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Auburn vs. Davidson 7A at Ladd-Peebles Stadium Mobile

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Mardi Gras may be a few months way but it is up playoff party in the as is L yes city. The Tigers are off this poster and won four in a row to reach the postseason. They face the warriors of Davidson who have a winning streak of their own. Playoff football is here next on Playoff football is here and we are in mobile to open the 2016 playoffs tonight. It is Auburn and Davidson at Ladd Peebles Stadium in what should be good when in class 7A. We will meet an old buddy of hours, Kim Canova, coming up. A few minutes. Two teams getting off to a rather slow start but they are playing hot football right now. Auburn a little bit of a slow start because of all long — The young offensive line. Their feet are getting out from underneath them and they finish strong, four straight wins. But can you say about Davidson as well. They’ve been in this tough region. This is going to be a showdown. the Auburn Tigers have a lot of great players. Ted wages is a West Point player player.

He is done’s smart player and a good — Coach says that his motor breads at a different level and it just does not — It’s great story about Davidson quarterback. He started little and that — And now is pretty big and some new ways. We talk about how small he was when he first came to the program when he was a freshman. He has just blossomed beauty is just absolutely blossomed and he has thrown for almost 1700 yards , 22 touchdowns and only two interceptions. He’s been extremely efficient. We will keep an eye on him. Kim Canova tells us about these two programs a where they are coming from. You mentioned the different — Differences in the teams.

They got a really big resurgence in their epidemic program in fact they were almost the largest schools as opposed to the smallest 7A schools. The community is one of the fastest-growing in the country and the school is keeping out. Back to you guys. Kim, thank you. As we get ready to kick off, the He will notice something interesting about the back of the uniforms, they don’t have names. Let me check and see, they may have change that in the playoffs playoffs. Actually, they do not. They are going to try an and onside kick to start. That will bounce back. I think it was against Robert he really , and onside kick, at a time when you really wouldn’t think there might be one and they recovered it as well. That was a big momentum grabber for the Tigers. You brought up a very interesting game in that game against Lee in Montgomery. It really kick started this resurgence. So people see Brooks Fuller, the quarterback for the Tigers. He is a Junior and he has completed hundred 89 passes and has 15 touchdown passes and he will throw it on first down. He will get that went out of bounds. He has a good arm.

They’re to been nearly got that one. Coach’s calls Fuller cool handled look — Cool hand Luke. He said he is a collective soul in the back in a very steady guy back there and just the type of guy that you want running your offense. Like your head coach. He knows this area well. He was down. Pitching before he went Auburn, second and 10. And the straight handoff . You can hear his name a few tenths night.

He’s the leading rusher for the Auburn Tigers. I think that is Whitfield with the carry. He is coming back from injury. He has been limited little bit. Only had 42 carries coming into tonight he’s going to play that fullback tight position. And you didn’t mention care Morris, he is the leading rusher for the Tigers. So third and about 6. They will throw it and it was off the hands of the intended receiver. To Marcus night and it will be about 4-6. League game because we seem a little bit of a similar start in that Auburn cut the onside kick and they did not punt in that game . It’s just you are talking about that, Graham, and I was just looking doesn’t look like the offense there for a few seconds was going to stay on the field. But then they put their puts team out there in this situation It is on his own 42. Guess what. He is going to look to throw and He just over shot him a little bit.

So Davidson is going to get the football in pretty good field position. He had the guy open. He was there. He just shot him just a tad. Betsy call right off the bat for wine garden and Auburn tonight. Check it out again. That was intended. That was Rayburn/Austin. First and 10 with our first look look. We mentioned it , just great scoring. It shows you a little bit right there. Pass incomplete and intended for James Clemens. It looks like a shoulder throw there that was just a little bit The stop brought was going to come back and the shoulder just threw a little bit too wide. An incomplete pass.

Trick to give you the starters for both of these offenses as we Second and 10. Just underway here at let people And the fake handoff. Once again, Clement is the intended receiver. Here’s the lineup for the for your offense. Down to Edwards is the 5’9″ 5’9″ senior in the backfield. You seek see cam McDougle and Morrison . And then the lineups in the middle, Robinson, the senior. He is at right tackle and Christian is the right guard. Zach gorge and Christian lemmings lines up on the left side.

Third and 10. Possession down. There’s will play it. And he will get about 2. That’s a big hit. That was by number 34, Cleveland Rawlins Cleveland, the linebacker. So it will create a painting situation for Davidson and their No, not Joe Montana, Joe Montana Montana. He is just a sophomore and he is about 358 kick. the kicking game becomes a part of whether or not you can succeed. This one is going to take a nice and local around the 17, 18-yard play were — With 10:10 to play in the first quarter. You mentioned the coach, but how straight Davidson. We just have a great talking with him. These coaches are very personable man. He had a really good talk with both than the other night and Fred rally, he was just a wealth of information about this program at all that is going on since he has been here. He has been a pleasure to talk to. LookThat for him native . He will get tripped up at the 20 -yard line. He leads the team in rushing. He’s just a Junior.

