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2 Flat Belly Smoothies Brett Hoebel & Blender Babes

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What’s up welcome to the blender babes channel i have a special guest with me today Mr. Brett Hoebel he is the author of 20-minute body is also a celebrity fitness trainer you may have seen him on the biggest loser and today we’re going to be sharing with you two anti-bloat flat belly smoothie recipes Yum I promise you guys are in for a great treat. One of the things that we’re going to talk about is why do we want to do no bloat smoothies so one of the reasons I got into it personally was I was allergic to dairy and I didn’t find out that I was dairy intolerant I was an adult and I constantly was having gas and burping and stuff and I just thought that was kind of the normal thing but it’s not! if you guys are having a lot of distension in your lower abs or your finding that you’re having gas, it’s usually a sign that you’re not digesting something that you should be able to and that can lead to a lot of problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a whole bunch of stuff so we want to make sure that you guys understand some of these basic things and give you a great recipe to help with that yeah we’re going to talk about all the foods that are here in our recipes and the other types of ingredients that you guys can use in your smoothies to help with digestion and gas and bloating, and you know what happens when you have gas so…

Oh it’s not very sexy ladies but also some other things i always say this with fitness the equipment is really important – the right type of shoes the right type of I mean if you’re if you’re going to lift what are you going to use is it dumbbells, this that or the other thing you got to have the right equipment also i really believe in these high-powered lenders I avoid getting the high-power blenders and when I finally got one man it was amazing so tell us a little bit about what we’ve got here. so this is one of my favorite blenders it’s a blendtec pro 800 because it’s the quietest blender in the world It’s the one they use at jamba juice guys so you know that it is made for smoothies you know if you have like little kids or if you want to blend early in the morning or late at night then you definitely might want to consider a quiet blender like this one because most high-powered blenders are really really loud that’s one of the cons you know besides usually a hefty price tag but they last forever you know, this comes with I believe a 10-year warranty so you know you’re if you’re getting these other little blenders that are not very so I I don’t have a blendtec but I’m like looking at this one this is the rolls-royce so I’m excited to use it for the first time she’s been talking about a lot so let’s get into the recipes.

So we got the equipment here are the basic recipe ingredients for her smoothie. what is the name of your smoothie? Mine is the Clean Green Kombucha smoothie and i love using kombucha in general. you know one in seven Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (aka IBS) including me so I’ve had a lot of pain I’ve been dealing with for many years and what I found was probiotics was really my life savior and fermented foods. so kombucha is a fermented tea you know that comes with lots of like flavors and things like you can you can definitely make it i I’ve made it before and you know for me it’s like a little bit easier to just buy it. one of the ingredients and the main one in this clean green kombucha smoothie is kiwi.

So Kiwi is really really high in fiber, they did a study that showed people that had two kiwis a day for a few weeks they had a lot less symptoms in terms of like constipation and IBS symptoms so definitely want to stick with kiwi. cilantro too! cilantro has oils in it that’s going to help relieve the digestive muscles are going to relax them so those are really really good for you. obviously cucumber is awesome just because it’s really really hydrating and you want to get organic if you can because the skin actually has the most of the nutrition. so it’s pretty simple and we’re gonna go dairy free with this smoothie and use a soy yogurt by so delicious i love so delicious. coconut! they’re so good oh this is a coconut yogurt. it’s all good i I have done soy, I did soy for a while and I switched the coconut I have a big fan of the so delicious people big shout out to them. yeah! but I since I’m dairy intolerant I can’t do cow, i could do sheep can you do kefir yeah it’s just the taste you know like sheep and goat milk is just got a little bit of sourness to it.

Yeah it’s a little tangy. The coconut is the bomb so high if you’ve never tried so delicious their ice cream is really good! it’s pretty simple, it’s just your kombucha, kiwi, cucumber and cilantro and some yogurt. and I put the ginger kombucha. oh yeah that’s actually what the recipe calls for is ginger. Ginger kombucha ranch ice. If using regular kombucha then you might want to add just a little bit of fresh ginger which is also really really great for digestion and an anti bloating.

