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21 THINGS YOUR BODY LANGUAGE SAYS ABOUT YOU in Hindi – दिमाग पड़ने का तरीका

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Hello Friends, In a Murder When investigation was going on with a suspected person at that time author who was a FBI Agent was present with his Working partner Both author and his working partner was questioning that suspected person at start both felt that suspected person is innocent, because he was answer every question very nicely Author’s working partner shouted to that suspected man and asked him With What you Killed the Victim? With Knife or with bat, or with gun, or with Ice pick, or with Axe, or with hammer, with what you killed him? while he was asking that question at that time author read the body language of that suspected man and after reading the body language author started realising that the suspected man maybe is the actual murderer, hence he started asking him more detailed questions he started doing detailed investigation, after which he finally came to know that yes suspected man is the actual murderer.

How exactly author came to know through body language that the suspected man is the actual murderer ,i will tell you about that at the end of this video. similarly, once a robber came to rob his father shop, but before he could rob, author came to know about him through his body language and immediately he shouted and told his father to be alert and because of author’s alertness he abled to safe his father’s shop. how author came to know that he is a robber through his body language, that too i will tell you at the end of this video after teaching you’ll about body language and gestures.

We most of the time can manipulate what we say and how we say, because we do it consciously but our body language talks unconsciously Our subsconcious Limbic Brain automatically ask us to do it hence if you learn to read others body language, then it is somewhat similar to reading others mind you will learn to understand that when person is feeling good or bad you will come to know whether person is lying or saying the truth, in fact when to learn to read body language then you can know person even more better and can form more strong relationship with which they can like you even more, your attractiveness will increase, you will learn to influence people you will make others do more work for you Similarly, author says that there are many more benefits of reading Body language hence it is very important for us to understand body language and to use it for our as well as for others benefit, Today i will share meaning of many gestures which will help you to understand body language more properly, so let’s begin You can read anyone’s body language by focusing on four parts first FACE, Second Hands, Third Torso means body and last fourth is legs now if i ask you which is the most genuine and true part of human body, then what will be your answer? when author asked this question in his book, at that time i thought answer will be face or hands But no, actual answer is feet and legs so we start with FEET AND LEGS Gestures, See i know that face is the important part of body language But since childhood we are taught not to make faces while meeting someone we should smile whenever we meet someone no matter how bad we feel etc.

Therefore we learn to manipulate our facial expressions since childhood, but the thing about which we don’t care much is our legs feet therefore maximum time legs shows humans true emotions now let’s understand legs important gestures, you must know about them No.1) Happy Feet you must have noticed that when you feel good at that time your walking style is bit different and when you feel sad at that time your walking style is different when a person feels good at that time he has a little bouncy walk while humming or singing etc this shows that he is excited or satisfied now to remember, while noticing any gestures and before coming to any conclusion it is very important to also understand the Context example, if someone is humming and having a bouncy walk at that time you can know that he is happy and it will be true, but if he is having a bouncy walk and going for an interview and breathing deeply and heavily Then he is nervous., hence understand that Gestures signals depends on Context No.2) Feet Direction,Usually if we are not interested in anything either situation or a person, then our feet will be on opposite or in different direction this point will clear and make you understand that whether the opposite person is interested in talking to you or not example, if you go to talk to someone and if that person while talking is not keeping their feet direction towards you then they are not interested in talking to you No.3) Knee Claps When a person keeps both of his hands near the knees and lean slightly forward then this gestures of his signals that he want to get out of the situation asap ( as soon as possible) No.4) Legs Splay, This is the Territorial Display here you take more space while standing, you keep your legs wide here you show that you have the control over the situation Legs Splay is also used for showing confidence Now let’s talk about TORSO GESTURES.

NO.1) Torso Shield, you must have noticed that whenever a child gets scared of anything they immediately hide themselves behind their mom’s or behind anything but when we grow it feels weird to hide ourselves behind anything, hence today when we face uncomfortable situations, we start hiding our torso for example by crossing our hands, or by keeping book or bag in front of their torso etc. No.2) Fronting Just like Legs, when we don’t want to talk about any situation, topic or relationship we change our torso direction from it, hence if you want to show someone that you are interested in talking to them then for sure keep your torso and legs direction towards them No.3) Embellishments and Peering however its not good to judge someone by their looks, But reality is maximum people judge you by your looks so always take care About How and what you Wear because your dress communicates a lot about you for example, if you wear a not ironed cloth and also don’t comb your hair properly then this thing will give laziness signal or it will show that maybe you are in stress and unable to focused on all these things, which again gives negative signal to others No.

