Flat Belly

A 10-Minute Workout to Lose 2 KG in a Week

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Exercise is a great way to get energized in the morning. But let’s admit – no one of us has time for a full workout! However, there are 10 simple but effective exercises you can do to get pumped for the day. With permission of the unique method’s author Sergey Borodin, we’re sharing this amazing 10-minute routine with you. Before starting the exercises, ventilate your room and warm up your muscles. While warming up, you can do some arm and leg swings. Also, try to do some squats. For a start, let’s do seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Great! Then perform body rotations and bends. And neck and knee warm-ups. The next thing you should do is just follow the instructions. They are pretty easy, and each exercise takes no longer than 15 to 30 seconds. You don’t need a stopwatch – I’ll count for you, so you can perform the whole set while watching the video.

Exercise #1. Post with ropes This exercise is meant for relaxation of hands and shoulder girdle. Imagine that your body is a post and your hands are the ropes tied to it. If someone turns the post sharply, the ropes will wiggle from side to side. • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart • Relax your hands • Start rotating your body around the axis of your spine with full weight transfer, gradually increasing exercise intensity Let’s give it a try, and perform it for 30 seconds for a start! You can do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable, but be sure to count the number of breathing cycles (inhale-exhale). Remember, they should be divisible by six. For example, 6, 12, 18, 36. How are you doing there? Only 10 seconds left.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Well done! Exercise #2. Heron It will help develop agility, balance, and coordination and improve blood flow in your legs. How to do it? • Stand on the left leg, lift the right leg so that the thigh is parallel to the ground or even higher. Or you can just bring your leg up as high as you can. • Pull your toes towards you • Pull the right arm forward but don’t straighten it fully • Keep the left arm down. The palms should be rounded and relaxed as if holding two balls. • Close your eyes and try to keep your balance • Finally, get up on your toes You should do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable, but no less than 10 seconds. Are you ready? I’ll count for you.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. For the better results, you should repeat the exercise 3-5 times. For a start, let’s repeat it two more times. Here are your 10 seconds again. We don’t want you to feel exhausted or tired, so don’t over do it. Be careful! Only five seconds left. Five, four, three, two, one. And one more time. The last one – I promise! 10 seconds are all yours.

Well done! Let’s move to the next one. Exercise #3. Roll This exercise can help you strengthen your spine, improve spinal cord blood flow, and relieve stress and fatigue. How is it done? • Sit on the floor. • Pull your legs towards yourself, clasping them with both hands. • Round your back as much as possible. • Lean backwards, roll on your back and return to the starting position.

Do this exercise for several breathing cycles but not less than 12 times. We can start with ten reps because we don’t want to feel like a dish-towel, right? So, sit on the floor, and I’m going to count 10 reps for you. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. And one. That’s was easy, right? By the way, you should do all the exercises one after another, only stopping to rest if you need it. Exercise #4. Hummer It is meant for relaxation of the spine, particularly between the shoulder blades. The exercise should be done together with the “Roll” exercise.

• Lie down on your back. • Put your right hand on your left shoulder and put your left hand on your right shoulder. • Round your back as much as possible. • Lift your torso and start tapping your back on the floor. Do this exercise for several breathing cycles but not less than 12 times. Again, we’ll do ten. Ready? Go! Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. And one. Keep going on – your dream body is on the way! Exercise #5. Stretching This exercise is meant for relief and relaxation. This is a compensation posture which should be performed right after the ‘Roll’ and ‘Hummer’ exercises. • Lie down on your back • Cross your fingers and pull your hands up as far away from your shoulders as possible • The toes are pointed How many reps should you do? Well, you can do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable. What do you think about 10 reps for a start? I’m going to count again. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Two. And one. Well done! Do all the exercises nice and easy. Don’t push yourself too hard – if you feel tired, pause the video and take a break. Exercise #6. Candle • Lie down on the floor with your legs extended towards the ceiling • Put your hands on your hips or lower back for support (in the latter case you will be able to lift your legs higher) • Point your toes up toward the ceiling. Neck muscles should not be tensed.

Do this exercise for several breathing cycles – I’ll give you 15 seconds. This exercise helps to improve cerebral blood flow, producing a beneficial effect on your whole body. Regular exercising improves your memory, mental performance, and efficiency, reduces the number of hours you sleep and slows your breathing down. Are you done? No time to be lazy, let’s move on to the next exercise. Exercise #7. Sphinx + Cobra • Lie down on your stomach • Leaning on your forearms, lift your torso and hold • Keep your forearms parallel to each other • Look forward, lower your shoulders and point your toes. This is ‘Sphinx.’ • Now lift your torso with your hands, arching your back even more and looking forward and upward. This is ‘Cobra.’ • Then, come back up to “Sphinx” pose. You should do this exercise for several breathing cycles. 15 seconds are yours. The exercise strengthens your back and makes your spine more flexible. Keep going till the time runs out. If you need a break, pause the video and drink some water.

But do not sit down! Keep moving. Only three exercises left. Exercise #8. Embryo This is a compensation posture; after arching your back, it is necessary to let your spine relax by rounding it as much as you can. • Lower your hips to the heels, keeping the knees together • Lean forward and round your back as far as you can • Wrap your arms around your knees or just stretch forward You should do this exercise for several breathing cycles until full relaxation is achieved. 15 seconds will be enough for a start.

This exercise stimulates the digestive organs and prevents the deposition of calcium in the joints. Only five seconds left. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Exercise #9. Twisting • Sit on the floor with your right leg straight out in front of you • Place your left foot on the ground outside of your right thigh • Turn your torso to the opposite side with your right hand pressed against the floor and your left hand pressed against the knee • Repeat the exercise on the other side. Do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable, but don’t forget about breathing cycles. Let’s start wit 15 seconds. Keep in mind that your head should be turned in the direction opposite to the twist. This enhances the effect of exercise. This exercise improves your spine’s mobility and flexibility, stretches your muscles and reduces the size of your waist. It’s also an excellent way to prevent back pain. You know what? We’re on to the last exercise! Exercise #10. Bends • Stand with your feet about double shoulder-width apart. • Hold your arms straight out from your sides. • Without changing the position of your arms, side-bend to the left.

• Hold the pose for several breaths and then return to the starting position. Now, • Side-bend to the right and hold the pose for the same number of breaths. • Bend forward with your right hand touching your left ankle. • Extend your left arm upward and turn your head to look toward it. • Hold the pose for several breaths and return to the starting position. Then repeat with the other leg. Once finished, you can do a back bend which makes a great compensation for lateral bends. Do this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable. The exercise helps to strengthen your spine and lower back muscles and to stretch the tendons. For a start, do it for 15 seconds.

Not only can you do these exercises in the morning, but you can do them during the day as well. This will help you relax and relieve stress. Simple and very useful, this training program deserves to be called magical! Great job! By the way, have you ever tried these exercises before? If so, share your experience in the comments! Don’t forget to hit the like button below the video, share it with your friends, and click subscribe to stay on the Bright Side of life! .