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2 Common Body Language Mistakes (On A Date)

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Hey James from social coach and I’m here with one of my female trainers never not hey guys today we’re going to talk to you about some very common body language mistakes that you might be making on dates the first one is this you’re on a date with a girl and um ticklish is very very attractive and you’re talking to her like this also um so yeah tell me about your holiday in Europe yeah it was it was amazing what you get up to Oh lots of things and you what was your favorite thing probably just swimming in the ocean that sort of stuff oh that’s really good um forget about the conversation but imagine you see an attractive woman and a man and the guys sitting like this and the woman sitting like that analyze this for a second as if you’re a biologist or something studying animals look at my body language my shoulders are pointing directly towards her my knee is pointing directly towards her but at the same time her legs pointing out there so I am projecting so much interest in her just by my body language but as she isn’t even really warm to me at all so what I’m basically saying is oh my god you’re so beautiful I would I would literally give a kidney to just have one day with you and that’s what you’re projecting by your body language when you sit this way so be very very cautious the other mistake which is pretty much the opposite of that is you might be on a date with a girl and you’re doing something like I would tend to do a lot of oh so I went to Europe with my best friend we traveled for three months we went we started in in Belgium and Strasbourg there was zig down it’s exact all the way down and I actually went to Iran and went to Turkey we said the best time together so what’s happening here I’m crapping on about my European holiday I’m sitting forward I’m looking at her I’m getting all excited meanwhile this hot girl is flicking her hair look at her body language she’s pointed almost directly towards me I am pointing away she’s looking very very sexy she’s smiling she’s listening to my story which is probably boring to most people she’s really into me and I’m doing nothing so what should you do body language experts have a concept they call mirroring so when you’re on a date with a girl you want to be roughly mirroring her body position but because you’re the man that’s your job to lead the interaction seduction you want to be a little bit ahead of her so at the start the girl might be sitting forward and you might be just a little bit towards her say I’m 15 degrees closer and then with skillful touch which I’ll talk about another video and great conversation which I also talk about another video you get her to slowly move around and you just want to be a little bit ahead of her at every point so I hope you got a ton out of that video really important don’t screw up your date with these simple body language mistakes and please hit like subscribe if you want to get more videos from us and we’d love to read your comments and answer your questions down below