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10 MINUTE KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS (PART 2) | Fat Burning Beginner Kettlebell Workout

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What’s up guys it’s Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this Anastasia and this is your 10 minute fat burning beginner kettlebell workout let’s go 10 exercises in this kettleball routine set your interval timer for 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest, for this full length kettlebell workout for beginners get in a quick warmup before we start and we’re about to get into this work out right now time to burn fat, fisrt exercise in this circuit is kettlebell toe taps next exercise is the kettlebell goblet squat next move is a cardio calories blast foot fire then leap over the kettle bell then for sexy lean legs do these kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls then for killer cardio and abs do these plank jacks total body workout is kettlebell swings, use your legs and hips for the power, it’s not a squat more like the deadlifts more core work out with these plank hand taps, try not to rotate the hips while doing these planks more kettlebell swings this time we’re doing a variation know as the kb hand to hand swing next is more lean legs with these crossback knee drives, great booty work too last exercise in this high intensity kettlebell circuit is ten sprinters and one quick plank for total body cardio and strength that was the best beginner kettlebell workout for women and men.

i hope you liked that workout, if you did subsrcibe to our Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube Fitness Channel. have an awesome day! .

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