Flat Belly

5 Foods To Avoid For a Flat Belly (STOP BLOATING & INDIGESTION!!)

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5 foods that could be messing with your gut. I wanted to talk to you guys about different foods that could be costing you some intestinal distress. A lot of people may have a gluten issue, other people maybe with wheat. So, let’s talk about different foods that may be causing some issues and some ways we can fix that. The first thing we want to talk about is refined carbs and sugar. The first thing is, while fiber is a complex carbs which feeds good bacteria, refined stuff actually feeds the bad. So, we want to get rid of those. We want to add in – the fix for that – we want to swap out the refined. We want to bring in the good carbs like beans, starchy vegetables, and whole grains. It could be a pretty easy fix. Number two: alcohol. Womp, womp, womp. A lot of you, when you’re having your alcohol, it is a toxin and it can cause inflammation in your digestive system.

The fix for that, women, you really want to think about limiting your drink to one per day, and men, two per day. So, it’s not like you have to go cold turkey or anything like that, just really think about modifying the intake in a daily basis. Third: there’s that big word we keep hearing. “Gluten”. Gluten can really impact a lot of people’s intestinal walls and they really have a lot of issues that can cause a lot of other problems throughout your body. The fix for that is, of course, you want to talk to your dietician because a lot of times it could really be a huge problem for people.

If gluten containing foods like wheat can cause a lot of GI distress, look especially for gluten-free foods, and there’s tons on the market. Everywhere you go now, there’s huge sections in your grocery store of gluten free food. That’s a good thing. Our third – actually, I’m sorry. Our fourth is going to be meat. Meats are not necessarily bad, but plant-based foods have been shown to be more gut friendly. So, if you’re a major protein friendly, or you’re getting protein from your meats – that’s how I used to be – I’m trying to lean my diet to be a little more plant-based now. It’s a really easy fix.

All you have to do is make fiber packed plants, like quinoa, and beans, an stuff like that more of a staple in your diet because there is a lot of protein in these. Don’t panic like “Oh my gosh, if I’m not eating that steak, or some huge piece of chicken every day I’m not going to get my protein in.” Absolutely wrong.

There are a lot of vegetables out there packed with protein and they digest a lot easier than the meats that just take a long time for your body to digest. And number five: processed foods. They’re everywhere. There we go. They are filled with additives, sugars, fats. They’re just so bad. We all know that. I know we crave them, but we really need to try and stay away from any of those processed foods. The fix for that, we’re going to try to keep those off our menu and focus on whole, good foods. Seeds. Any kind of seeds. Clean proteins. Jerkies are great because it’s low in fat, high in protein. It’s not like you’re eating tons of it. You’re really only eating a little bit for a snack. Healthy nuts have tons of great fats and a lot of, like I mentioned, a lot of our plant-based proteins can be found in spinach, a lot of different vegetables. So, there’s really great ways to get a healthy gut because it really does make a big difference.

If you’re eating foods, especially if it’s a wheat-based food, and you’re just like “Wow, why is my stomach always puffy? Why do I not feel very good after I’m eating this stuff?” That’s where you need to take a look at your diet and take some notes, and figure out “Gosh, maybe it’s this. Maybe it is that brand that’s killing it for me. I need to figure out another way to get some other carbs in my diet.” That’s where you could reach for the sweet potatoes, and other things. All right, you guys.

Just some food for thought. I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any other nutrition questions, please ask us below. Hit the like button, subscribe, and thanks for joining me today. .