Flat Belly


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A ten minute fat-burning workout that actually works. These exercises are included in many intense training programs that take no more than ten minutes. You can get in shape in a very short time, and all you need to do is get the technique right. Even the busiest people can find time for this simple set of seven exercises. You can perform all of them while watching the video! Give it a try. It’s an easy and fun workout. Before beginning your training, do a warm-up. Warm up properly to avoid getting injured during the exercises. While warming up you can do some squats.

For a start, do five. one two three four five Great. Also, try some arm and leg swings. Body rotations and bends. And neck and knee warm-ups. Now you’re ready for our fat burning workout. Let’s begin. Exercise number one – sumo jump squats. Set your legs wide apart with your toes outward. Pull your hips back a bit. Now, squat until your knees are bent at a right angle. Strain your buttocks, jump straight up, and land softly. You should repeat the exercise twelve times. I’ll give you thirty seconds to finish the set, and we’ll count for you. one two three four five six seven eight nine Only three reps left! ten eleven twelve Well done. You’re ready for the next one. By the way, you should do all the exercise one after another, only stopping to rest if you need it. Exercise number two – push-ups with a raised hand.

Take up the plank position with your legs, back, and neck forming a straight line. Breathing in, bend your elbows to form right angles, and go down. Breathing out, push yourself up and touch your shoulder with the opposite hand. You should repeat it twelve times, changing hands. Let’s give it a try. one two three four You can also do this propped on your knees. five six seven Are you feeling your muscles burn? That means you’re doing it right. eight nine ten eleven and the last one, twelve. This set includes seven exercises, and we’ve already done two. Keep on going. Your dream body is on the way. Exercise number three – jump plank. Take up the plank position with your legs, back, and neck forming a straight line, your leg and stomach muscles strained. Pull your feet up to your hands in a jump. Then jump up, straightening your arms up as well. Return to the sitting prop position, and jump back to the initial one.

How many reps you should you do? Twelve again. I’ll give you thirty seconds. It should be enough. Ready there? Go. Keep in mind that the workout should make you feel energized but not exhausted. Do it nice and easy. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel tired, pause the video and take a break. While performing the exercise, try to concentrate on your muscle work and get rid of negative thoughts. Positive thinking is very important. Are you done? No time to be lazy. Let’s move on to the next exercise. Exercise number four – knee pull plank. The initial position is a plank propped up on your elbows. Pull your left knee to your left elbow. Then return to the initial position. Repeat with your other leg. As usual, you should repeat the exercise twelve times. If you don’t want to count while exercising, just keep doing it for thirty seconds. Here’s your half minute. Pull your left knee to your left elbow. Then return to the initial position. Now do it for the right knee. left right Keep going till the time runs out.

Number five – jumps forward and to the side. Jump up and to the side from the half-squat position. Then jump to the other side. How many reps should you do? Uh-huh. Twelve, of course. Do you want me to count for you? Okay, there you go. one two three four five six seven You’re doing great. Don’t stop. eight nine ten eleven The last one, twelve. Are you okay? If you need a break, pause the video, drink some water, walk around the house and wipe off the sweat with a towel. I’ll give you ten seconds to rest, okay? But do not sit down – keep moving. Ready now? Okay. Exercise six – plank with a raised hand. Do the plank with your legs, back, and neck forming a straight line, and your leg and stomach muscles strained. Smoothly lift your right arm until it’s parallel to the floor, moving your right leg to the side. Return to the initial position, and do the same for your other arm.

Let’s repeat three times for each side. Start with the right arm and right leg. one two three Now the left side. one two and three Well done! You know what? We’re on to the last exercise. Exercise number seven – jumps with knees to the chest. Set your heels shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent, and your hands are in front of you. Jump up, and pull your knees to your chest as high as you can. Land softly. Get ready and repeat the exercise twelve times. Here’s your half minute. Do it nice and easy – no rush. If you perform this set of exercises regularly, your whole body will transform within a few weeks. How are you doing there? Feeling exhausted? That’s okay. Only ten seconds left. ten nine eight seven six five four three two one Great job! Repeat the whole set every two days, and try to increase the number of reps.

After three weeks, raise the time of the training to twenty minutes. Have you ever tried these exercises before? Share your experience in the comments. Don’t forget to hit the like button below the video, and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life. .