Flat Belly

15 Minute Mat Pilates Abs Workout for a Flat Tummy 💖

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Hi guys it’s Bailey and today we’re going to do some of my favorite mat Pilates ABS exercises let’s get started lying down on our mat alright let’s get started lying down on our back I just want you to take your hands and place them on your hip bones first we’re going to start coming through our imprint and our neutral so take a deep breath in and as you exhale think of pulling your belly button to your spine and then you’re going to flatten that back into the mat inhale it’s your neutral spine where the natural curves are present and then exhale really engaging through those abdominals inhale and exhale using your breath really starting to get those deep abs engaged inhale and exhale good we’ll do a few of these at our own pace inhale and then as you exhale flattening that back inhale exhale really draw your navel to your spine tensing your abs moving through these at your own pace you should start to feel those abdominals engaging just like this good last one inhale and exhale leaving our spine and more of an imprint bring the arms by your side lifting one leg at a time into tabletop and we’ll just start lengthening one leg long and then pulling it in and then the opposite leg so you want to make sure that your knees are staying over your hips so that we keep the work in the low abdominal good and then the lower that you extend your legs the more challenging it’s gonna be for those abdominal this one starts to work our low ABS and our obliques and if you feel good here, bring your hands behind your head here we go starting to make it a little bit harder for those six-pack muscles ready you should start to feel your lower abdominals switching on and you want to make sure that your hips aren’t rocking from side to side our obliques are really helping us here good if you have any tension in your neck just put it back down because we want to keep the work in our abs two more good last one now we’re going to extend the legs up to the ceiling grabbing ahold of one leg lengthening the other one coming into some scissors one lower than the other therefore this one a soft Bend is okay we just really want to focus on that switch switch and you really feel the ABS working good we have five four three two good last when they’ll bend the knees for a moment take your hands back behind your head repeating that series but working our obliques so this time we come into some more bicycles we twist off the knee to elbow and twist good now you can either stay here or we lengthen those legs scissor and twist good remember this version is totally okay ten more seconds good five four three two and one give yourself a little hug and then we’re bringing our legs into a diamond shape so your feet are together your knees are apart and behind the head we’re gonna start working on up our ABS so those six-pack muscles inhale exhale now this one’s really good because it really targets those upper abs and our lower abs really have to work to maintain that diamond shape with the leg this one is so great at building that 2-pack it’s a little bit more easy to achieve than a six-pack good if you can let’s take those hands together and then we’re just going to lift and lower and lower good trying to get through reach those fingertips a little bit further every time I really try to lift and hold so we tense the AB and then we lower down good one more now bring the hands behind your head little pulses four times eight really use that breath seven six five four three two one hold reach those fingers get a little bit higher four five four three two and one beautiful bring your arms by your side and we’re gonna keep the diamond shape with our legs but we’re just working our low abs so we’re gonna try to pierce our toes to the ceiling and then bring them down so it’s a very little lift your tailbone will just curl off the mat and then lower down so you should really feel those low abs and right around her belly button each time you lift think exhale breathe get those abs engaged if you feel a little bit stronger top your toes down to the mat in the diamond shape and then exhale it up and breathe good two more last one now from here keeping that diamond-shaped hands behind the head take part 1 & 2 together we top the sea tail and then we exhale curl knees to elbow good four more three two good last one hold it squeeze five four three two and one good lower down windshield wiper your legs from side to side just to release those abdominals a little and then let’s just come up so that we’re resting on our forearms here from here let’s get into those obliques and work our way to I’d lift one leg at a time up into tabletop we’re going to just rotate over on our head so that we still feel those top abs engaged through Center and then to the other side so you are lifting the hip off the mat through Center if you can bring your legs to the side lengthen them bring them back in through Center now this really makes you use those sideline muscles good two more last one bringing it through Center lower those feet down and roll yourself back onto the mat beautiful now that we’ve warmed up our obliques we’re gonna finish with my favorite ab move from here we’re going to take our feet to hip distance and we’re going to do one crunch so just our left arm we’re going to do one crunch reach our hand past our hip and then do one toss the opposite side so one working the six-pack and then one working the obliques now if you can lift those legs to tabletop and keep going inhale exhale adding on again we’re going to lengthen the opposite leg so as we reach past the hip then we come back through Center and then we scissor so as we reach across we bicycle both legs really twisting this will get all of the muscles and our upper abs our lower abs or oblique good three more last one and then come right through Center to the other side do love you with our feet on the mat we reach our this time our right arm past our hips and then across our bodies twist it reach really past the hip and then twist another thing it’s not about how high you can lift your upper body it’s about how flat you can keep your abdominal wall because otherwise we tend to – let’s lift our legs to tabletop while I talk to you- otherwise we tend to use that momentum instead of our actual ab strength and good let’s lengthen the opposite leg opposite arm and then as we twist we bicycle this one’s definitely a brain workout and with good working every muscle in our abdominals good just two more good last one take one in each direction and give yourself a little bit of a massage Circle your knees around giving that lower back a bit of a break feet come down and then just really take a nice stretch through those abdominals reach your arms up overhead legs long deep breath in and exhale great job you guys I hope you enjoyed that quick mat Pilates ab workout if you did please subscribe because we post few workouts every week I’ll see you soon my Does it look like my abs have abs? – hi guys my hair looks like the Weeknd – one sec oh my god these burn