Flat Belly


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Avoiding these three mistakes can literally be the game-changer that you have been waiting for before I get into the video though I want to emphasize that a little bit of belly fat is totally normal. This is me doing a stomach vacuum This is me posing and this is me after a lunch So rub your belly and be happy because you are totally normal That being said you might be making some of these very simple mistakes that you can easily change Without doing a whole lot mistake. Number one. You don’t know how to read a food label. Don’t feel bad Nobody is born knowing how to read a food label in just a moment I will be showing you exactly what you need to be looking at. It’s only one thing and it will help you to avoid Unnecessary belly fat mistake number two.

You don’t pay your vegetable tax. What’s that? You’ve never heard of a vegetable tax I’ll explain it to you in just a moment mistake number three you have allowed the food industry to catfish you I consider a food to be catfish if it looks healthy, but it’s secretly making you gain belly fat I’ll show you the two most shocking ones are found and You’re not gonna believe it. Okay, now we know the mistakes Let’s talk about how to fix them when you look at a food label I want you to focus on just one thing and it is the number of grams of sugar the food contains this bottle of coke contains 65 grams of sugar and there is a guideline for how much sugar to eat per day It is 25 grams of sugar per day for women Mistake number two, you don’t pay your vegetable tax. Let me explain before you eat your food at lunch You need to take a bowl a separate bowl from your meal and fill it up with vegetables. You don’t have to like it That’s why it’s a tax.

You just have to pay it because you have a goal to lose belly fat So before you’re allowed to eat your delicious carbs at lunch sit down and eat all of it This is your vegetable tax. If you are new to this concept do it twice a week Mondays on Tuesdays. That’s it One of the biggest benefits of doing this is that it can actually help you to stabilize your hormones Mistake number three was that you have allowed the food industry to catfish you and I promise to tell you the two most shocking ones that I have found The first one is with fruit drinks when you look on these bottles You see pictures of fruit like oranges or pine bowls and you think you’re getting something relatively healthy You think it’s probably better than soda.

Well I have news for you If you look on the side of a lot of these bottles, they only contain two percent or less of actual fruit juice So what’s the remaining 98 percent you ask? I’ll tell you its water and Surprise sugar from now on don’t fall for these tricks. They’re better off. Just eating the actual fruit The other one I was gonna tell you about is reduced fat peanut butter You might think that when you buy a reduced fat peanut butter It’s better than buying the full fat peanut butter Until you look at the label and see that they contain pretty much exactly the same amount of calories There is twice the amount of sodium in the reduced fat peanut butter I hope this video has been really helpful to you in giving you more information about how to fight belly fat Don’t keep this information to yourself share with your friends and family.

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