He got over 1300 yards, or make it a team touchdowns. He also has couple of catches for touchdowns. They will go to him . Second and a long 6. The first man through. That was with low again. I believe you are right. Maybe another yard or two. The offensive Auburn , we mentioned Morrison Whitfield. The wideouts are. Anderson, and Williams is at the . And the lineman, Walker Davidson side, as a center is Lucas Stewart. Fowler and gearing make the left side of the line. Third and 4. And Fuller resets the play. Better hurry. Two seconds on the clock and he will get away. It is a slight impediment is complete and that is enough for first down. A good pitch there by number 900 place. Anders just got off the line he got a good push across the bridge was pretty good but he was able to make the grab and hold onto get contacts for the first down for Auburn. 10 yards on the play.

First and 10 and 37 for the Tigers. First row 7A playoff football. He is hit by three warriors right around the 44. Good gain on the first down. That is what coach likes to see coming off the ball on first down. A 647-yard gain right there. Second and short. Morris with the profession running style. He had 245 and they had a win over lead back in October. Morris again , he gets the first down.

Right around the 48 of 49-yard line. So Auburn finding a little momentum here with the tactical to manual. Looks like he has a stop on the play and a timeout taken. Or is it — Yes, it is that Auburn calling the timeout. Weingarten with 8:04 to play in the first period. The Tigers are moving it and they got it near midfield. That with more here at Ladd Peebles Stadium here in mobile. night’s presentation of the path the playoffs is brought to impart by the Alabama of Transportation. ALDOT wants to remind you to drive safe, Alabama. 8:04 remaining in the first quarter. Auburn has first and 10 at their own 48. Fuller tries in the goes down. He is hit at the backfield. Check the numbers. And that should be there Garner. Let’s go down to the sideline.

With the is Cheyenne West with ALDOT. Tell me a little bit about what you are doing think our roads safer here in Alabama. One way to the Al .-dot makes the safer is through engineering engineering. This could be through barriers on interstates and the other way roads safer is through our drive safe Alabama public outreach campaign. And it’s intended to bring awareness of distracted driving and also safe driving habits. How are we doing. Very good. Want to make sure that safer roads are for safer drivers. Parting thoughts before we let them half-game back? I would encourage all drivers to into your vehicle. Put on your seatbelt. Thank you so much for being part of this and for those good words words. Thank you. A big passed play by Auburn. There is a flag on the field. It is going to be the case and an eligible receiver, somebody always covers it up. It was one of the guys on this side . And they are having a discussion . Indicated to you was wear and it’s not going to make any difference.

That plate is going to come down down. That is a big play. 27 yards actually. It is second and 21. Actually it is going to be better than that by 26. The Tigers have gotten to the near midfield. Now they find themselves around their 30 . One back set and Fuller to throw It is complete for about ten or 15 yards, as that is to Marcus night with the catch. Will call it about 13. A little more manageable in the second down play. Davidson, you would say playing back to some of that. And you saw what he caught the ball, he thought it was going to hit a little sooner than he did. So he sort of back in for a couple more yards. So the third and long, another play action and more trouble in the backfield and down he goes.

He tried to circle and get back to an open spot in the pocket and ended up running right into Jeff Marx, into the waiting arms for the sack. It will be fourth and all long way. If they fix this one, I will be very surprise. They’ve got to get book 19 yards Avery Atkins the specialist for Auburn, both punting and placements. the snap, I nice high kick. And it will take a bit of a Davidson role. pits of the 36- 36-yard line for Davidson will have it when we return. Scoreless game 7A first round, Auburn and Davidson. About 5:30 to play here. Second possession. Scoreless game. They will hand it off to Edwards Edwards. We like to remind you we would like to hear from you through our Facebook page. It will be the path to the playoffs Facebook page.

I’m not going to guarantee you will read them but we like to You should search path to the playoffs. It should take you to the page and you can say hello to us. People can get to Peru’s that. Second and long, and Johnson looking deep. And now running. He will get knocked out of bounds. That will be a loss. That was a deep drop ball. `32. Excellent coverage but the same area of Auburn. Also excellent pressure by the front.

And they will play. He rotates him in and out and keeps him fresh. Something that both of these coaches really emphasize during our talk. They are likely to get pressure up front . Third and 13, Johnson. He then delivers the ball. We will see . That end up losing about 5 yards of X recovery by offering to get people are on the football. They really ran the football after the catch. They did not let the receiver get away for extra yardage and that is going to bring out the first down. That would’ve gotten the first down. Gets smacked right there.

That he got away and made the completion. Then he just gets surrounded by white shirts and didn’t have anywhere to go. Good recovery by Auburn’s defense and another good job by the Tigers. a good high spiral . And Auburn will get it back. The Tigers are out of region 2. And they finished second to central Phoenix city. We had a little shakeup in that region right at the end of the year. Here member we’ve been watching our broadcast the last few weeks weeks, we were showing you the Lee game against enterprise and that was two weeks ago and what was going to be an important region game. the game was played, it was announced that Lee had been using an input ineligible player all season. That is a nice run. Up against the field is Morris for a first down. That is the type of runner that Morris is. He has got good speed, good quickness. He is not afraid of contact. You will see he will run through football. He does it well all the way around. He gets it again about of about before he is knocked down by Jerry Garner.

