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3 Easy (and Free) Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

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– You know, it can be frustrating putting energy into a YouTube video, uploading it online, and then it just doesn’t get very many views. It feels like you’re wasting your time and I can honestly relate at a major level. Because I’ve been on YouTube for over 10 years now and I remember hustlin’ on videos, you know, editing them, spending all this time on them and then uploading them online to just hear crickets and not actually get the results I was hoping for. But there was a major shift in my life, when I actually kinda stumbled on a weird YouTube hack that helps you come up with the exact video ideas that people actually want to watch and that will actually get views. And I spoke recently at a conference to a bunch of creators and entrepreneurs about my three step process of exactly how to do this. So if you’re ready to come up with the right video ideas, that are gonna get massive views, then let’s just jump right into the video. (upbeat music) Hey, Sean Cannell here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video.

And on this channel we do a lot of tech gear reviews to help you find the best gear for creating content as well as strategy videos just like this one, so if you’re new here, consider subscribing. But I’m so excited for this video because recently I was speaking at Artisan Summit all about how to grow faster on YouTube and actually come up with video ideas that get views. And here’s the cool thing, is I’ve been doing this for a while now, testing this process, and if I pull up my realtime analytics on my channel, Think Media, in the last 48 hours, we got over 110 thousand views. In the last 60 minutes, 2,470. That’s realtime traffic and that’s because, not of putting out new content, but because of putting out videos that rank in search. Like, videos that get views while you snooze. And I’ve got a three step process for exactly how to do this so let’s just dive right into the content and check it out.

So let’s now dive into the three irrefutable laws of YouTube success. Three laws, simple laws, number one, if you’re gonna create a YouTube video, you want to research before you record. Research before you record. This is one of the primary reasons people fail on YouTube, and on social media across the board, and here’s what it is; random acts of content. (audience chuckling) Now I’m all for random acts of kindness, that’s what we need more of, right? We should treat each other right. But look, the internet does not just need more just random, what’s the point of this? And not only, a bigger question than what’s the point of this, is why have I been watching this for the last 10 minutes, like some kid, like, you know, making his cat swim? You know what I mean? You’re like, what is on, but anyways, random acts of content is not gonna build your brand, your business, or help you grow, yet this is what most people do! You shoot a video out this way, shoot something over here, shoot something over here, no plan, no strategy.

So what we wanna do is, kind of inspired by this quote, “Definitiveness of purpose “is the starting point of all achievement.” What’s the purpose? What’s, that’s, how do we research? How do we get clarity? Before we ever turn the camera on, ’cause look, if you’re gonna wake up, and get ready, and shower that day, guys, and ladies, you might, you’re like, I’m gonna maybe do my hair before I get on camera or whatever, and you’re gonna get dressed and think of something to say, come on, you want it to actually be worthwhile. Like, you wanna define the purpose so that your energy is well spent. So before you ever press record on that camera, research.

So what if we could discover the exact video ideas our target audience is interested in watching. That’d be valuable. Like what if we could, before we even press record, figure it out, like what is it that people wanna see that could grow my individual specific craft or business, right? And so what we can do is go to the YouTube search bar. If you have your smartphone, you can do this right now and follow along. It’s even better and a little more powerful if you’re on a desktop computer. And you can go to the search bar, and you could type into something like how-to. That’s a great place to start. Because a lot of us in this room have a lot of information to teach people how to do X. It could be how to build something, how to create, you know, how to do some kind of a countertop, or it could also be like, how to get out of debt. It could be just a, tons of things but, I was doing this experiment as I was preparing, and I was like, okay, so you start with how-to, and I didn’t really know where to go next so I just said how to make wood.

That’s just weird, I don’t know, it’s just weird. So, I typed that in, but here’s what happens when you type it in, and here’s the really cool thing. When you type that into the search bar, boom, all of these predictions pop up. Have you ever seen this before? It’s called like, auto-predict. And this, it happens on Google as well, well guess what. Those predictions, are the exact search phrases that real humans are typing into the YouTube search bar. Furthermore, I have a tool installed that, next to those predictions that you can see on the screens, it shows the keyword volume, or the search volume of those terms per month based on Google numbers. So, how to make wood signs, 490 people search that a month. So, now we’re researching before we press record, right? So we’re actually learning how much interest is there in this topic? But even more than that, we’re learning very specific nuances to the exact content we should create. And we haven’t pressed record yet. Got it? So we’re just researching, so now, as we go into this, this is gonna alter even our complete strategy.

