rest your elbows on the mat engage your core and try to keep your legs as straight as you can If you’re not too flexible, then keep a slight bend on your knee, this is a great exercise for your lower abs and your hip flexors The second exercise is leg drop now I’m going to rest my back on the mat and my hands on my butt or next to my butt Then bring both legs up and slowly bring them back down and hover right above the ground Never rest down on the ground then bring them back up again so the key is to drop your legs really slowly and Yeah, this is another really great lower abs exercise Next we have reverse crunch.

Reverse crunch is the ultimate low ab exercise Keep your knee bent at 90 degrees then use your core muscles to raise your hips off the floor This actually works your whole abs, but really focus on your lower, abs Next we have mountain climbers with a twist so bring your right leg in then sweep Your knee to the left then do the same on the other side Do it slow and control and can feel the burn on your abs especially your lower abs always remember to keep your core engaged Next we have plank jacks This is definitely a killer at this point and always remember to keep your core engaged Keep your core tight and squeeze your abs Next we have leg extension crunch so rest hands on the side of your hips Then extend your legs and bring them back in this is absolutely Amazing for lower abs.

I get cramps just doing this Next we have plank hops so this is going to bring your heart rate up again Start with a high plank then jump both legs back in. Keep your core tight and breathe So the next exercise is bicycle crunch. This is another great exercise for your abs You can do it fast or slow depending on how you feel doing it slow, and control allows more core engagement and doing it fast is going to bring a heart rate up Next we have plank. Any sort of planks are great for abs so make sure that you don’t poke up your butt or Drop it down. Keep your core engaged and this helps to tighten up your lower abs area too Last but not least is high knee. Keep you core engaged Bring your knee as high as you can This is absolutely amazing for your low, abs and also your lags That’s all guys. I hope you enjoyed today’s workout If you have stubborn lower belly fat try to do some hip cardio as well, you can do hip cardio before this workout Yeah, please give this video a thumbs up if you liked this, and I’ll see you very soon.

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