Just finished the story, Lee and the and that drop them to 4, fourth seed. They would’ve been playing McGill-Toolen have been up and rolled ineligible. And the team taking their place. Second and about five and Morris again. Got about four of those. He is a workhorse type back from over the hundreds coming in and not a real big guy but not small . Auburn not taking any time Rebecca like a scrimmage. A dog you — That is the 30th from Davidson Davidson. Going back to this region, central Phoenix city really handled everybody. They really did. And really, Graham, they have handled everybody up we saw them in August. You know, a Jamie Debose told so they’re going to use the game is a measuring stick to see where they needed to go and obviously think are very disappointed. It is a ten pitch and going to get back to the middle and 37 is Jeff Martin’s. The making all lot of tackles right there for Davis.

And coach said this group is undersized. Nobody’s going to go out there with the size numbers. They play together so well and there are take us to keep them fresh. And he is loose. That is a big hitter. It is Whitfield. Octavius Whitfield, 28 yards, just broke through . I want to maybe see the replay and the action on this button and he and was right in the middle and the line of scrimmage scrimmage. I’m not mistaken, I believe he puts lined up at fullback. That is usually where he is in that, in PHH or the fullback position. You are bright. So they will kick it and it is up and good enough for score of the night comes by virtue of a big 20-yard run. I do believe that was a little trap to play in a popped open up was able to break through and out run everybody pretty got it with secondary quickly and that is old school football right there. That play has been around a long I will tell you what, an offensive guard — You can catch a guy taking in the ribs and I came out of play.

For the touchdown of the year for the Junior. Let me back up, he is a senior. Again, as we were talking about him, he was injured most of last year, a tornado see a ICC it sixth place and 67 yards and close to ten minutes. And they are on top at home, the 7-1, we mentioned Auburn in there. TheRegional set up . The warriors finished second behind McGill-Toolen, the defending 7A champion . And the champions went undefeated this year so far. They are at home and play Jeff Davis. Atkinson said into the end zone. That will be a touchback. We will try to keep your best of the scores as we get them and that is the first round for AHSAA, heading to Auburn. That is going to be around the Auburn area so far in their game game. And I believe I saw the central Phoenix city was up 14-7 over Murphy and the first part of their game, so I’m going to be scrolling through some Twitter pages here to try to keep updated on some scores. In the meantime 7-0 here. Davidson. Davidson with the football at the 20. John shunned stays in.

He gets to the right side and he does. And a good run, a first down run first big play. Davidson has had so far to grow. He gets — After the play. , especially their quarterback and so far the coach of the very very, that is at the front hot Auburn and kept him under control. They open the passing Lane of very easy. He was knocked out of bounds.

He lost a yard. Auburn looking good right now covering the corners. And you figure that they want to Don’t let him get outside. He has got a lot of speed and second and 11 at the 30 and then he is all of them in the. And this time, what a play. Great job. Is that Anders? Yes, it is, Patrick Anders that have the stop. No, that is Avery Atkins. We have to numbers. We have to number nights in both It is a very Atkins with the big play there. And that play lost about 5.

So third and 16 and that is the latest gone so far for the warriors. It is been behind the sticks on third down. And Johnson in motion. Looking deep and throwing it deep. Got a man behind the defense. Oh, my. Looks like he was going to break ball might be thrown just write. It was just a little bit to the inside of the field. It was intended for Clemens.

Just a little bit out of reach. You could see the arm strength right there . I like the fact that he stayed in pocket as he delivered. Another punting situation for Davidson. Trying to get something going here in this first quarter, only Montana I believe had it block. It is still on the ground and it inside Davidson’s 10-yard line. So special teams again working right for the Tigers. And hopefully we can see that again and find out who got their They’re were four of them back there. Whatever the case , Auburn is a great field position to start this drive. We can’t tell that number from the replay . It might have been 12. I’m not sure. Our eyes are a little old. And Auburn does half the great numbers on the white jerseys and our cameras, he fumbled that hard to pick up the numbers.

If you’re not looking to your binoculars, which I was not on that play. First and goal at the 9 and I believe that is a delay. That will go against Auburn. That exactly what you want on the first plane. That the label put back at about the 14-yard line. Still first and goal Mac. There during most of it on the ground and the one pass. It was called `to a penalty. and this first quarter , simplest the Davidson defense can do. Already down 7-0. Power I sit and he tries to get outside. He gets to the 1Å. He tried to reach for the pylon . But state made a touchdown saving tackle. It is still a 13-yard gain as we You see a block right on the edge. Believe that that was number 34 with the block. And that is Rollins Cleveland. He normally place linebacker but he was in the fullback position and ran back keep block out there on the age. And that is going to backing up again. That is going to be a false start, I believe. Adam Winegard is not going to like that either. Neither is my old buddy, Jeff Williams. Your pal and their offensive coordinator. Jeff from that actually went to elementary school together all the way through junior high and then became full circle and actually coached together for a couple of years at Benjamin Russell near bull puppies coming And Jeff has stayed in the coaching profession all these years pretties been down here in the mobile area and this is his second year back up in Auburn. People compare notes to see who is most successful. Second and goal at the 6.

