Flat Belly

5 MIN FLAT STOMACH EXERCISES | Home Workout | Koboko Fitness

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Welcome to today’s workout today. We are training ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS. Are you ready? Let’s get started We’re gonna do a quick warm-up of knee hugs You want to hug your knee toward your chest your abs are engaged And you’re wondering why you even came But I promise you it’s gonna be worth it. If you need a longer warmup pause the video get that in Drop to the floor with your mat, we’re gonna do dead bugs Your lower back is on the mat and you’re extending one leg at a time with your hands pointing toward the ceiling Really do your best to keep your lower back on the mat throughout this movement. You got it Yeah, you do. Let’s go Make sure you are controlling your legs when you extend your leg out. It should not rest on the floor It should hover above the floor. I Mean if it touches the floor, I’m not gonna judge you.

I’m not gonna like jump through the computer and get you but Do your best? Make sure your abs are doing the work. This is a great exercise awesome one third Dougs You’re going to flip over on all fours and extend one leg and the opposite arm at the same time when you extend your arm and your leg squeeze your abs and your glutes Remember this exercise this particular exercise is not about speed.

It’s not about how fast you can fly It’s about how you can control your body. This is what tones you up As you feeling good Mariah Carey I Don’t know what I’m talking about. Let’s just go you’re doing good Next up we have quarter jacks you are going to be in that plank position. Your wrists are directly underneath your shoulders You are stepping one foot out at a time Your abs are engaged and keep your hips as low to the mat as you can comfortably manage The Closer your hips are to the mat the more difficult.

This is the higher your hips are the easier it is Pick your level do what is good for your body? You look amazing keep going I’m so excited for you and all the changes you’re making in your life It is going to be worth it and I’m here to be your hype man all day every day. I got you. Let’s go You want to stand back up we are going to do standing oblique crunches You’re going to keep your hands at the back of your head and raise your knee as high as you can to attempt to touch Your elbows if your knees do not actually touch our elbows, it’s all good You’re not a gymnast nobody is expecting you to be perfect. I’m just expecting you to do your best now you showed up Keep going Just a few more seconds That was wonderful That was so good. I am proud of you Justin kiss you’re new here my name is Cola just like coca-cola and I am Married, and I have a son and we live in Indiana and we have a dog a Jack Russell terrier I’m a personal trainer and and Also certified in nutrition.

Whoo. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re loving my workouts that makes me really happy because I want you to be happy I’m here to see you win And I want to personally invite you over to my website. Cocoa fitness calm Where I have planned your whole year of workouts for you So you never have to think ever again about what to do. I have workouts for the intermediate beginner and advanced level So you pick your level and do your workout every day? No thinking required coupon code provided below and There’s a lot of stuff. I can’t fit into this break period so just come over give it a try It’s free to try and let’s let’s just I think that’s what I want to say. I think yeah So much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I will see your front face and my next workout video You