Flat Belly


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Nine secrets to wake up with a flatter belly. Seeing the results of your efforts is the key when you want to reach the ideal weight. Here are some simple habits you need to change to help you wake up leaner and keep you motivated during the whole day. Your body will get in shape, and no hard workout or diets are needed. Number one eliminate yogurt. You may say now, what? What’s wrong with yogurt? Although yogurt is known to be an essential part of a healthy diet, a lot of yogurts contain high levels of added sugars Moreover, they contain lactose a natural sugar that is often difficult to digest for humans.

The combination of both sugars can cause inflammation and swelling. Do you still think yogurt is the best option for dinner? Then at least choose one with 0.2 ounces of sugar or less. Number two remove Chinese food from your diet. Despite being delicious, Chinese food usually contains large amounts of sodium. Therefore, eating Chinese food often leads to uncomfortable bloating. For example, one serving of Chinese soup contains your total sodium intake for a whole week. Mexican food is also among the foods with the highest amount of sodium. I can hear you’re saying right now, “Oh, what can I eat, then?!” Don’t worry, healthy and flavorless meals aren’t always synonymous. Did you know that mayonnaise is good for you? Many doctors recommend having a salad with mayo two to three times a week because it helps prevent cardiac diseases. Also, vitamins E and F neutralize the negative and improve metabolism. However this only concerns the mayo you make at home. Store-bought mayo won’t do you any good. Three stop buying sugar-free chewing gum. Studies show that sorbitol (it’s a sugar alcohol used in sugarless chewing gums) requires lots of time for its digestion.

This favors the fermentation of bacteria, causing swelling and flatulence. Moreover, every time you chew you say a signal to your brain that awakens the hunger hormones. By the way, chewing gum really doesn’t help to get rid of bad breath. It has a very short-term effect, so, honestly, it can be called useless. Number four forget about energy bars. There are four reasons why energy bars are not a good choice. One – they contain whey lactose that causes swelling, two – among their ingredients are soybeans, which often generate gases, three – they’re a processed food, and people who consume them gain more weight than those who don’t, four – they contain more calories than you can imagine Also, let’s admit energy bars are not that cheap at all. If you buy them often your grocery bills will grow dramatically. Do you want more energy? Go to bed before midnight and sleep at least seven hours per day. Number five take a cold shower before bed.

A cold shower before bed is an excellent way to lower your body temperature and stimulate brown fat. This one is a fat tissue that consumes energy to raise your body temperature and help you burn more calories. Also, cold water stimulates the immune system, improves concentration, restores your energy, increases work performance, smothers the skin and improves your mood. If you’re not a fan of cold showers, at least try to shower in lukewarm water instead of hot. Number six do eight minutes of exercise. To work your whole body you only need to perform an exercise for eight minutes each day. Only. Eight. Minutes. No more! If you do it before going bed, you will wake up thinner the next day. And if you practice every day, you will shed those bothersome extra pounds. For instance, you can try the exercises called dumbbell thruster. First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding the dumbbells on your shoulders. Next, squat down until your knees and hips are fully bent or until your thighs are just past parallel to the floor. Stand up through your heels and press the dumbbells up at the top of the squat.

Repeat the exercise until you reach eight minutes. When you get tired, take a break of 20 to 30 seconds. Perform this exercise every evening, and your stomach will become flat very soon. Seven avoid dried fruits. Dried fruits can be a primary source of nutrients and fibers, but they are particularly high in fructose. If you have problems absorbing these sugars, it is very likely that they will cause swelling and gas. Fresh fruits are the best option to avoid these problems. Also, to protect them from mold and keep their color, dried fruits are often treated with fungicides and sulfur dioxide.

These substances can be dangerous to your health. Eight start your day with a delicious breakfast. This one is the main rule for those who want to stay slim: never skip breakfast. Even if you’re in a hurry in the morning, find five to seven minutes to have a proper meal. Butyric acid helps reduce inflammation in our body and improves insulin sensitivity. Oatmeal, dark chocolate, red fruits, nuts, and a little cinnamon for breakfast stimulates intestinal activity by increasing the levels of this acid Thus, you will wake up less bloated and puffy, and you’ll feel thinner.

Number nine make your own natural smoothies. Despite being very effective for losing weight, commercial smoothies often contain chemicals that counteract the positive effect of natural nutrients. Try making shakes with natural ingredients, such as spinach, seeds, almond milk, coconut oil, and fruits by yourself. For instance, try making this colorful smoothie at home: Take 3 carrots, 2 green apples, a piece of ginger, 2 bananas, 1 orange, and a handful of mint. Get the juice from the carrots, apples, and orange, and then blend it with the other ingredients.

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