Fuller lobs one. Nice effort. Also good coverage by Davidson in the end zone. That was intended for drew Williams. So that will bring the field-goal unit out. Actually it should just be third down. As you watch the play. Look like a line change over there. It is third down. Felt like an entire unit came out on the sidelines of the changed a lot of personnel . Third and goal, Fuller looking over the middle. Tries to run at it and he is close. Didn’t quite make it.

A half yard short. Stretch the football and just couldn’t quite get it across the goal at the one. He keeps his balance, I think he He was wobbly a little bit. I don’t think that that is the kicking unit coming on, Graham. Is that just short and the ball came out right as he hits the ground. That is not a fumble. Fourth and 8-yard. Got check time for the Davidson defense. This is the by Auburn has been playing at a timeout. They were bright out of time on the play clock. Respected zero so very smart move by Brooks Fuller to look at out of the heart and immediately he called time out to try to beat the clock and he put not have gotten that play. One second. You are not going to take a penalty down on the goal line. Certainly not on fourth down. So Auburn is a yard away from extending their lead.

We were talking about the warriors and their season and what they have been through. They’ve just had a marvelous year. You consider when they came from the last couple of seasons. 3 and 7 for the last couple of years and here they are sitting at 8-1 and their only loss this year is the defending champion and three over times and coach Riley told us the other night, he said we had the ball second and goal at the 6-yard line. He said on the fake, on the play football and it fell on the ground. We had two guys wide open. Will see what they do here on fourth and goal. He is in. Went over that left side with Fowler and gearing blocking and the latest 13 with the point coming after. So a big series of events there for Auburn. A blocked punt and it took them four downs. Got them into the end zone and they got it two touchdown lead before the end of the first quarter or right at the end of the first quarter. So the extra point from Atkins, Avery Atkins.

And that one is up and a perfect perfect. A 14-0 lead. They played that quarter, very impressive in the first 12 minutes. People see put Davidson can do. The got some work to do that get Trailing 14-0. First-run coverage of the state playoffs here in mobile. Back with more.. Stay tuned. Right now we are all about the Auburn Tigers. The high school version . Up 14-0. The college version hadn’t been doing too bad here either. Absolutely. Just looking for people in the break room, enterprises up 17- 17-there in their game. Central the city at the end of the first quarter over Murphy. He’s up over here County, 7- 7-there at the end of the first. Park Crossing is leading Saraland in the second quarter. For first-run football come you don’t always get the 6A a myself it it was 21-zero , Opelika. They will get great field position on the Auburn side of the 50 Pitt ball checked the number at 36. Harris makes the recovery. He comes up and grabs that ball.

It wasn’t quite the squid that he got on the first or the opening kick up and it didn’t take quite the big ballots. He puts a pick him up and grabbed it’s a good field position for Davidson to start here on this possession. Auburn only needed 9 yards but he ended up having to go 14 because of a penalty. He ended up scoring a little over a minute. He has work to do and a big home Graham, I can guarantee you that he likes to see that. Can get the running game to open open up his passing game.

And give his quarterbacks in time to throw the football. He is still on his feet. He breaks his tackles as it gets I believe somebody God’s — It takes coach or two challenging the man had a some guys. He had some choice words spoken at him. That’s motivated him a little bit. This might go against Auburn. The lineup offsides. And they did. That is first down. I was looking over the scores and what the players to the seer pretty got to understand that this team struggled the last couple of seasons. That put a 50-1 game 40 points or more. They been a scoring machine against some very good competition. Their only loss coming as we mentioned to McGill-Toolen and that was a three overtime loss to the defending champs.

First and 10 . He can pitch it and he does. Great job on defense by Auburn’s He stayed on pitch and he made sure that the pitchman went down down. AJ Williams was the carrier, the He’s going to stay with that pitch man, stay with that pitchman, good open field tackle and he said he stuck going anywhere, buddy. An excellent defense by Plott. Second and 13. Just has not been able to get loose yet. This time throwing on the flat. Off the hands and they are going He is the intended receiver. This is been the problem so far making a couple of big place and they get behind the sticks and the kind of rough ground. Well, you know, interesting so far they have not been able to throw the football downfield. That has been I think their big weapon all year is turned the ball downfield with the pass. And they had to resort now to shorter routes, trying to get some in the passing game. Now they are third and long.

