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5 min Belly Fat Burning AB + CARDIO Home Workout (Results in 2 weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

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Hi! I’m Emi Before we begin, I want to first celebrate some of the amazing progress of you guys doing my workouts I’m so proud of each one of you by putting in the hard work and not giving up So if you’re feeling lazy or not motivated right now Just look at these transformations If they can do it, we can also do it As long as we’re willing to put in the hard work So for today, we’re on for a super intense 5-minute belly and full body fat burning workout This will be a combination of full body cardio and also abs exercises Just follow me and you’ll know what to do This workout is only 5 minutes So I want you to give it your all in every single exercise Really push yourself and challenge your body to see what’s the max capacity you can achieve Now if you’re ready, let’s go! My suggestion is to look through all the exercises in this workout first Try a few reps for each of them So you have a brief idea of what’s coming next during the workout First exercise is “Jumping Jacks” to warm up our full body and to begin the fat burning process Jump your feet apart Arms down by your side Then jump your feet together, bring your arms up You can feel your heart rate up Jump as fast and as high as you can Just 30 seconds Next one we’ll get to lie down for “Butterfly Sit ups” Second exercise working on the abs Feet together, arms extended past your head Crunch your abs to sit up as you tap the floor in front of your feet Lie back down to touch the floor above your head Go as fast as you can to make this an explosive workout You’re feeling so in your belly That’s perfect because that’s exactly the burn we’re going for Next one we’re standing up for fat-burning cardio, “High Knee” Third exercise Palms out facing down Hop up by driving one knee to your palm followed by the other The faster you jump, the more power you put into it, the more calories you burn So push it through, challenge yourself, no stopping Next one is “Mountain Climber” to work our abs from all angles Fourth one, get into a high plank position Tighten your abs to bring one knee to touch your elbow on the same side Alternate between sides No need to do this super fast The key is to focus on working the abs in every rep and be mindful to really crunch your ab Hang in there till 30 seconds is up Next one is CrossFit “Burpees” We’re on to our fifth exercise to ready “Burpees” – chest to floor version Bend down, hands on the floor Kick your feet back to lower your body to the floor Then push back up and jump up, clapping above your head It’s tough, but that’s why it works It’s the most effective full body movement for fat burning So give it your all, challenge yourself to see how fast you can go Next one we’re lying back down for “Leg Raises” Sixth.

Hands below your butt Legs off the floor, working your lower abs Lift both legs up, perpendicular to the floor Then lower them back down a few inches off the floor We’re already more than halfway through You’re doing amazing Focus on the burn in the lower belly area Next one is “Skaters” Seventh. It’s time for some cardio again Leap to one side with opposite foot behind you Bend down to touch the floor with opposite arm in front of your toe Keep hopping Some people call this the “Speed Skater” because the key is speed Keep it up Next one, we’re working on our core with Classic “Plank” Eighth Elbows on the floor, forming a triangle base Your body from head to toe forming one straight line Just hold it there, keep your butt down and pull your belly bottom in to hold your core tight Almost there guys Only one more minute to go Next one is “Groiner” to continue with the intense fat burning Ninth exercise Get into high plank position Jump both feet up, one foot next to your hand and one foot back Keep jumping and alternating between sides This is the last cardio exercise with jumping We’re so close to the end I’m not quitting, keep up with me, don’t give up We can finish this workout together Next exercise, we can lie back down for “Sit Ups” Tenth exercise Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong It’s “Butterfly Sit Ups” again I do this all the time, it’s my favorite exercise for the abs So let’s end this workout, pushing it for the last 30 seconds Even when you think you’re putting in a hundred percent Your body is actually still at around 70% You can still push more It’s all mental in your mind You can achieve things that you have never even imagined before Good job! We got it done! Rest and stretch You can go to my stretch videos Let yourself recover and when you come back to this video next time, it can be tomorrow, the day after But promise me, promise yourself to push yourself even more and get more reps in than this time This is how we keep improving and get better in our fitness journey Good work again and I’ll see you again very soon