Flat Belly


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Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we’re going to do a sit down talk about five reasons why you are not getting flat abs. I’m sure you can already think of reasons why you may not be getting the abs you’ve been after, but I’m going to give you my professional advice. What’s worked for me, what I know has worked for others around me, the trainers here on ATHLEANXX for Women. There are a few of them that are pretty important. The first one that is going to be a shocker to you all is drinking alcohol. I think it’s overrated, I think it costs money – let’s see here. I could give a long list, but it’s extra calories that you’re drinking. It’s not doing anything for your results. So you want flatter abs? Stop drinking alcohol. All of it. Hard alcohol, wine, beer; all of it. Mixed drinks. It also makes you crave other foods and snack on other foods that you wouldn’t have eaten otherwise.

So avoid the alcohol. It’s overrated. Number two: what about terrible posture? I think hunching forward can really affect – not just necessarily get flat abs in general, but at that current time. So as we’re hunching over – my gosh. You can just feel your gut coming over your pants. That’s a lovely feeling. Sit-up tall, open the abs up, and also when you’re walking, posture is everything.

So pulling the abs in, sitting up tall. I think the posture one is underrated. Posture is underrated. Correct your posture and I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better already. That’s an immediate one you can do. Number three: activity is important, but diet is even more important. You can bust your ass in the gym for two hours, but guess what? Go eat pastries, and Frappuccino’s, and things like that and it’s all wasted. So remind yourself “Yes, my workouts are important. Yes, my training is important, and cardio is important if you want accelerated results. But your diet is everything.” Making sure that you’re getting enough for your workouts, but you’re also having a deficit every day. That’s why getting a good program, a meal plan program like ATHLEANXX for Women provides and gives you the fast way. You don’t have to think about it anymore. They’re giving you a program and you follow it. Bottom line. I know also their programs – those that want to be vegetarian, or if you have intolerance to certain foods, or you need to be gluten free; they offer programs for you as well. That’s number three.

Number four is you’re not lifting weights. I think it’s really important to lift weights if you want a flatter stomach. Basically, it’s going to help you burn body fat in a much more efficient, faster way. Adding muscle mass and increasing those fat burning hormones when you’re weight training is crucial. So don’t skip out on lifting weights. If you’re doing two days a week, maybe up it to three.

If you’re doing three days a week, up it to four. If you’re not getting the results that you’re after, find a new way. Think of something more creative and challenge yourself. You’re always going to do the same, then you’re always going to get the same results. My last one is a reason why you aren’t getting flat abs. It’s the types of foods that you’re eating. Maybe the types of foods you’re eating are causing you to bloat and therefore maybe you’re leaner than you actually look. Some days you’re like “Why is my stomach rounder? I look like I’m six months pregnant.” Versus another day you might feel pretty confident, and good about the progress that your stomach is having. Well, look at wheats, look at gluten tolerance. Maybe you need to avoid lactose. A lot of these are found if you do an allergy test. You can get bloodwork done. You can even do a food removal diet where you’re removing one food at a time and that’s it, to see if it’s going to affect the bloating. Also, at the same time you might not be getting enough fiber. That might be an issue, too.

That can cause the bloating. So increase the vegetables, maybe take a fiber supplement if you don’t enjoy eating vegetables. That can also help reduce the bloating. So it’s a temporary things too sometimes, where if you’re feeling like one day you’re spot on and then the next day you’re not, if it’s going through drastic measures like that, maybe look a little deeper into why you’re experiencing that. Maybe what you just ate is triggering something in your body. Do some research, maybe get your bloodwork done, see if you have any food intolerances as well. So those are my five reasons why you aren’t getting flat abs. Thumbs up, comment below. If you guys have any questions we’re here for support.

Check out ATHLEANXX for Women for their great meal plan programs that can help you reduce body fat, which is number one, like we talked about. Reduce body fat first, and then all of the other reasons are just supporters to getting those flat abs that you desire. I’m Amy Jo, and we’ll see you next time. .