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Hello Friends; How often it Happens that we have to deal with some important and urgent situation,but we get scared before dealing with it. Like to face 10 or 15 people and to introduce ourselves in front of them. At the Time of an Interview or Presentation, or when we have to talk to someone special,before going to stage our heartbeats increases,it starts pounding,seen disconcerting And Hence we feel so Nervous and so scared that we cannot handle that situation in proper manner and we are not able to give our 100 percent to it.

And sometimes we just don’t introduce ourselves properly and later we regret that I shouldn’t have said that,it should be like this,that or i must have said this in this manner,i have messed everything..shit! And mostly the reason for us to feel Fear Anxiety and Feeling Of Regret is because of our lack of confidence and due to powerless feeling. We Will Not Feel Afraid of talking to 5 children’s but we will feel nervous talking to Billion dollars company CEO’s, Because in front of them,we feel less powerful than them, And in any situation when we feel less powerful,we do more mistakes and we behave so impulsive,that at that time we don’t do anything correctly or in the correct manner. It Isn’t Good For us. So before facing any important situation,FEEL POWERFUL; because of this feeling, we can replace Our Fear,Anxiety and Regret Expressions with Composer,confidence and satisfaction. Author Amy Cuddy had a car Accident in which she had a hit on the Head,was facing Head Injury Doctor Clearly stated that,Due to Injury she will not be able to complete her college.

But Amy Proofed Doctors Wrong, She not only completed her college,but also become the Harvard Business School Professor After which she had given the 2nd most Popular Ted Talk,and also written this Great book.That book summary i am giving Right Now. Now the Question Arises,From where Author got this much confidence and Power by which she proofed doctors and everyone wrong, and had become so much successful. So the answer for this is Author’s own Research, To feel powerful and confident,Author had find out the simple scientifically proven technique, She always used this technique,which was the main reason for her success. And with the use of it even we can feel powerful or confident in Just 2 Minutes And that Amazing Technique is Expanding Yourself. When any Athlete or any person wins a games or achieves anything,their body reaction is something like V or X shape.

Author says it an Universal Victory Pose. It is said Universal because almost every person does it. No matter from which country,Religion or a community person belongs to. And this pose is even done by those Athletes who had never seen anything,who doesn’t have eyes. Athletes who are blind,even they do it after they win. Why?Reason for this is scientific, which say;whenever we feel powerful or confident,we expand our body and we take more space. and on the others side,you must have notices or must have seen, whenever person feels depressed or powerless,that person Recoil and shrink and no matter how much space is there,still take less space. These reaction are not only seen in Humans but also in Animals, whenever animals wants to show their power,Becomes longer and stands on feet, By this they show that they are feeling powerful But on the other side when animal feel weak and less powerful.they get scared and become small. Now again talk about humans(we) This thing not only applies on humans body language,but also during the time of talking.

When a person feels less confident or less powerful,they talk Fast At this time person feels,if they talk slow,they may waste other persons time or maybe the person will not like their talk or will be disinterested. because of this person talks fast without taking a pause. Sometimes speaks so fast that the other person doesn’t Understand anything, Whereas Confident and powerful people talk slow and take time while speaking. Meaning they say things by taking proper time. and they do not get afraid of taking pause in between the converstaion Because of it,Power is sen in them and in their talk.

Now i am telling you all this,because our brain is very much connected to our body which subconsciously communicate with our body and tells it how it should react and behave in different situations. Meaning according to our mind and emotion our body language also changes and we have no control on it. And almost every person is and was aware about this But after Authors Research A very important thing has Highlighted and came to know that Reverse is Possible for this, Meaning,we can change our feelings and Emotions by changing our Body Language. In simple Words,The Time when you feel under Confident and less powerful, At that time,if you do just for 2 minutes High Power poses,This thing will make you feel confident and will help you feel powerful Instantly. High power poses such as Victory Pose,superman pose:sit by spreading you hands or sitting by keeping hands behind the head. Basically any pose which takes more space.just by doing these simple things you can feel powerful and confident .Even in lesser time.

Example,in one Experiment,Author made 2 groups. For 1 Group Author asked them to do High Power poses and for the other Group Author asked to do Low Power poses Low power poses means,sitting by folding hands or recoil not sitting straight etc.basically taking less space After this Blood test was taken for both the Groups. After which Author came to know. That the Group who did High Power poses Just for 2 minutes,Their Testosterone has Increased by 20 Percent.

And Cortisol Level was Decreased by 25 Percent On the other side Result,For the Group;which did Low powerless poses,was exact opposite Their Testosterone level has been decreased by 10 Percent and Cortisol level was increased by 17 Percent Those who do not know,let me clear Testosterone is a Dominance Hormone,which gives us courage during the feeling of Risk and less confidence. and is related to giving strength and power And on the other side Cortisol is Responsible For Fear and Stress. Hence having more Testosterone and less Cortisol is Good,Which can be done easily by doing High Power Poses Power poses says our mind that we have won,Because of which we feel confident good and powerful. So everyday In the morning do stretching and for 2 minutes stay in high power poses, This will help you to start your day with confidence and will help you to feel powerful.

Best way to deal with stress. Mostly people do a Mistake,whenever they face stressful situation like going on stage,facing crowd or by the time of Interview,coz of all this their heartbeats increases So to make themselves normal and calmed what people do is,they try to finish their negativity similarly,even the people around them,Give them advice to calm down to be relaxed,don’t be afraid or don’t get nervous..Everything be alright etc. Which Isn’t a proper advice. Most of the time,It’s not possible for people to Finish their Nervousness or fear for that moment of time. so the best option or a technique for it will be,Instead of finishing that high negative energy try to convert it to some positive Energy. meaning,during the time of nervousness,instead of saying calm down everything will be alright , Just say “I am really Feeling Excited and it will be a real fun” I am feeling very much Energised etc. by doing this we can convert our high negative energy into positive energy ,by its positive use. which will give us positive outcome. so to conclude. Before facing any stressful or important situation,try to be in high power pose at least for 2 minutes.

If victory pose is possible,try to do it, but remember do it alone,or else people will find you weird. And then Go and face that situation this simple trick will boost your confidence and power 2)if Your Nervousness is not getting less before facing any situation.then try to convert that negative energy to positive energy by thinking or by saying that You are Very much Excited,these two simple tricks will give you a better outcome. Trust me,Because Even i had used these Trick Many times:) This knowledge i have shared with you all is from the Book Presence By Amy Cuddy. This book Tells us the Technique on how to improve confidence and how to feel powerful By which we can become the better version of ourselves on handling the situations. If you want to learn all this things in detail,then you can buy this book by going below the description link, If you do not want to miss any of my new video,then subscribe channel and click on the Bell icon, And the most important step For sure select the SET ALL NOTIFICATION option,through this you will get the Notification.

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