And they will throw. and Coleman lost his footing and he ended up going down to is the right as the tackle was made. That was Atkins coming over to make that stop. He just settle down over there, wide open and makes the catch and turned spent and you are right. He just looked little bit . This is the fields turf with a report infield. His foot just kept going when he So it’s going to be fourth and about 4 yards, 5 yards. They will run the option play. He has got running room and that is the first and he is really been able to do anything so far. I thought for a second he was going to be up to get the shoulders square and he just kept going lateral. He just wanted to get that first He makes sure he got the first down. You see the little bursts right there and he sees the sideline, no’s Ray has to go and gets out of bounds.

Doesn’t try to get anything heroic and just keeps the drive alive for the warriors. We are in the second quarter. Edwards finding a whole and close of the goal line, he will be a yard short. Fifteen over there to knock him down . But a second, actually that will 10 yards. Excellent run. A good job of blocking by the offensive line , opening the big hole. Just goes with the dot one and it was there again at the backfield. Johnson lost the football and I think Auburn has got it. I don’t know. Davidson got back on it.

I thought for a second, let’s check the member. It looks like, Graham, it looks like Cleveland was on the football and it got away from him. He was on it. And he just couldn’t maintain possession. I don’t know if that was a bad snap. Edwards knocked it out up Johnson’s of Johnson’s hands. And in Cleveland gets on the ball he gets knocked of off it at a black shirt and up with possession for Davidson. They are fortunate that that to keep the football. Second and goal from the sixth. Edwards to the format, may be the 3. And a good tackle there. Ninety is on top pile. That is Anderson. Now third and goal . This time from the 4. The clock is moving. We are under eight minutes to play in the first half. Their import them play I think year for Davidson. Him and it is something out of this deep penetration of Auburn side. They will split or they are about to split and barely get the playoff. Edwards is trying to get that to Was that Avery Atkins again. He came up like he was shy and the backfield and just took the likes of underneath the back.

What a great defensive play for Auburn. A big play for Auburn. Watch this. He just comes at a nowhere and just takes the links legs out from under the break Davidson back. That will force the field-goal try from Montano. Is that right? You got it. 24 yards. He hadn’t missed one so far and he still hasn’t. Is a perfect 8-8 on field-goal choices here and he gets Davidson on the board, 6:54 to go in the first half, Auburn is still on top. The warriors get on the board and they do it on a field goal from Joe Montano. 14-3 Auburn puts the football back here in this game. Hoover is up 10-0 and now they’ve got a pick six.

Not very big surprise. Spain Park, they are down 14-3. 7-3 over Mac and door. That is the road team on top of it. he is doing it all tonight. Brings it across the 22, 23-yard line. Once again can you want to talk to us, and you can do so on our playoff Facebook page. Check us out. Send us a message if you like at path to the playoffs on Facebook Facebook. Kim, what did you got. Coach Riley said he does something different with this kickers and holders and snappers them to be out there all day. The practice for 30 minutes every day after school in the first their practice, dressing and all and then had home. They are all part of the engineering program and they don’t need to sit a run spinning It’s kind of an interesting idea idea.

A big first down run for Morris. And that was something that we learned a lot about, the one school system going through some They basically — Each school has an Academy. It’s not necessarily make the students are free to choose what Coach Riley described Davidson as the Vanderbilt down here. Said all of a sudden have become Vanderbilt Montano we got engineering and we got lot extend we’ve got the highest average AC T score in the school , scholars. He said is a lot different than it used to be since we’ve got this engineering Academy here. I don’t think he would like to sing it has this football — That’s what you say to. Sometimes we are good and sometimes we are not so good. Back to back carries for Whitfield and you get a combined , about three and third. Inside some territory what again again. That is becoming pretty common, the new Academy steadily here in . Within the school systems. This will go against Auburn. Also’s are leading early they had an ineligible downfield because somebody was covered in they’ve had a couple of plays, one delay of game and one with a almost had a delay of game. Had a little bit of trouble getting the play started. Instead of third and 3, it is about third and eight and third and 7.5, they will call it.

Fourth and 9. 5:36 to be exact. Offer on top. Fuller the throw lobs one. A big hit. Big hit is right. Number 4. A believe that that is the senior. It is fourth and 2. As we have already seen , watch this jolt. At least you didn’t say boom like John Madden. They will go for a few . That’s not unusual for Auburn. We see to fake punts and one onside kick.

Now they’re going to go to a power formation. Straightahead , there is Morris. That is a great fake. He did go straight ahead — And I both we’re looking at the fullback. The next thing you know, Morris has lost football and a first down. a 35 euros to go — Grief a great there and Morris gets the ball out their off the edge. This leave block . That would be Williams. Morris inside the guy on the defense event give up field and they ran that play right inside the defensive end who is coming up field and that is the actions you want to get off that play. You’re hoping that the defense event comes up field and you’re going to come in setting get the He’s got about a half-dozen of those already in this first half half. Twelve left and the Tigers are trying to add to their lead.

He broke a sweat. A tackle at the 20 but he has got another first down. That ducks favorite by number 12 12. the offense is looking for Auburn so far tonight. Thanks for coming out on this side of the football. They have been doing this now for about five weeks and they are well on their way or this way. The got a long ways to go, 14-0. Auburn on top of Davidson.