So we could say how to make wood signs, or how to make you know, a wood floor shine. But in this case, eventually we see how to make wood countertops, and there’s 880 searches a month. Super powerful, right? And the free tool that you can install is called So install that, you can screenshot the screen, write that down, and that’ll show you those keyword search volumes on Google, YouTube, even Amazon. Like, so if you were curious about selling a product, and like, what is the different, how should I even title something? This influences everything. What is the psychology of the people that I want to eventually watch my videos and engage with me? Right? So if we keep going though, we put another space after how to make wood countertops, and so now, it’s getting more specific. How to make wood countertops for the kitchen. Okay, interesting. But then, that’s actually different, how to make wood countertops look like granite.

Now, it’s also the amount of searches per month is going down, but that’s an opportunity for you. One of the biggest opportunities especially when you’re starting from scratch is, you don’t wanna just put out generic videos, you want it to be much more specific. Cause what are people searching for online? They’re searching for a specific answer to usually a specific question. Like, how to make wood countertops is honestly a little too vague. ‘Cause you’re like, there’s a million directions, I mean you get Mike up here, he’d be like brothers, there’s four million directions you could go with that. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t, but when you get more specific, now you’re creating like exact right video for the intent of the person that’s searching. How to make a wood bar countertop, all kinds of different suggestions during research. How to make concrete countertops look like wood. And then imagine, when you have this information, and you know you’re gonna make that exact video, this is what I’d want you to say in the beginning.

You could just grab your phone, and you could say, I don’t know how to, okay here we go, you could just grab your phone and you could hit record, super easy, right, that’s all you need? And you could say, hey, in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to make wood countertops, in this video I’m be showing you how to make concrete countertops look like wood, in fact, here’s the final result, let’s dive into it.

And now, when someone types that in, they know they’re in the exact right place, for the exact right video. Do you see how this works? And now, you can begin to compound this to get crazy results. So, power question that you wanna write down; what is your target audience typing in the YouTube and Google search bar? This is a massive opportunity for you to get discovered, especially when you’re starting from scratch, or even if you’re established. So, let’s go deeper, you type in epoxy coffee table. Right? And then 1,600 people a month search for that online. And so you type that in, and again, now we have all kinds of other crazy ideas. Epoxy coffee table made from beans, epoxy coffee table ideas, that’s a little bit different, look, you won’t even have to actually have anything physical with you, you could probably just maybe, if you could share your screen, which is pretty easy to do with like a Google Hangouts, you could say, here’s an idea from Pinterest, here’s a, you know what I’m saying? We can think outside of the box, because we know exactly what the person typing that in would be looking for.

They want ideas, they’re not actually looking for a tutorial, right? Different. And then, you could get down to epoxy coffee table, just the term itself. Boom, all right, we just finished up the first law of YouTube success, and that is research before you press record, and hey, if you’re getting value out of this video so far, can you smash the like button? All right, let’s get into the second law. Law number two, rank your videos. So we wanna research before we press record, secondly, you wanna rank your videos. So when we type it in, and you could do this right now, epoxy coffee table, there’s a number one ranking video there on the page. (crowd cheering) That’s right man, come on, Stone Coat crushin’ it. And so, besides the fact that they’ve built their subscribers, which they have, and when you create YouTube content, you don’t only wanna try to create ranked videos, but it’s a really good idea if you have them, because when they release it, their subscribers, and the people you follow, Stone Coat, so they get to watch it, their audience watches it, they can share on social.

