Flat Belly


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Whats up its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 5 minute abs flat stomach workout – let’s go five moves one kettlebell no sit-ups no crunch is set your hiit interval timer for 50 seconds of work followed 10 second rest this intense ab workout will melt belly fat fast be sure to get in a quick warm up and we’re about it into this thing right now Alright guys time to get a flat stomach right now its down in five seconds grab your kettle bell training now perform five kettlebell swings 10 toe taps first move going down three two one go 1 2 3 4 then put it down ten toe taps now if you want a little extra don’t even tap the handle bring the feet up higher and faster when its too much go lower keep moving 10 and that start with the kb swings two handers now on the swings you can go Russian style which is a little lower like this or overhead as all the American swing either way five and then two three four five six seven eight nine ten back swings five seconds for as many reps as you can do for fat burning best three two one time good put the kettle bell aside next move we’re going to be down on the ground in the deck kettlebell side plank that’s crazy we’re going to start a side plank core on they get working right from here hold it up and we’re going to switch at the half and if this is enough for you right here you go with that otherwise thrust it up major abs workout burn for those obliques Total core getting shredded right here good switch other side over going to keep my eyes on you guys good kettlebell up side plank hold up this is enough for you awesome otherwise we’re going down up three two one time carefully put it down good back up guys nice all right now we’re going to go pick the kb off the ground this rack position another cool we’re gonna switch at the half going spiders we’re going up 1 2 3 4 right up bringing that wide bring it up hi now every time that we bring that knee up to the side working those obliques and this v-taper right here guys bring it up bring it up now switch right to the other side keep working out wide up a little train comin right now no problem nothing’s going to stop us getting this core workout going ten seconds bring it up stay up tall standing abs do not humker over to reach the knee bring it up to the elbow good time nice next ab exercises we’re going to put it down and it’s actually going to be behind your feet going to start my position three two one go we’re going to pike up Then reach hold it here other side reach it up hold the position reach back up if you want a little extra we will farther away from the bell wide feet reach through that again another option when you come back into this position add a push-up why not reach through that get that’s nice make sure you alternate each time when we’re reaching got time for a couple more guys this is not a fast movement what I really feel those lower abs working as we put up three two one time good job back up all okay last flat stomach exercises were here finish it up strong we’re going to go 10 twisters and then one quick sprawl on the ground going 10 front of you like this which is kind of like a plank similar move to those spiders standing abs we were doing earlier, but faster we get some that hiit going 10 and then you’re going to go ahead down quick sprawl back up 10 twisters then back down and on the kettlebell quick plank back up next we’re reaching across it’s about 10 and now you want a little extra on the sprawl check it out advanced one hand just like that that’s how you know that would be a little too much for you good seven seconds keep working three two one time good awesome job you guys those abs are already starting to look a little flatter and tighter for sure if you enjoyed this flat stomach workout video be sure to smash the like button subscribe to our YouTube channel share this with a friend if you think they’ll enjoy it too and if you have any questions about this ab work out for ideas for future workouts videos be sure to post all that down in the comments section below thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day!