14-3 is our score in the second quarter. Davidson trailing Auburn and we are checking scores from around the state. When that might affect this game town. McGill-Toolen. People keep you that score in just a second. First and 10 for Auburn. He just picks his way through to He just keeps going. That score that you’re talking about , 8:48 of the second period period. It is 14-3 and that is number one and defending champion McGill-Toolen. So this a lot of time left with their interesting. We can talk about the life that They weren’t in the playoffs and tells you heard us talking about player. I want to see this move that Morris made when he took the handoff. He took a very long strike me to step around our — Or over somebody.

To keep themselves going forward on that play. Watch this. He is going to step long strike right there to get through the whole and I believe they got it right there on that play. Somebody lost a shoe or something. Offering continuing in there is nothing fancy but what they’re doing. That is straightahead blocking and that is pretty impressive so far that — There already up 11. The got a lead. Forty-seven was there first. Great penetration . That was from the Davidson line of Jeff Marx. They’ve got plenty of help . Second and goal. Right at the 9-yard line . I don’t think Auburn is in two big of a hurry here. They’ve got the lead in the ball . Morrison tries to get outside. He lost his helmet, by the way . And that is McLean with the tackle. He just strong it out. They stretch that play in the good tackle from the backside by You would lose that helmet and the timeout will be taken here. Davidson, believe it or not with 1:29 left to play in the half. So the warriors need a stop here looking to score some more , and one of the highest scoring teams . They they are in the second quarter.

The scores are coming in from all over the place. It is just kind of like the election returns. James Clemens is a 14-3. Correction 14-9 as a blocked extra point — What does James Clemens work on all the time? Blocking extra points. Over to Spain Park now. Enterprises up 24-7 over Baker. Hoover is still up 10-0 at the half over five Jones. That’s got both of our interest of both of these teams.

The volunteers a lot calmer he with a three-point lead, so 3.5 in the first half. Another point of interest for the our area in the mobile area. In the second quarter, Spanish Fort 7. There is another one, another team that had to win a bunch of games late. Talking about Carver, of course. To get into the playoffs. As we get a timeout. Park Crossing now up to this seven . To be good to be in.

Park Crossing. One consider him one of the campuses for football this year. We will be back with the next Friday but we will have to see happens, if it happened stay. So stay tuned your local Raycom station next Friday. We will take you all the way through to the first weekend , first week, I should say by the way that Jeff Davis/McGill game is 14-7 us to get update.

One of the thing about 7A, they play one last round 7A schools if you want to say that, the step a direct snap and it’s actually handed off and I think that they are trying to fold it. It is thrown out of bounds. Let’s see if they call grounding grounding. There is the tackle box — Because you call color the talent go box between the tackles. They’re going to say it was a receiver in the end zone on that was enough in the vicinity. This was going to be a reverse pass . And Anders, who is that.

That is 25 that had them around the feet. C-3 PO , we will explain the nickname in a minute. The 22-yard attempt is good. So three more for Atkinson and the Tigers, 17-3. Coach said the state is CPL and I called him C-3 PO. And that was a big play by him. Is a big play and it felt Auburn Davidson didn’t let me to give up another touchdown for sure. So 1:13 to play in the first half. And the Tigers increasing the lead . We were just kind of going over some teams , not necessarily picking favorites in each classification, believe it because that Hoover would be the And the where the central Phoenix city is playing, you would think that they need to be be. The self part of the state. Down here that is some great football teams that here and it is still early in this football games. That a lot of forget about McGill-Toolen and say both of those teams, they played in the semi’s last year at Phoenix city city. This year it would be down here in mobile.

And people touch on some of the other classifications as we go along here. Gets a line drive whistle . I do see a flag. That is going to go against Auburn. You have got some great teams. They are having a tough time but Benjamin Russell. It’s something like 7-13 right now. Saw the score a little bit ago and Opelika , tough as nails in 6A and they are — And have the teams from mobile. This entire region done here, Leslie Daphne has already advance. And really dominated. It doesn’t sound like about score, 21-6. They were pretty much in control as they advance to the second round. Let’s try this again from the 35 35. You have got a minute left. That will Davidson do. Are they going to load up until two hits the downfield or are they going to be content with running the football and just take this in the blocker look at some adjustments made their just thinking right here about what they’re going to do. It hasn’t been the most friendly of first downs for the warriors. They’ve had some penalties and dropped the ball deep and in offered territory.

And then the slot receiver on this near side and they were both moving at the same time at the step of the football, and that is against the rules. It’s been a long time since the advent in football. There is pressure. It is win or go home. I think that might be getting to coach Riley’s team in the first half. Johnson that drop in sync that out to the near side. Getting up to about the 25. A pickup of about 10 is Clemens.

