Flat Belly

8 Minute Lower Abs Workout (FLATTEN THE LOWER BELLY!!)

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Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we’re going to do an eight minute workout for the lower abs. We’re going to target those puppies. So let’s go! Our first exercise is going to be on the mat. You’re going to lay down, and these are tuck ups. Each one is going to last 60 seconds. We’re going to do two rounds. So, four exercises, two rounds, each one 60 seconds is a total of eight minutes. So let’s do it. Tuck ups. Open up the arms and the legs, and then you’re tucking, and back down. So have a stopwatch near you. Go. So you want to really take your time on these, making sure you’re tucking in the abs, curling them in at the top.

Squeeze. You can’t necessarily really target the low abs, but you can focus on squeezing, and pulling them in, and having proper form when you contract. Awesome. There you go. Tighten and touch. Everything touches. Make sure those feet tuck when you come back down. Halfway. Squeeze. Squeeze. Not too fast. If you go too fast you lose the form. Pull the abs in.

Great. Two more. Two. Last one. And tuck, and squeeze. Great. Okay, so these are side to sides. Twisting. Knees are up. You’re going to tap, and then the other side tap. So hold it here. Go! Side to side. So want to pull those low abs in, tuck them in at the top, and continue. So this is really the exercise here. This is mainly to distract you. Just kidding. It adds a little bit of variation, contracting those side abdominals as well. Pull those low abs in. 20 seconds left. You kind of have to find that proper balance right on the tailbone. Sit back in it. 10 seconds. Feel the burn. Five, four, three, two, and one. Awesome. Great. Okay, scissor kicks. You’re going to lay down on your back, hands are flat, legs are going to go over, and under. Over, and under. So you want to pull the abs in almost concave.

Low back is pushed into the mat. 60 seconds. And scissor it. Over, under. So this is easy. This is for all my beginners. I want you to have your feet up here. If you’re a bit more intermediate, you’re right here. And if you’re advanced, as long as you can keep that back flat, you’re going to bring it down low, all right? Good. Halfway. Beginners are up here. So making sure that back is nice, and flat, pulling the abs in. This is how you being to build that foundation, all my beginners.

Keep it going, guys. Intermediate, down here. Make it a little bit more challenging, and advanced; all the way down. Five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. Great. Okay, so my fourth, and final exercise – 60 seconds long – and then we’re going to do all of that one more time. You’ve got to get eight minutes. Low abs, knees are bent, you’re going to vacuum in at the top. 60 seconds. And go! Knees tucked. Roll down. Knees tucked. Squeeze. And go. Good. Focus on your form. Pull them in, squeeze them tight, ride it, and release. Great. Good. You can speed these up if you want, or keep them nice, and slow. Halfway. Keep it going. Or you can even pop up at the top, a little bit higher. And contract. 10 seconds. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Great job. Okay, we’ve got to do all of that one more round, 60 seconds each exercise.

The first one: tuck ups. Ready? Now that you know what you’re doing, let’s do it. Touch, and tuck up. 60 seconds here. Touch, tuck up. There we go. Awesome job. Squeeze. Up, and squeeze. There you go. Halfway. Form comes first. Form comes first. There you go. Great job. Up, and tuck them in. nice. Squeeze up. Great job. Pull them in nice, and tight. Fold in half. Good. Great job. All the way up. Tuck them in. almost there.

Ten seconds left. Six, five, four, three, two, and one. Nice. Okay, going to the scissor kicks. Hands are flat. Remember, intermediate up high. Ready? And go! 60 seconds. Intermediates up here. Beginners up here, sorry. Intermediate right here. Over, under, over, under. And all my advanced. Burn them out. Burn them out. Keep going. If you need to, take a break up here. Try not to stop. All the way. Over, under, over, under. Awesome. There you go. Breathe. Breathe. And all the way down again. 10 seconds. Five, four, three, two, one. Oh, my. Oh, my. Okay, back up to the twist. Two left, 60 seconds each. Okay. Find that perfect position. Roll back. You kind of have to find that right on your tailbone right here. Okay, pull those abs in. Hit it! Side to side. 60 seconds. There you go. You’ve got this. Hang in there. Good. Halfway. 10 seconds. Eight. Five, four, three, two, one. Oh, yes. They’re burning. Okay, 60 seconds, last one. These are our knee raises. Remember, you can change your pace this time, too.

If you went slow last time, maybe go a little bit faster this time, or vice-versa. Hands are flat, knees are bent. And tuck it in. go. 60. Here we go. So at the end, you really want to vacuum in that stomach. Contract it hard at the end. Pull those abs in. There you go. Five. Like that. Halfway. Need to pop those heels up at the top. Excellent. Keep that back flat when you lower the heels. Up, in, and squeeze. Almost there. 20 seconds. 17. 14, 13, 12. Pull it in, nine. Six, five. Make them count. Four, three, two, and one. Awesome job! Eight minute low ab workout. But remember, you can’t necessarily target just the low abs. if you’re trying to reduce body fat, that’s through nutrition and making sure you’re burning enough calories. So of course, doing abdominal exercises, and tightening up the abdominals themselves; all of those exercises will help. But it really matters when it comes down to your nutrition, and making sure you’re getting a good, daily burn every day.

Which, ATHLEANXX for Women can help you with. Get over to their website, check them out, leave us a thumbs up here, and comment below. I’m Amy Jo, and we’ll see you next time. .