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20 Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat! I reached 100 Subscribers!

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Today’s video covers 20 different exercises that are going to help you burn fat, burn more calories overall and get your heart rate up!!! That’s right, you heard me, this video is everything you want and more. Speaking of the more part, I am doing a giveaway for reaching 100 subscribers on my channel as a way to give back and say thank you to all of you guys, but we will talk about that later! Ok, so the first cardio exercise here was the squat jump! I did each exercise for approximately 30 seconds and then rested for anywhere between 20-60 seconds. Truly, I just waited until my breathing slowed a little bit and I could get the energy to jump into another 30 seconds of power cardio movements! This entire workout was 30 minutes long and I was moving for maybe just under half of that time. This shows you how effective high intensity interval training can actually be! Cardio Exercise number two was lunge jumps, but I switched legs each jump and had my front foot up on the bleacher.

This forces you to put through your quad and your glutes to rise up off of the bleacher or whatever raised surface you have and catch some air time in between jumps! Cardio Exercise number 3 was side lunge jumps on a raised surface (in my case, the bleacher). By facing sideways you force your muscles to work from slightly different angles, therefore developing a more well rounded glute! Cardio Exercise number 4 was the same exercise, but on the opposite leg! ! I am showing yall two different angles so that if you don’t get the full picture from one side it may make more sense from the other Cardio exercise number 5 was the squat jump onto the bleacher and then step down.

Notice I land the squat at a 90 degree angle and then stand all the way up and squeeze the glutes at the top of my extension before I step down. Maximize your gains folks Ok, I took a quick water break here I’m not chugging, but I took small sips in between just about every exercise to maintain hydration. This is super important especially if it’s hot or humid outside and you sweat a lot!!! Cardio exercise number 6; I’m not sure of the real title for this; I just made it up and modeled it off of a speed ladder drill I used to do where you step into a ladder square with both feet, and then place one foot out and move up to the next square with both feet. So two feet on the bleacher, one foot out.

Comment below if you have questions about any of these exercises! Cardio Exercise 7 was the same exercise but facing the opposite direction so that you can get the same intensity and push off of the bleacher on the other side. Cardio exercise number 8 was a difficult balancing exercise as well as a good quad burn! This was the Bulgarian split squat jump. Place your back foot onto the bleacher or raised surface and do squat or lunge jumps essentially. The majority, if not all of your weight is on that front leg. Cardio exercise number 9 is the same as number 8, just the opposite leg. Feel free to hold onto a wall, a bar, a person, anything if you need some assistance with the balance aspect of this. Again, make sure you hydrate and if you are someone who sweats a lot, perhaps a sports drink like Gatorade or powerade is a better option.

When you lose a lot of sodium or salt via sweat and you drink a lot of water without replenishing those electrolytes, or sodium, potassium, and magnesium, you can be subject to what is called hyponatremia Just something to keep in mind. Cardio exercise number 10 is what I call two up two down Get both feet up on the raised surface one at a time and then bring both back down one at a time. Cardio exercise number 11 is the same, but I got up with my left foot first each time instead of the right foot Cardio exercise number 12 is a squat jump with a 180 degree turn to your left or right in between each jump. You need some air time for this so push hard through your legs to get up off the ground! Cardio exercise number 13 is a squat jump with a cross over of the legs at the top.

; I recommend not as your could potentially hit your knee cap and gracious that would not be pleasant! Cardio exercise number 15 was the forward squat jump. This requires you to push through your legs and get up off the ground to complete the crossing! Cardio exercise number 14 is the lunge jump on a flat surface Depending on your surface you should be mindful of touching your knee to the ground or not Cardio exercise number 15 was the forward squat jump. I got all the way down to parallel in my squat, pushed through my glutes and propelled myself forward! These are killer; I was breathing really heavily after this! Cardio exercise number 16 was the backward squat jump .

Make sure you know what is behind you before you start jumping! These take a little more balance, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t come natural to you. Cardio exercise 17 was lunge to vertical jump Your muscles are worked at different angles when you want to jump up versus forward or sideways or backward or diagonal so try to throw in lots of directions to your workouts if you enjoy variety. Cardio exercise 18 is a repeat of the two feet on the bleacher one foot out. I was nearing the end of my workout and I wanted something that was going to keep me moving at a fast pace. Cardio Exercise 19 was the squat jump to the floor and then vertical jump into the air! If your knees allow you to bend this far down, give it a shot! Cardio exercise 20 was the mountain climber and I did these until my 30 minute timer went off! Workout complete, I was beat so I’m sure you will be too if you try this workout.

Nice work everyone!!! Comment below and let me know how you feel after these cardio exercises! .

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