They got a long ways to go to get in field-goal range. They will lineup, no huddle. a better time this time. What an arm. X that was intended, I think, for Coleman. He is fast, but he is not that fast. That was a laser beam off the shoulder Johnson. You have to see the arm strength you might see something. Which he has been very accurate this year, very efficient passer this year, both think completion percentage and lack of interceptions. Just two interceptions, 22 touchdowns in two interceptions. So the guy can play . It was an interesting situation. They will take a 14-point lead to the locker room. 17-3 every Davidson in this first round in class 7A high school football playoffs . We hope to get coach Weingarten here as they take the field. We will hear the Auburn band coming up this well as the Davidson band and Kim Canova is going to have some guests and we will make at this first half, good one for the Auburn Tigers and they are 14-point lead. Let’s check in with cam.

Off to a big start Paducah everybody’s attention with the first play of the game. We’ve had a lot of unforced errors on penalty some things in the first half. We’re playing a really good football team and we’ve got our work cut out for us in the second half. I gets a play hard in the first half. Good luck, coach. Thank you. Thank you, Kim. Not a lot to complain about. Will he didn’t complain a lot but he wasn’t really happy either. A think a lot of that, Graham, had to do with how many hankies at the field and the first half, especially against his offense. A little needless nitpicking 5- 5-yard penalties. welcome back. Auburn’s leading this 117-3 ever I have a couple special guests, actually three. Something special going on here, that is the as Elliott trail program. Let me introduce these ladies to you in Greene. We have Bethany, Sarah Jane Bruton, and in the 11 Derby have — This is a big honor. There is an interview process and it is a year-long commitment commitment. Tummy about what it means to you to be a trail made. the trail is give me a lot of a pretty to express myself because I always been a very quiet and reserved person and it helps me bring up accomplice it was always inside of me that I could Is a big responsibility. They are very busy, and up the academic work. Tell me about what you do.

We are at the top 50 girls from all around the county and we try Because all different appearances and community service projects . We’re batters. from what I understand, you go everywhere. You go all over the country. We are going to Chicago for Thanksgiving actually. It’s not easy to become a trail made. This is a huge honor and many girls try to get this opportunity. It is narrow down to 50. Tell us exactly what do you process process. We haven’t rigorous interview process. Hundreds of girls try out. Go through a school interview and County interview. Answer questions about our school, mobile, and the history. the as Elliott trail made program, something you don’t see anywhere else in the country, a very special part about this.

Here we are going to take a few minutes and listen to Davidson’s ∂∂ With me right now is Randy Jencks with Baumhowers. He was one of our find sponsors that makes these games possible. Let’s talk about what they have. It’s one of the best places you can go these days. ItYou got all these TVs and it’s great sports venue . Beginning this past Tuesday, we changed our policy on kids and every time an adult consent and has a minimum purchase of $10, the count gets to eat free of the gets menu. Mom and dad bring the two kids in and spend $10 at Baumhowers each, that’s always a big help. You can’t beat that. Baumhowers has different locations all over the place. One thing here are mobile, they have a relatively new restaurant restaurant. It is fantastic. It is absolutely fabulous. It’s new concept and it is real nice. We’ve got our victory Grill and up in Tuscaloosa also. You really do appreciate — We are big on tailgating and catering. So regardless if it’s a tailgating party or one of the holidays, let us bring that pressure off of you and do the mail for you. At our crew really appreciates it. They give for being us.

We will be back for more action in a few minutes in your Stetson all right after this. Will welcome back to Ladd Peebles Stadium. We’ve got coach Riley on the sideline. We spoke earlier and you are saying he didn’t get the ball in quickly as possible. What are you going to do in the second half? Hopefully we’re going to do in the second half but we should have played in the first half. We played a little glassy eyed. We had to really fight through , not having been here in a while. They played like they’ve been on a playoff game before and we didn’t. We have now. Will see how we do. Back to you. Thank you, coach Riley. I think you hit it on the head. I like what he said, a little glassy at is the way they played for a while and he said Big Bend a one now. We will take a look at the first-half highlights.

They have a big first half and they set the tone at the beginning of the game with the onside kick. They were covered it, got in business right there off the bat big touchdown run. Octavius Whitfield is going to break it for you on the play. They give them their first lead and here’s another big play in the half. It is number 12 and he also kick. I’m sorry, I stumbled around that it didn’t have my glasses on.

That leads to the touchdown by Morris and then here is the big play, a big tackle inside the 5 and they’re going to hold Davidson to it. And here is the last score of the half, the 22-yard field goal . Some big defensive plays for Auburn. The numbers. They’re not that skewed in favor of Auburn. Rushing yards, 162-139. The passing yards — If you told coach ride at, he was only going to have 21 yards and passing, he would’ve been worried and he would have reason be because they did a good job against Johnson. Exactly. A lot of bald to be played here in the second half. We’ve been keeping up but scores A think the thing that stands out so far, we’ve got some top-rated teams in trouble. Absolutely. Including the number one ranked team — As is McGill-Toolen in 7A. Davidson will kick off to start and they are going to pop up. So they will have at the first possession here in the second half. So often missing a field goal right before the end of the first half, and they’re going to take the momentum going that getting the football going back. And Davidson, the defense knows the have to do here on this opening drive.