So for my flat belly no bloat smoothie this is what we’ve got. now there’s a lot of fruit here. fruit is really important because it has a lot of proteolytic or digestive enzymes and they actually help digest proteins and that sometimes hard to do so having the digestive enzymes in there, it’s something that I do I’ll do it in the morning and i’ll do my fruit in the morning as a power shake or right after I train when I’m depleted of my sugar stores but first thing in the morning a lot of times you’ve slept your body is lower on glycogen so that’s the time that I like to have my fruit, not too late at night.

So this type of smoothie is gonna have half a pear it’s going to have three quarters of a cup of papaya, a cup of pineapple a teaspoon of ginger we got fresh ginger here that is peeled, two or three mint leaves which are going to be the garnish a tablespoon of flax seed and a dash of cinnamon and a cup of water. i always do a lot of ice i personally find that smoothies that don’t have ice they just don’t taste good to me if I put a little bit ice in there, they’re amazing or you could use frozen fruit too. Yes another great one. So let’s get into the smoothie making. So we have our Blendtec wildside jar which it can make a lot which is really great if you have a family but it can also make smaller portions too so you know people always ask me like which stars should i get but I also really love the twister jar, it’s great for nut butters.

I’m so excited to try your kombucha! I put green tea and black tea there so it’s a different. I’m gonna have some. Have it have it! wow! yours is way better than the one I made, maybe I need to start making it again I don’t know you’re going to give me your recipe! CHEERS cheer everybody . it looks like a but it’s not.

You know i love i love this blender because you don’t really have to prep ingredients normally at home I don’t even cut stuff up and just toss it in there that’s what I love about these high power blenders is like you just don’t have to anything you save time! I don’t have time in the morning. It’s amazing yeah. how much yogurt? It supposed to be about 6 ounces so that was plain coconut you can get this in vanilla, strawberry, whatever you want we were cutting down on the sugar has a lot in it. So now we won’t you know, bust anybody’s eardrums. Right, my higher power blender is really waking everybody up! All right all right all right! High power blenders at 6 in the morning to make your shake. So this one is all touch screen, I’m just powering it on and then that’s the smoothie button but as you can see there’s manual speeds too. Look at this rolls-royce! right! It’s rad. all right here we go. 3. 2. 1! hear how quiet that is. want to hear how loud it normally is? whoa look at that it’s magic! we can talk to you guys, you guys can hear us, and it’s blending right now right.

50 seconds, less than a minute you can have a super smooth. yeah i like to blend it longer so it gets… that’s because you need it with that other blender you have. ooooohhhh 🙂 It’s looking good hey come on let’s dig in! I love kiwi, in smoothies. it’s gonna stop automatically. you know, you can go to the kitchen, you can be cleaning up. oh it smells good i smell that kiwi. yeah! great wish you guys were here right now wish you were here a little cheers! We need to have a smoothie party! Maybe we should do a smoothie meetup and I’m gonna do my orange straw. I’m proud of my straws We ready? yes I got my green one cheers.

Happy Blending! I have not tried this so I’m excited! Mmmmm That’s bomb. bomb dot com. man the yogurt makes it so creamy and the cilantro besides being really good for digestion is also really detoxing, so it’s really a very very cleansing smoothie as well. very good you guys are gonna love this one. yeah! for summertime this is amazing. so good! we’re going to get into my now this is the no bloat flat belly smoothie and so let me talk a little bit about some of the things that we have here. so one of the first ones is papaya. papaya has a lot of digestive enzymes and one of them is papain, and and that is really good at digesting proteins something that a lot of these fruits have are fiber that we talk about, but there are two types of fiber. so you have soluble fiber. soluble fiber helps absorb water so when you are digesting the food or you already have food your digestive tract, when soluble fiber comes in and grabs water it helps bind the waste that’s already in your digestive tract and move that out of you, so that helps with your bowel movements, that’s with soluble fiber.

