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13 Tips on How to Debloat Overnight [on your period] | Beauty Within

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It’s a balloon. It’s a girl! No, it’s just bloated. Like life isn’t bad enough during that time of the month: forever feeling drowsy, cramps, back pain, acne. You want love, but you don’t want anyone close to you. To top it all off: bloating. So we’re going to show you 13 super simple ways of reducing that Period bloat during the best time of the month and Mia is actually gonna show you some pressure relieving points So this will be super helpful. For those of you who are always dying on the floor in fetus position every single month Why do we look like a puffer fish? Before the date of your period your estrogen levels are high.

As your estrogen levels rise your body retains more water, hence bloating baby effect whereas progesterone is a diuretic Which actually helps get rid of the water in your body and when it’s coming up to your period your progesterone levels actually dip. Basically a few days before your period, your estrogen level they rise high and your progesterone levels they go low and that creates the whole bloating (effect). So here are the 13 ways that you can reduce period bloat: drink apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is really just fermented apples when you add this fermented liquid into your stomach it helps regulate your digestive processes and relieves painful gas and bloating Also the calcium found in apple cider vinegar can help soothe the muscle contractions in your uterus that happen while you’re on your period. Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and water or tea prior to eating. Rumor has it Apple cider vinegar can also help to regulate your blood flow.

Basically incorporating a little bit of apple cider vinegar into your diet during your time of the month might just make your period Shorter and easier to deal with. Stay away from gassy foods includ(ing) certain veggies like: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beans, potatoes and pork. Kneel a while. According to ancient Chinese acupuncture. We have powerful energy meridian lines Which run along our shins to support digestion. If your knees and hips are okay Try kneeling with your shins folded under you for a while. The ground will naturally apply pressure to these digestive Acupuncture points. Rub your belly clockwise. All day long Our digestive tract is making smooth and muscular movements called peristalsis. This propels food along our gut for digestion. You can therefore speed up the movement of gas through your gut by massaging your tummy in the same direction as peristalsis. Simply look down at your belly and use the flat of your hand to massage your belly in large smooth clockwise circles. Keep your workout routine. We get it It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing but experts say getting your heart rate up is actually one of the best ways to Also alleviate PMS which is premenstrual syndrome.

In the time of your period lighter workouts like swimming and Pilates are your best bet. More intense workouts like CrossFit can actually promote inflammation which adds to the bloating, so stay away from that type of exercise. Endorphins are actually released in your body during the workout which reduce(s) the perception of pain. Eat fruits with the skin on Fresh berries and whole fruits like apples and pears are great for beating the bloat Just don’t strip off the skin because that’s where the largest amounts of fiber actually are. Fiber helps reduce bloating by preventing constipation And keeping things moving through the digestive system So women should aim for about 25 grams per day. Drink some tea Fancy a cup of tea? *Fel in a faux British accent* Try drinking a soothing peppermint a cup of tea because it’s a great way to relieve bloating symptoms. Peppermint works to decrease and relax your digestive muscles. Also chamomile has the same effects. Calm your nerves. If you’re stressing out Stop now. Your nerves can play a major role when it comes to your digestive system.

Lower your stress levels by practicing meditation Or even speaking to a close friend. By relaxing your body and comfortable stomach issues will settle down too. And did you know that stress increases menstrual cramping? Pick protein and potassium rich fruit. You want to fill your plate with ingredients That won’t cause you to pop up? High potassium foods like: bananas cantaloupe, tomatoes, asparagus Help promote a good balance of fluids in the body. These foods are a natural diuretic like: celery, Cucumbers, watermelon, lemon juice, garlic and ginger because it will flush out the waters in your body.

Minimize carbs Carbs actually retain water So if you cut down on white bread, white rice and anything made with flour at least during the time of your PMS Your bloat will likely diminish. Get enough sleep So the amount of sleep we get is often impacted by the pain of our period and the bloating and just feeling out of it. It’s actually during these crucial hours that the excess fluids in our belly is able to move back into the body and be eliminated. You want to aim to get around seven to eight hours a night. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol Alcohol can enhance PMS symptoms like breast tenderness, Mood swings and bloating. And coffee can overstimulate the digestive tract and irritate the bowels. Not to mention Dehydrate you which causes you to retain water and therefore look way more bloated than necessary. Drink lots of water Intake of water can help improve water retention by improving kidney function. Drinking more water can help improve your period bloating. And in general, water improves the way a person feels. Now we’re going on to Mia Who is going to show you some pressure points on how to relieve period cramps.

The first one is on your ankle It’s on the inner side of your leg measuring four fingers from the ankle bone And the point is exactly the fourth finger position. Massage this with your thumb for one minute and then you can switch legs you would feel some soreness. It helps your heart and your kidney communicate better and also eliminates the heat from the body Okay The second point is on your foot between your big and your second toe right in the middle where the hollowest part is Right above the bone massage this point for one minute and then switch feet.

This not only helps with bloating but also improve the function of the liver. Now that that pressure point is on your lower abdominal Measuring from your belly button the length of your palm right underneath your belly button And then the point is four fingers of each side So you’re measuring four fingers like this and then using two fingers Massage this point for five minutes. You will start to notice some soreness. This point is great for increasing blood circulation to get rid of any stagnated chi or blood in your body. You can also relieve cramps and bloating. Last pressure point is on your inner thigh near your knee. If you can feel your kneecap There’s a bone here and a bone here. Measuring three fingers from that bone.

You should feel a really hollow a bit there. Massage this point for as long as you can and you will notice it can start to hurt a little bit after a while. However, the benefits are worth it. It can help to regulate the blood flow and make that time of the month just a little bit better. So, thank you Mia so much and we hope to see you soon click on like and subscribe if you haven’t yet for more content and information and of course if you have any questions Or if you like us to do some research on anything (to) create a video Please comment below and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye .

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