Flat Belly

5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners

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welcome to the dance cardio workout you don’t have to be a dancer you just have to follow my lead and move like you got heart okay let’s dance having like him good job I didn’t even know you had the moves like that all right let’s do running man just follow my lead girl you are killing it kill in it man down that’s the next move just follow my lead you don’t have to be perfect you just gotta be moving and you’re moving so you’re doing good nice work I like what you’re doing let’s take it back to the top and go back to that swish swish I wanna see you pull stuff from the left from the right good keep going follow my lead you’re doing good next we’re gonna turn up you can follow my lead or you can do whatever it is that you do that happy dance you do when you’re winning or when the pizza guy shows up yeah do that dance because you are totally winning and I’m so proud of you nice job you made it this far grab some water catch your breath when we come back we’re gonna start again subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already it’s free I don’t think so much to me when we get back from the break I’m not gonna do any talking at all I’m just gonna let you enjoy the music let it move you follow my lead and let’s just have some fun with this okay alright so hiding