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5 MINUTE WARM UP CARDIO WORKOUT | Dynamic Warm Up Before Your Cardio Workout, Running, HIIT, Weights

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Whats up its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 5 minute warm up cardio workout let’s go this is a quick five minute warmup routine that you can do before your running, weights, or cardio workout about to do a full body HIIT work out kettlebell workouts or any kind of at home or gym circuit. we’re going to be warming up head to toe it’s going to be a mixture of bodyweight exercises and stretches and in just five minutes we’re going to have the blood flowing in the heart rate pumping so let’s get into this warm up right now alright guys time to get into this thing first move let’s get those feet moving three two one go foot fire bloods flowing knees up we’re going to go through a sequence of flowing exercises, certain moves were going to stay with for about 30 seconds and then at the end we’re going to do a one-minute burnout finisher to really make sure that heart rates up foot fire just stay with me follow along it’s going to be a great warm-up video for any kind of workout you’re about to do, knees up, jumping jacks and three two one we’re going to hit the deck walkout pushup go walking out let’s push up you got come back stand up take a breath back down ahh looks good couple more, 10 more seconds three two one time good back up butt kickers bring those heels up got to get the blood flowing here today I’m about to get this cardio workout in too very important that we get the dynamic warm-up in it before we start none of those static stretches that’s old school that actually can cause more injury let’s go foot fire again five more seconds four three two one good now it’s called the world’s greatest stretch your hands down right foot in front twist reach up other side switch reach up other side switch the feet up on the side hello almost wiped out on that side haha three two one back up good ok now touch Jacks going wide stance touch and go get that cardio going a little legwork and cardio exercise 30 seconds it’s good now we drop down onto the toes out and knees out drop it low if that’s too much impact for you are not feeling warmed up yet go ahead step in and step it out not me three two one time crawling exercise going to crawl forward and back anyway you want to crawl just a little forward back and the lower you crawl more core work is going to be coming in to do a little reptile crawl or if that’s too much keep the butt higher keep moving five seconds 32 what all who knew crawling was so effective all right now we’re going to a sprinter lunge with right foot in front reach down drive the knee up, reach down right back up we’re going to stay on this side for these 30 seconds now with the sprinter lunge you really feel through that legs burning good the deeper step back and then drive it up i’m going with the jump but that’s too much for you just stand up switch legs big step back touchdown come up who hamstrings and glutes baby love it keep my eyes on you now in about 15 more seconds get up come up ooh legs are feeling good now last move coming up on this five minute warmup is going to be a burnout one min.

Blast cardio and core two spiders four plyo squats three two one go down to spiders that is gonna be a push-up option in between that will come up for squats okay or back down spider spider now what go push up whoo nice back up with or without the jump just keep moving for four reps and then hit the deck – spiders whoo breathing heavy you know its working back up we’re going to extra one there no big deal just because i love you guys ahh 15 seconds keep going if you lose count no problem 10 more seconds you’re going to be ready for your cardio workout let’s go squats five four three two one good awesome warmup youtube you’re now ready to go kill your work out whether that’s going to be a Max’s Best Bootcamp workout or any other you do we hope you enjoyed this, if you liked this video be sure to smash the like button subscribe to our youtube fitness channel share this with a friend if you have any questions about this routine or ideas for future videos post all that down in the comments section below thank you for watching this 5 minute warmup cardio workout video, have an awesome day!