Papaya has a lot of soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber, it has some insoluble fiber too, insoluble fiber is fiber that won’t absorb a lot of water and it doesn’t digest and what that does is it just pushes everything out because it’s not going to get digested. so you have one part of the fiber that’s absorbent water and binding and the insoluble fiber that’s kind of pushing it all out so fruits i like the pear you want to eat the skin because a lot of the insoluble fiber is in the skin and the soluble fiber is on the fruit on the inside ok so it’s three quarters of a cup of papaya. pineapple. ok how many of you guys love pineapple. come on pineapples are amazing. they’re also high fiber but one thing is they’re so high in fiber, especially the core that you don’t want eat TOO much of it or it can actually lead the gas, so you can see what we’ve done we’ve peeled obviously the rind off of it and cut the core out if you’re good with digesting the core it’s very chewy and very high in fiber but just be careful because it can lead to gas.

The pear! I talked about the pear it’s got a lot of again insoluble fiber and the skin, soluble fiber here, very high in digestive enzymes it has a lot of fructose which is a type of sugar and sorbitol which is a natural sugar that they actually put in fake sweeteners but that comes out of here we doing half a pear. Mint: here’s something really interesting about mint. so we’re going to use this as a garnish. mint when you put it on when you eat it, it starts to trigger the salivary glands and the bile in your your liver and those are things that help with digestion. flax seeds: so flaxseeds they’ve got omega-3 oils in them omega-3 oils are good because they help coat your digestive tract and if when you’re digestive track has the right oils in them everything keeps moving if you’re dehydrated and you don’t have enough liquid oil things get stuck and backed up which we don’t want.

And then cinnamon: one of my favorite so cinnamon is really good at increasing metabolism particularly for carbohydrates there’s a lot of other things and their cinnamon has got some other interesting compounds that will help speed up peristalsis and digestion. Plus it’s delicious! and it’s just tasty! Cinnamon is a really great spice for smoothies, it adds a lot of flavor. tablespoon of flax seed, a couple dashes of it. let’s go.Just just so you know if you guys are using a regular blender you’ll probably want to use ground flaxseed because it won’t be strong enough to really handle full flax seeds, but if you have a power blender then no problem. I’m putting this right in, just a couple of dashes and maybe a couple dashes on top. Whoa, we went a little crazy! All right.

You got your liquid? alright you get to test this baby out. your future blender. Now is there a way for the handles? No it’s all good. alright you wanna try it? Boom here we go. That’s the smoothie button. It’s that easy! yes coconut water David. David Cooper was asking about coconut water. coconut water is one thing I always add a lot of times the electrolytes are in it and also it just adds sweetness too. so you can totally do that so coconut water some we talked about doing it but you don’t really need to because we’ve got so much fruit but when I’m doing a green smoothie in the morning it’s got like celery cucumber and no fruit, maybe a little bit of pear, I always add the coconut water because it m makes it taste sweet. yes absolutely! We have a free juice detox on BlenderBabes.com and all of the drinks almost have coconut water just because of that tiny bit of sweetness, plus the electrolytes, the potassium I mean you really can’t go wrong.

All right Casey Halston said Brett can you do a facebook live on the core yes I can! I’ve been doing a lot of core moves. I’m going to start doing more workouts we were doing more talks I got a lot of people asking about nutrition, so I focused on that but yes next phase we’re gonna do workouts. all right here we go pretty pretty color Hey I’m gonna let you do that. all right, let the Blender Babe do the pouring. look at that papaya and pineapple at what got us the papaya pineapple color. I love that! beautiful. She’s going lefty, look at the lefty! ohhhh! I like it! See it looks like it looks like a beer, but it’s not. alright now some other things about the fiber and some of these fruits that are in here is they will actually help with fermentation in your gut so some of the other foods that are in your gut these digestive enzymes in the fruit and the fiber help them to ferment and those fermented compounds are what the good bacteria in your gut live off just like the kombucha which is fermented the fermentation helps the bacteria in your gut grow and those bacteria help you digest food.

cheers! cheers you guys! thanks for tuning in hey guys be sure to check out 20-minute body we’re going to put a link for you guys to learn more about it there’s all kinds of fitness workouts, recipes and a lot of great information so be sure to check it out and as always happy blending! get the best deals on high-powered blenders through Blender Babes Not only do you get free shipping but you get exclusive free gifts .