Flat Belly


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What’s up guys it’s Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp – and this is your 5 minute abs workout with flat stomach exercises using kettlebells..let’s go five moves one kettlebell no situps no crunches set your timer for fifty seconds of work followed by a 10 second rest period this intense ab workout will melt belly fat fast be sure to get a quick warm-up and were about to get into this thing right now alright time to shred those abdominals first move starts in 321 go hiit the deck in a plank position for mountain climbers and we will work hard working fast hand on the kettle bell or on the ground really melting that belly fat fast next is a plank saw core is tight whole body is rigid hands on the kettleball is so unstable back up next move is 5 kettlebell swings then 10 reachers cardio exercise like high knees but we’re reaching under the legs for more lower pouch work as many reps as you can do in this high intensity interval training routine now we’re down in a plank for kb drag or pullthrough little wider stance just look straight down the ground with kb outside shoulder width 321 back up last move lets finish this work out strong high low heel clicks is crazy cardio and core blast and we’re melting belly fat 321 time awesome job you guys those abs are already starting to look a little flatter and tighter for sure if you enjoy this workout video be sure to subscribe to our fitness youtube channel share this quick hiit with a friend if you think they’ll like it too and if you have any questions about this abs workout or ideas for future videos be sure to post all that down the comment section below thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day!