4) shoulder Shrugs drop down the shoulders suddenly after keeping it up will signal that person is doubtful about commitment or maybe he is confuse about certain things No.5) Weak Shoulder, when someone starts bringing his shoulder near to his ears while hiding his neck then this signals that he is uncomfortable and becoming nervous and if he is doing opposite of it means if he is keeping his shoulder down and keeping it behind taking more space then it means he is confident or trying to be confident Now let’s talk about hand Gestures Gravity Related Movement Whenever we feel Happy, Energetic or Excited automatically our hands go upwards just like winners and fighting with gravity No.2) Restriction, It has been noticed that whenever thief goes for a robbery they do minimal body moves, means they move their hands very less and walk silently they do all this unconsciously so that nobody can detect them similarly, people who are under-confident shy and inferior even they keep their body moves restricted No.3) Akimbo and Hooding Keeping both hands over waist just like superman gives the signal of Dominance and authority while sitting keeping our hands behind our neck removing elbows out and keeping our fingers on desk all these gestures gives the signal of dominance and authority Number 4) Hiding Hands You must have noticed that whenever person feels that the opposite person got scared by looking him/her suddenly, they immediately start showing them their hands palm by giving them signal not to get scared because he has no weapons or harmful stuffs with him etc hence whenever you want someone to trust you, then always use your hands, try to show your hands and then talk, don’t hide your hands or don’t keep it folded etc.

Don’t talk while hiding your hand this thing can give the negative signal to the opposite person No. 5) Power Handshakes if someone is shaking hands with you and keeps his hand little sloppy, so that his hand remains slightly up by doing this he is subconsciously showing dominance maybe he feels himself strong and better than you and if person shakes hand little sloppy towards downwards then by doing this he is subconsciously showing that He is Submissive and is feeling weaker than the opposite person hence it is better to do a equal handshake means both person hands should be straight which shows Equality and Respect and while doing handshake if Both persons hand pressure will be same then it will be the best 4) Nonverbal of Face No.1) Pupillary constricting and Squinting when we feel surprised and when we meet someone suddenly then we suddenly enlarge our eyes and we smile if we like that person but if we don’t like that person or situation then we make our eyes small after enlarging it., we squint our eyes squinting eyes gives negative feeling signal whereas Up eyebrows gives the signal of positive feelings No.2) Eye Blocking : You must have noticed that when person don’t want to face any negative situation you shift your eyes from there, similarly when we want to avoid any situation or person at that time we start blocking our eyes, by shifting our eyes or maybe by looking down or by closing our eyes etc, next time when you are talking to someone and that person starts looking down and avoids eye contact then understand that maybe that person is not interested in talking to you No.3) Eye Blinking, when person suddenly starts blinking their eyes too fast then this thing shows that maybe person is struggling to say something or struggling to accept something No.4) Looking Askance While talking moving your head sidewards or rolling your eyes upwards shows that maybe you are not able to believe or trust something No.5) Nose Flare sudden nose flare, or nose blooming shows that maybe opposite person is about to start an argument or going to run, or going to fight or about to lift heavy weight etc No.6) Fake and Real smiles In a real smile your face goes upwards from your cheeks which creates wrinkles near your eyes whereas in fake smile all these things will not happen Important Note: All these gestures gives signals that it may happen but to understand everything properly you must understand Context very clearly and if possible decide by mixing two three gestures signals to understand what opposite person is feeling and actually thinking, and another important thing to remember in order to understand gestures properly you need to Identify the baseline of the opposite person example, there are some people who normally always blink their eyes a lot then this doesn’t mean that they are always struggling to understand or to talk about something hence before reading gestures and making decisions you need to know how exactly person stays normally most of the time because his gestures other then normal will indicate more clearly what he is feeling and actually thinking now let’s talk about first investigation which i talked in the starting of the video author had a doubt on suspect that maybe he is the killer, because when author’s working partner was asking him about murder weapon at that time he didn’t gave reaction almost for every weapon but when author’s partner said Ice pick at that time that killer’s eyes started looking down unconsciously that gesture of his started giving eye blocking signal and he again looked up when other weapon name comes and however murder was done with ice pick and only police and murderer was informed about the weapon therefore author had a big doubt on him in the second situation, author came to know that the man is about to rob because thief gestures were very restricted, he was hiding his hands, and before attacking he had flare nose because of which author came to know that he is about to attack.

In today’s video i able to share very few gestures author had shared many gestures in this book and had shared many useful knowledge which he had shared from his FBI Career. hence if you want to learn everything then do buy the book from the given link in below description or if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from the link which appears on screen or can also take from the below description link i have shared its link as well audible is an amazon company which gives 1 month free trail and if you don’t cancel the subscription then they will charge you otherwise they won’t even i have listened this book from audible so if you want then do get it from the below description link lastly, if you never want to miss any of my new videos, then do subscribe and click on the bell icon, do click or else you won’t get the notification on Sunday’s and will miss the useful knowledge Do like the video if you find these knowledge useful do comment and share your views about this topic do share this video with your friends and family and finally thanks for watching…