But even after that passes, or even if they didn’t have an audience yet, if you get this number one spot, you’ll get views while you snooze. Come on, that’s the goal! Because now, 1,600 people a month can keep discovering it. Keep watching it, no matter where they are, and what they’re doing. So what exactly is ranking videos? Well, it’s when a user types in a topic or a question into search, and your ranked video shows up in the top search results then, on the other side of that. It also works on Google, in fact, Cisco, released a study that said videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than other types of posts. So you can see my video talking about cheap cameras for YouTube, or affordable cameras for YouTube, is ranking on the first page of Google! It’s crazy, right? (audience clapping) And so, when we, this would be a ranked video for me, and now for years, having been in this camera thing and doing videos since 2003, year after year, I continue to kind of dominate this term, this is just best camera for YouTube, and we could talk about other things, whether it’s like iPhone, microphones, or how to shoot video outside, lots of different examples, but I also have another channel, where I do experiments.

Where I do it in other niches. Like, this could work in any niche, any topic, any nitch, as far as how some people say, it actually is niche, but any nitch, any niche, right? And so if you type in like, best personal development books, that’s a top ranking video. Now, remember what we learned. Affiliate marketing. Amazon sells books, so this video shows up, I talk about some of the best personal development books personally. If you wanna check out any of those, there’s links in the description below. This video continues to get views, ’cause it’s a ranked video, so what continues to happen? – Money. – That’s right, we continue to make money and passive income. You’re seeing how this works.

And so, and this video’s again, it’s not the video production quality that’s impressive, it’s the content value. I tried to bring something a little bit unique to the conversation, but all I did was sit in front of my desk and look weird and hold up a pile of books, right? But here is a little tool I use, it’s called vidIQ. This tells me that this video, as we are here at the Artisan Summit, this video got 5.3 views. Five people, over the last hour, it’ll be 10 over two hours, watched this video, and had to endure through my weird face, talking through these books. While I’m here with you. See the power of this? Like, it’s crazy! And so it’s working when you’re not working, that’s something like 127 views a day, that’s 4,600 views a year.

Here’s the thing though, this video’s over 1,000 days old. This is why I love ranked videos and law number two is rank your videos, because every time I create a ranked video, and again, creating a video, I’m not trying to say it’s easy. Like, yeah, I had to get up that day, plan it, shoot it, whatever, but I view making a video like this, like hiring an employee that you only pay once. You gotta pay upfront, you gotta do the work, and think of the content, and shoot the video, but now this video’s working for me and I’m not even thinking about it. It’s working right this second as I stand on this stage. Pro tip, design your business around your lifestyle, now you can imagine as you’ve stepped into now being a content creator, and you’re doing your craft but you’re turning your craft into cash, you start thinking about how you can wrap your whole life around this.

And so anyways we’ve designed now a business around our lifestyle, so this is a ranked video of just Park City Backcountry Snowboarding, right? But then you can imagine, of course consult a tax official, but that’s a tax deductible trip. Oh you bet it is. Because we’re out using and reviewing an action camera. Right? I’m, the gear I invested, the travel I invested, the things, according, and so you start thinking, turning your craft into cash, this is a big deal. Is actually not just about making more money, it’s about being a lot smarter with the money you’re having right now, and even saving money. Just a tip to think about. And so, ranking videos 101. Can I show you how to rank a video? – Yes! – Let’s do it real quick, this is just a basic, there’s you know, in the time we have, we can’t get into everything, but this is the basics that I would focus on.

First question, what is your target audience searching for? Like, thinking through that. What are they searching for, what are they interested in? You could also write down what’s trending? What’s a hot trend in your niche right now, in your topic? And there always is hot trends. It could be the coffee bean epoxy table, like it could be whatever it is, but when you jump on that topic, what are people looking for, secondly, you want to actually include that search phrase. We’ve done our research, so now we know the exact phrases or the words also known as keywords in internet marketing and SEO, search engine optimization.

The keywords, where first of all, so you wanna pick your topic. Like, the overall topic of your video should be influenced by the research, right? ‘Cause we’ve actually figured out well wait, I was gonna talk about the wood countertops but instead, I’m gonna be talking about the distinction. I’m gonna be talking about ideas for, like, ’cause we know exactly what video we’re making. Then you also want your thumbnail, like that thumbnail is a big deal. YouTube allows you to upload a custom thumbnail, and you don’t want it to be like, the dark scene of your video where you can’t tell what’s happening. You want that thing to pop out, really let people know what the video’s about, and then your title. So in this case, I craft the title, to be interesting to people, humans, but also to make sense to Google.

