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3 Minute Standing Ab Workout – Work Your Abs without Going to the Floor

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Hi, I’m Tom Holland and this is the three-minute standing ab workout. Now, to work your abdominals, people think you have to go down to the floor – you do not. Here are four exercises were gonna do, 45 seconds each, three minutes total working time. We’re not gonna go down to the floor at all. In 3…2…1 we’re just gonna march and squeeze. Excellent, so they’re now working the rectus abdominis – the six pack. They’re standing and what you want to do is really squeeze each repetition.

Standing up, you’ll feel it. Drive that knee up as you drive the elbows down. You have 25 more seconds. 45 seconds each one, non-stop movement. The other great thing about this workout is, because we’re moving non-stop, we’re also burning calories, which is really important when you want to flatten your stomache. It’s not just about ab exercises, you gotta burn calories. Great job! And then we’re going to add some angles in. Really important when you’re working your abdominals to play those angles.

Now let’s just alternate – elbow to opposite knee. And Squeeze. Playing the angles working on the diagonals. angle and that’s why it’s Your obliques, the sides of your abs, actually come at angles. And that’s why it’s important to work them that way. Great job. Thirty more seconds. It’s not how fast you go. I really want you to focus on engaging those muscles. Once again, you can get a great abdominal workout in while standing You don’t have to go down to the floor. 15 more seconds, then into a little variation with a straight-leg. Great job. In 5…4…3…2… Excellent! Now straighten that leg. Same concept. Opposite hand to opposite toe. Squeezing. That straight leg engages those abdominals a little bit differently. That’s the key. Variation, right? If we continually do the same thing to our body, our body doesn’t change.

It adapts pretty quickly, so we need to keep it guessing. These exercises will help do that. Squeeze. Make each one count. This also works on your balance, which helps your whole core. Let’s finish up. Final 45 seconds. I want you to rotate and punch. And begin. So jabs, you’ll see as they rotate on their toes, they are squeezing. Boxers. Punching. Great exercise, not only burning calories, but working those abdominals, and it’s functional. And it’s fun, right? 25 more seconds. Again, three minutes total. If you want to do this again, you could do this two times through. Great job! Final couple. Squeeze each punch. Ten more seconds. So there you have it, 4 exercises, 45 seconds each. Standing ab workout. That’s all you need. Thanks for working out with us! If you want more tips just like this, please subscribe to our channel.

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