Flat Belly


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What’s up guys it’s Max Barry and this is Mariah and this is your five-minute kettlebell abs workout 5 exercises, one kettlebell, no sit-ups no crunches, this five minute kettlebell abs workout combines kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to target your love handles sixpack and lower abdominal it’s time to blast the core right now alright guys time to blast your core first move start in 5 seconds 10 sprinters one sprawl down 3-2 1428910 sprawlw down all the way back up if you lose count no problem going back now will call the hands on the kettlebell you can also go hands right on the grounds that too much in the deck that’s always good we’re not wasting time actually a five-set five minutes to get ass workout in waiting for the test yet no problem full through 21 and there’s like that factor there according to wipe down home no no he’s off five seconds printers striking is that bring them up 3 21 * already got them already printing now we’re going to slow down hit the deck only 10 seconds between each release exercise guys down not hold across ok and shoulders killed all around you going well well now that the war slow down slow track 14 guys can go slower we’re going to show with it notice how keeping the hell you want to call now that said well i know has a little rubber on the bottom and though they may be free even harder and that go more five-four-three-two-one all right to exercise down three to go we’re actually gonna go back down to be doing a new bridge one leg on the kettlebell and we work in the back side blues but also lower back to death we fell down but oh hell no other leg up go ahead driving it up a lot of people don’t realize that lower back and the time the cord around the body so it’s very important that we’re getting all angles and we’re going to switch right now so I don’t shoot over a little ok let’s go slide down into that that’s too much you can only do this but this little extra emotions right yeah your desk lower back three two one time back up all right good nice party guys last to move never really a five-minute together let’s try to get a kettlebell swing what our time right arm up but only now kettlebell swings that Bernie exercise we know that but when you go to one arm there’s a lot more activity to try and keep you stable and square our hips are square thank you guys we’re going to switch a plate coarsely two one switch tradition now we see each other for professional think that keep going milking with that is already up and working that core three two one time if we put down our last row guys don’t hate up every fiber one time we were done train broke that off you go like an on-campus well that’s quite right about here now you get tired you can get it out get it out get it out not help that cool thing about using the kettlebells is that its unstable there’s a wipeout factor let’s go yup let’s go we only have these 5 minutes together push in five four three two one time awesome kettlebell abs workout you guys we hope you like that routine if you did be sure to smash the like button subscribe to the Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel, share this video and also be sure to give Mariah follow on instagram @freshwaterpeaches we’ll post your blog link down below as well really great stuff recipes love it and if you are in the danbury ct area and want to train with me & my team of certified personal trainers come check out the boot camp we’d love to have you…just go ahead and apply on website at maxsbestbootcamp.com Mariah, thank you for coming out appreciate you will do it again not thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day!

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