Like, you wanna understand how YouTube and Google works, so you can them happy, and make people happy, so they rank your video, and you get views while you snooze. And then you also wanna include those keywords in your description below, and then eventually your tags, YouTube allows you to do tags. And so those are kinda the five areas. So when you’ve put out a video where you’ve picked a smart topic, ’cause you’ve done your research. And then you’ve designed a little thumbnail, take a little picture of your final craft done, or whatever it is, and go outside, get in the sun, or just do a nice picture, you know? Take some time, don’t shoot it in the dark, in the corner of your garage, you know, with a met, like think about that thumbnail, right? Title the video, strong, and include that research, and then just put some details in the description and the tags, why? Because we need to tell YouTube exactly what the video’s about.

And when you’ve made that video, that is answering that question of how to complete a project, or comparing a couple of different things, it’s super powerful. And as a result, any given hour on Think Media, we get between 2,000 to 5,000 views every 60 minutes! (audience whoops) Yeah, it’s crazy! Every single one of those, because of these, the goal, and this could be your goal, you could write this down, build a library of ranked videos. Because then by the way, you make one, and maybe your topic, you’re like, well Sean, there’s only like 10 people a month searching for this, very, very little. Well then it might go a little bit slower.

And by the way, this will be kind of a process that takes time regardless, but then what happens, when you get one video that gets one view a day, but you do that for the next three years. Right? It compounds. It’s a snowball effect, and that’s what we’ve achieved. And it’s cool ’cause this works in any niche. So here’s an example, this is Nicole, she’s a kid’s occupational therapist, so she wanted to make a video kind of around tummy time, and she did a research and found the term tummy time for newborns. So it turns out, like 1,200 people a month search for that, right? So she does her video, and a pro tip here to remind you, the more specific the better. Because if you look, tummy time for one month is different than three month, it’s different than, apparently, than five month, and I, you know, don’t ask me, ask Nicole about what tummy time even is. But, what we’ve got here, right, is tummy time for newborns.

Boom, there’s her video ranking number two. Now Nicole’s brand new on YouTube. Didn’t know about YouTube or confident to get on camera or any of that stuff, but she followed this process, and the result is absolutely astronomical. This video, hey I’m just processing through puberty still. (audience laughs) I’ll be fine. Okay, this video, this video, is getting 240 views every hour. 240, right? This video has over 1/2 million views. And here’s the thing, this video broke out on her channel ’cause she followed this process, have every one of her videos done it? No, they don’t even need to. You are one ranked video away from everything changing for you. Because now she’s getting subscribers, not everyone’s subscribing, but about 26,000 people have so far. And now when she just uploads normal videos, she can serve her community serve her audience, still get some breakout hit videos every once in a while, but then also focus on just your day-to-day kind of type of videos and it’s building her brand one brick at a time.

I like to think about ranking videos kind of like baseball. And that the goal when I create a YouTube video is all I wanna do is get a base hit. It doesn’t need to be fancy, doesn’t need to be flashy, doesn’t need to be sexy, I just need a person on base. But you know what happens if you get a person on base every time. Look, I don’t care, if you bunt, and it was cheap, and it was ugly. Like, if you get a person on base every time, then eventually you’re just gonna start putting the runs in, right? And then more so, you get that one home run, or that grand slam, that’s the goal of YouTube and ranking videos, is consistency, but then boom, one blows up like it did for Nicole, and it can change everything for you.

And so here’s her channel, right now it’s growing by about 3,342 subscribers a month. That’s in the last month, about 1/4 million views every single month. Here’s Jennifer, she’s got a sewing channel. This video’s getting 14.5 views an hour. Which brings us to our third law though, our third law, and it’s reoccurring revenue. All right, so let’s summarize the three laws of YouTube success. Number one, research before you press record, number two, rank your videos, and then the third one is set up reoccurring revenue. So I wanna pass the question off to you, have you started making money on YouTube yet? Tell me in the comments below, and if you actually wanna go deeper into that third law, then I have a video that’s all about how to make $1,000 per month plus on YouTube, and three different ways to do it.

So if you wanna check that out, click the YouTube card, or I’ll post a link to it in the description below as well. Thanks again for checking out this video, and I will see you in the next one. Peace. (relaxed music) .