Flat Belly

10 min SMALLER WAIST Workout for Flat Belly | Beginner Friendly At Home Routine

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Hi guys, welcome to Stay Fit And Travel. My name is Amy, if you are new here you can subscribe to my channel So you won’t miss the next workout or you can follow me on Instagram for all the quick workouts and fitness motivations that get you use during the week How to get a smaller waist? This used to be a question that I Always wondered most of you already know that I’ve had my chubby face but even when I was not My weight was still my biggest headache because the rest of my body like, my arms & my legs have already slimmed down But my belly was so stubborn, and it was not going away, so I thought today I’ll share with you some tips on how to get smaller waist and the exercises that you can do first.

First one, abs exercises, it is important to change the deepest core muscles called the Transverse abs There are below the surface of the muscle group that you see and they’re the secret ingredients because they hold everything in and they’re the ones that keep your waist flat and tight. Imagine a rubber-band if it was weak and lose, your belly would just hang out. If it’s tight, it cools in and flattens your mid section so it looks slimmer. Second, cardio is important as always because it burns the belly that’s on top I, myself like to do full body hit for fat-burning, so I have posted 10 minutes one, 15 minutes one and also the beginner one I’ll link them up right here I also like to do a quick jog for 35 to 45 minutes as my other cardio options Third, a healthy and balanced diet is always key. I’m not saying you need to start counting your macros your calories I myself never do that But just be more mindful of what you eat and nourish your body with more vegetables, lean protein, healthy carbs and fat If you know me, know that I love cheat meals.

Especially on vacation or during weekends. But that’s fine It’s all about balance, obviously if you’re eating pizza every single day, not only when you’re not getting a small waist you should be seriously concerned about your health problems. Forth, reduce bloating because even if you lose the fat around your waist you can still look like you have a food baby, because you are bloated. For example don’t get constipated – eat more smaller meals and more frequently throughout the day and Avoid gassy food and drink for example, champagne, soda, sparkling water, chewing gum. Enough of me talking, get off the couch and let’s work out! You can first start with high knees until your body is warmed up Then we’re going into the first exercise – Belly Twister. Stand up with your hands together in front of you with your elbows at chest level Clinch/clench your abs and bring one knee up as you twist your torso towards the raised knee so that your knee touches the opposite elbows Alternate from side to side and do it in a slow and controlled pace engaging your abs. Repeat for 45 seconds. You are starting to sweat a little bit; your breathing is getting a bit faster.

Rest a bit and I’ll show you our next exercise – Leg Bicycles. Sitting on the floor with your elbows and a mat behind you supporting your upper torso up raise your knees towards your chest Tighten your lower abs, point your toes and then extend one leg straight out in front of you Remember to keep it off the floor then bring it back in as you extend the other leg out Remember to keep your core tight and work your lower abs, so that you keep both legs off the floor at all times Repeat for 45 seconds Your acid burning, mine too, but that’s the point of this workout! Good job! It’s time to rest Next one is Plank Hip Dip. Start with an elbow plank position brace your core push your belly button in towards your spine Rotate your hip to one side, dip your body almost to the floor and keeping your core engaged Return your starting position and repeat on the opposite side keep alternating sites for 40 seconds We’re almost there don’t drop! Hold it up! You can do it! The deepest core muscle are difficult to train, but we want the small ways, so we got to push it! Okay, rest for 14 seconds.

And the next exercise, we are sitting back up again for Crunch Kicks This is similar to Legs Bicycle. But for me it burns way more. Lie down with your bum on the ground and your torso resting on your elbows Raise both knees up towards your chest then tighten your lower abs as you extend both legs together to the front. Keeping them straight and toes pointed. Make sure both legs are off the ground to keep the tension in your abs. Repeat this for 45 seconds.

