Flat Belly

Abs workout for women | 5 effective ab exercises at home you can do to get flat belly

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Today we’re gonna be doing ads Alright with the plank so come on on ground You can place your forearms on the ground elbows directly underneath your shoulders and lean your hips forward beginners. Stay here You’re gonna do one set of the 30 seconds from here for more advanced You can hold it for two sets. And for even more advanced you’re gonna come up onto your toes. You’re gonna hold this year and Even crank it up even more, you know, like one knee touch the ground come back up Let the other knee touch the ground come back up and just keep alternating for your thirty Seconds Make sure you keep your glutes squeezed to protect your low back Next we’re gonna come on to the ground on our backs and we’re gonna do an elbow to knee crunch This is great for your abs and for your external obliques So you’re gonna come lie down flat place your hands behind your head Lightly touching your head with your fingertips don’t want to be cranking on your neck.

So from here you’re going to Extend one leg out don’t let it touch the ground and don’t have it too high too straight out and as you bend your knees you’re gonna Reach over and try to touch your knee with your elbow and come back down You’re gonna hold this for a second and then come back down Beginners are gonna do one set of 10 on each side For more advanced you’re gonna do two sets and Put an even better workout. Try three sets Make sure you breathe We’ll do one more and then switch sides So same thing extend your leg and cross over Next up we’re gonna choose an exercise ball or a ball roll out So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come up on your knees roll the ball forward Place your forearms on the ball You’re gonna have to readjust from time to time and that’s okay.

It’s just finding that sweet spot It’s gonna take some trial and error. So from here, you’re just gonna squeeze your glutes and bring your hips forward It’s really important to keep those glutes squeeze. It’ll protect your low back now If you’re a beginner, you can just stay here and hold this plank for thirty seconds one set for more advanced You might need to shift your arms down a little bit You’re gonna roll the ball away from you Keep those abs tight. Hold it here and roll it back underneath you. The movement is just Extending your elbows and then bending them back into you To start with you’re gonna do one set of ten and work your way up to three sets of ten as this becomes easier You’re definitely gonna feel some shaking and that’s okay. It just means those apps are working And again, remember to breathe you do not want to be holding your breath when you’re doing these It won’t do one more I twerk Okay, next up is a jackknife so there’s two ways to get on top of the ball You can either come from behind and roll your body over top So you’re just gonna come and walk your hands forward until the ball reaches underneath your feet or I Like to do it this way.

I like to place my feet on top of the ball and Then just adjust it place my hands flat on the ground into a push-up position and lift both feet. So You will have to kind of ship the ball under your feet, but that’s okay. So squeeze your glutes This will protect your low back and from here. You’re just gonna roll the ball in So you’re gonna bend your knees into your chest and out The first time you do this, you might just want to hold this year to get this positioning and this sort of movement And then you’re just gonna start rolling in Remember to breathe and keep those abs and your butt tight You’re gonna start with one set of ten and work your way up to three sets and one more And then just place your feet on the ground to come out of the ball Okay, last step is the ball crunch This is a great exercise for your abs studies have actually shown that doing crunches on the ball will actually give you a better workout in your abs than if you were to do it flat on the Ground because you get a greater range of motion and I’ll show you how so you’re gonna sit on the ball You’re gonna walk your feet forward as you walk forward.

You’re gonna lean back you can hold on to the ball for balance So we’re just gonna walk forward until the ball sits in the small on my back Now I want my feet right behind right below my knees. We’re gonna hold this position And so I was talking about a greater range of motion from here as I lower myself over the ball You can see that I’m actually going beyond what I would on the ground So you’re gonna place your fingertips on your head you do not want to pull on your neck Okay. So this is all ABS here squeeze your glutes keep your abs nice and tight Looking straight up at the ceiling and as we curl up we’re going to bring out so from here You’re gonna curl over the ball and breathe out as we come up Hold this for a second and come back down and keep going Beginners are gonna do one set of ten intermediates will do two sets of ten and those advanced folks are gonna do three sets of ten to fifteen and Just come on up Make sure you let your abs to the work and not your legs you do not want to be Rocking back and forth you want to keep your legs and your lower body still as you keep coming up and down? And make sure you breathe out We’ll do one more place your hands on the ball and you’re going to walk yourself back up Well, that’s it for today thanks for joining me

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