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7 Detox Water For Weight Loss | Lose Weight Fast With Water | Home Remedies | Health Tips in Hindi

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Do you also find it difficult to drink 10 glasses of water everyday? What if we add some tasty flavours to your plain water! It will not only enhance the taste of the water but also help in weight loss. And how can it be done! So for this, we will add some fat burning fruits and vegetables to our regular water. This kind of infused water is called Detox water that helps flushes out toxins from our body. For our first Detox Water, we will take..

Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Leaves and Ginger. Now we will take a jar and put all the ingredients in it along with water. Your detox water is ready! Prepare this drink a night before and start taking it from morning. It has to be kept at room temperature only. You can have this drink at any time of the day just like you take your regular water. Once the jug gets empty, you can refill it at least twice. If you can drink 3 litres of water in a day, half your health problems will be solved. And if you take 3 litres of this Detox water for 5 days consecutively, you’ll see a significant change in your waistline. Your body will stay hydrated, metabolism rate will be faster, skin will glow and weight will surely reduce! Our second Detox Water is also a very effective weight Loss drink. And for this, we need Apple, Lemon and a Cinnamon stick. Slice the apples and lemon, add cinnamon stick and to this add water. You can even add Cinnamon powder but usually it doesn’t mix well and clogs, hence we recommend using a Cinnamon stick only.

This drink speeds up your metabolism and greatly helps in losing weight. Our next drink will give you relief from Stress and will also prevent bloating. For this, we need Cucumber slices and a medium sized Pomegranate. Mix them well and add water. If you take this drink regularly, you’ll not only lose weight but also your immune system will get better and your skin will get a natural glow. Our next drink is also a very colorful drink which has taste plus good health! For this, we will take fresh Strawberries, Kiwi and Mint leaves. Finely slice the Strawberries Then add Kiwi slices Now add Mint leaves.

Add water and mix it well. This drink improves your digestion, improves your eyesight and also helps you fight against diseases. Those who have a sweet tooth must try this drink. If you take cold drinks, packed fruit juices or smoothies, then you can replace these drinks with this Strawberry-Kiwi detox water because this also tastes sweet but it has only natural sugars. This is, again, a delicious detox water that has the sweetness of Apples and Oranges and the flavour of Mint. Slice the apples and oranges and put them in a jug. Add Mint Leaves and then add water. This detox water reduces the risk of cancer, saves you from diabetes and also helps clear the skin. For our next detox water, we will take Brinjal (Eggplant), Cucumber and Lemon. Finely slice the Eggplant, Cucumber and Lemon. Then add water. For those who don’t have a taste for Eggplant, can have the benefits of this vegetable in the form of this detox water.

It’s a great vegetable for those who have Diabetes as it also helps cleanse the body. It has Fiber that prevents constipation and is good for your heart and muscles. Our last detox water is also a very refreshing and a tasty drink packed with nutrition. For this, we will take fresh Strawberries and Pineapple. Slice the Strawberries and Pineapple and put them in a jar. Add water. Pineapple has good amount of Fiber that helps in digestion and also aids in weight loss. Strawberries have high water content and is low on calorie, so it’s a great fruit for weight loss. Combined properties of these two fruits not only hydrates the body but also controls the blood sugars.

All these detox waters have fresh fruits and vegetables, so they shouldn’t have any side effects. But if you are allergic to any specific ingredient, then avoid that drink. For best results, keep these drinks for 6 to 8 hours before having them. In summers, you can add ice to these detox waters. You can have these drinks in winters too…at room temperature. In summers, these waters can stay fresh from 12 to 15 hours and in winters, from 15 to 18 hours. When you have finished having one jug/litre of water, you can refill it with water at least twice. Whenever you take out a glass of water from your jar, try to refill it immediately so that you can have upto 3 litres of infused water in a day. Alongwith these Detox Waters, you have to take care of your diet and do some physical exercise too, in order to lose weight. Eat healthy, walk or jog for at least 15 minutes, sleep well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try any one detox drink in a day and try a different detox water everyday. This way you won’t get bored and also you’ll get the benefits of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Do try these magical Detox waters and share your feedback with us. .

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