This is pretty tough but don’t quit on me keep going remember no pain no gain! Fifth exercise – Elbow Plank Mountain Climber. Start an elbow plank position, bring your right knee forward towards your right elbow, then return to the plank position. Then bring your left knee towards your left elbow I know you’re wondering why are there so many plank poses Planks are extremely effective when it comes to training your deepest core muscles You might not feel as intense of a burn as when you change your surface layer of abs But this is how we activate and work our transverse abs so then keep your midsection tight and slim We are halfway there only five more minutes to go! That’s 0.3% of your day remember your goals and keep pushing through.

Sixth exercise – Flutter Kicks. Here you have two options the first one is flutter kicks down And then both legs up together. Lie down on the ground facing up place your hands under your butt raise your legs up pointing to the sky so that they’re perpendicular to the floor. Then engaging your abs make small like a scissor motions with your legs as you lower them down. The key is to focus on having a midsection do all the work and to keep your abs constantly contracted Don’t let your legs touch the floor when they reach the bottom. Then, raise your legs together back up and repeat Second option is to do the flutter kicks with your elbow supporting your upper torso up and you will contract your abs to keep the flutter kicks at the same level around six inches off the floor. For me this actually burn even more than the first option. You can try both to see which works better for you Seventh exercise – Elbow Side Plank Rotation. Start with elbow plank position, feet apart and shoulder width to stabilize your body Turn to one side, extend your arm up to the ceiling, look up to your fingers then rotate back down to elbow plank Turn to the other side and repeat the same motion.

Remember to keep your core tight make sure your hip is not sinking when you rotate your torso to the side This is a killer for your core and also upper body. You’re doing so amazing! I know this is not easy, but I’m not giving up so you shouldn’t either! We’re in this together! Let’s squeeze in a few more reps and rest.

Eighth exercise – Russian Twist. Sit on the mat with your hips and knees bend, hands together in front of your chest. Crunch your abs to lift your legs off the floor then hold your core And work the obliques to twist your torso from side to side. If this is too difficult you can have your feet on the floor to start with. But let’s challenge ourselves and keep pushing. Only two more exercises to go, good job on putting in the hard work! We’re not quitters, and we’re so close to the end! We have worked so hard to come this far. Don’t stop now! Rest and I’ll show you the ninth exercise – Single Leg Plank Hold. Get into the regular plank position, elbows on the ground shoulder width apart with your leg, spine and neck in a straight line neutral position. Raise one leg off the floor as you squeeze your booty Hold it in the air for 10 to 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat on the other side.

Alternate between sides until you reach 45 seconds If you’re dropping to the floor, get back up. Only one more exercise to go, let’s push it! Tenth exercise – Side Crunch. Start by lying flat on your back, bending your knees then lift and turn out your right leg so that your ankle is resting on your left leg just above your knee. Interlace your fingers behind your head and slowly lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Crunch your obliques and twist your torso so that your left elbow touches your right knee Try to keep your knee still as much as you can so that you’re bringing your elbow to your knee, not your knee to your elbow Repeat this for 22 seconds, and then change to the right side. If you’re still here with me, I’m so proud of you! You’re absolutely killing this workout! Yes, we’re done with the workout! But just in case you feel like you want more and if you’re having the following equipments at home.

You can do these optional exercises with me I always add them for some extra burn at the end of my workout I will link these home workout equipment down in the description box. For Banded V-Crunch, hold both ends of the resistant band close to your chest Extend both legs out keeping them off the floor, then bring them back in as you bend your knees. Yoga Ball Crunch is another super burn on the abs. Sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor Letting your entire back rest on the ball and keeping your thighs parallel to the floor with your hands interlace behind your head Slightly tuck in your chin, contract your abs and raise your torso pause at the top and then lower back down This is one of my favorite abs exercises. I used to do it three times a week for a few months I love to end my workouts with a full body cardio exercise to further exhaust me Or we say empty the tank. As suppose exercise metabolism spikes so that I can continue to burn calories even after the workout. Here, I am doing skipping but if you don’t have a rope, you can also do burpees.

Hope you enjoyed this workout. Here, you can see how I rehearse my script for the intro I’m still learning how to be more natural talking in front of the camera Thank you for working out with me I’ll see you next week! .