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2 Minute Inspirational Video to Jumpstart | Motivation for Women Self Love

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This is how I’m stepping into the new year I created this video to inspire you to kick-start here 2018 and if you’ve got something or someone holding you back uh-huh you better release yourself and break those chains start living your best life break out of your comfort zone and with each day as if it were your last it’s your time to bloom but first we must create a plan as one chapter of their life closes a new chapter is born you are the author of your own story make it exciting create your own destiny make it full of plot twists and turns that are so memorable it’ll have everyone just flipping those pages wondering what is she up to now just be careful not to overthink it overthinking smells you down whether you’re a mother a daughter a best friend or sister what is meant for you is meant for you no one else can wear your crown the energy you put out is the energy you get back so don’t block your blessings no matter what shower others with it what positivity as you can try to blue wherever you’re planted in any situation don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself either hey don’t like the small stuff we all make mistakes it’s how you bounce back that makes you that much more powerful and finally meditate stay prayed up and love yourself thanks for watching I hope this video inspired you to live a wonderful productive prosperous and healthy New Year