Flat Belly

5 minute KILLER AB WORKOUT | flat tummy exercises

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Hi Vanderfits, today I’m back for you with another ab workout because so many of you guys loved my previous one So we’re going to get started with 15 toe touches So you bring your knees together and then you touch the mat or the floor with only your toe, really good. You’re doing great! Just the toe that is touching Really good! Then we’re going to do 15 leg presses So you’re going to bring your feet together and then press So you stretch the leg and then you turn your knees towards your belly and then you stretch your leg again Really good! Toe touches again, toe touches this time with straight legs or as straight as you possibly can hold them up in the air, a slight bend in the knees is okay and then try to reach for your toes, really good Then a little rest and then we’re going in to the 15 high boat low boats, this is a killer an exercise, it is one of my favorites I always do this in yoga and it makes me feel so super energized, oh love this this one Then we’re going to do a 15 second boat hold so you’re going to be in your boat position and then you’re going to hold it Really good! Really good! Amazing, that’s it! Then 15 Russian twists! So you’re going to twist from side to side That is it, amazing you’re doing so great! Then we’re going to do ab crunches, so you lay down and then we’re going to crunch two times so one two and then down, one two and then down so these two ones make a large one if that makes sense And I learned this from personal trainer that it’s much more effective if you do it in two steps, because then you get the maximum potential out of your crunch Amazing now we’re going to do the 15 seconds high plank, you guys know the drill Come on, hold that plank, really good Then we’re going down for a 15 second low plank you’re doing amazing I’m so proud of you it’s almost over Then 15 roll-ups, you’re going to bring your knees towards you, lift that butt up and then stretch the legs, really good You’re doing so great! And that was it already, repeat this workout if you’re not too tired and if you’re still going strong for a 10-minute one and otherwise I will see you next week thank you so much for watching and doing this with me I love you so much