They need to get a stop to get the offense back on the field. It was the first half over a hundred yards. And he is the tailback on this first and 10 from the 22. They’ve got to the 25 and across the 26. A pickup of about 3 yards. I would look for more is to be a workhorse in the second half. They’ve got a lead, two touchdown lead. I don’t look for them to get queued on the offenses side of the ball. Look for them to grounded out and run the clock.

You little bit conservative, not overly conservative, but a little bit conservative as they get down the field. And keeping himself may be a bus something out of it. Turning something that could’ve been up that play into a very positive play. It’s conflicted third and very manageable yardage third and short. That’s the kind of night that it Come up smelling roses for them so far. Oh, and he got stuck. I think he might have gotten — He took a shot as he came through the line of scrimmage but I saw his head pop up through the crowd. I didn’t see he delivered the blow. But he did take a jolt and he popped right back up and is ready to run the offense again on first and 10. The ball resting at the 33. Opening possession in the second Play action. A very well run route. Just over thrown ball. There is a flag on the play, I believe. They are going to check it out. That is upstairs here. We have the birds eye view . Home of that Jaguars. Having a pretty good defense season.

I tell you what, even when Davidson can get the big play, it is not coming out very well . It has been that kind of a night The one thing that coach Riley when you talk to him earlier in the week, he likes to get a lot of penetration and create havoc in the backfield. Operant is not giving him a chance to do that. and Morris with a pitch and goes to the 15, close to it. Zach Portlock over there for the tackle. They loaded the left side of that line of scrimmage up and unbalanced over to the left and good blocking and he just picks a whole and drags a guy for a couple more yards. He is definitely a workhorse back. When you are setting up the power on the left side , they will move the slot over to the right on second and about before before. Up real quick hitter and another first down.

Workmanlike I think would be the term that we use. Graham, the other affect that this is going to have to make they can keep the running game going like this against that front four of Davidson , that defense is going to get tired and they are going to get worn down. This is exactly what Auburn what like to do in this half, where the defense down and just keep grinding away. Williams sets up now to the right side in stoppage. And I don’t see a flag. That doesn’t mean that there is not one. The winner of this game will play either Murphy for central Phoenix city this week. Where that game is played, that had something to do with the play clock. The last report we had from Phoenix city central bus on top Murphy. These two scores hold up, Auburn Auburn, even though there on the road has to go back on the road next week .

I believe that the role as if you are playing in the region and you are the beach champ , you are the higher seed. And the lost a central earlier in the year. Second and 5. We are still in the first possession of this half. Auburn has moved from their own 21 and they are taking their sweet time doing it. Just attempted one pass and that was incomplete. That got wiped out on the penalty. All lot of seconds left on the play clock. I think you are right. They waited a tattoo long and and Winegard is hot on the sideline. Is ready to — He just didn’t call it. Felt that will cost them 5. And that is why garden was really happy at the end. It was because of the penalty right there. Is something preventable that they can keep from doing and it happens anyway.

You can see the look on his face right there. Weingarten is a Georgia Boyd. He grew up there. He coached a little bit before he came to this part of the state . Eventually he ended up at Auburn Auburn. Second and nine, and no room to run. Third and about 3. Puts in and of very manageable third down situation for that they have been very effective so right back up to the line of scrimmage . Whitfield and Morris — Plenty of time on the play clock How may times has that play worked. He is doing a great job of making holes on that particular play, maybe a little trap action and you see pick guard getting off of the block, getting chips off the linebackers and just enough to get the yardage.

From the 31st down , one man in motion , they will hold him to 2, maybe 3. the maid lemonade out of lemons right there. They do get in. What continuing to run. Left side. Thrown out of bounds — a great job of blocking. Watch this. The hand up is going to come and those lineman get around and they feel that — You see the seal block right there and they get a. And there is — They already just about five minutes of the clock in this Are in a very effective they finally gets its brought up and they are Brian down by about a yard, yard and a half loss.

Brought back down to the 4-yard line. That is a loss of about 2. Here is where coach Riley would like to see his defense stiffened and stand up to this barrage of running plays for Auburn. Watch out for a class over the middle here because Davidson has been bringing the safety up quickly. And he is down right there by about the 3. He has made about five straight tackles. That was Whitfield on that little quick hand off to the fullback again. That is going to bring up third down. Write about that’s 2.5-yard Mark Mark. They have to step more than half of the clock in the first quarter. Right in the middle of the field field. Quick pitch. Yes, he did. He must have reached across and Morris has the third touchdown of the night for Auburn. This instrument replay in high school, so it becomes. We put get a chance to see. Good blocking on the outside.

The lead blood come on enough it was Whitfield for the HVAC for Auburn. Somebody is going to get — It is Whitfield. It gets a nice block out there and gets just enough. You are right, grant, he was about a yard and a half away. the extra point is good, 24-3, Auburn. We will be back. The Alabama high school athletic Association path the playoffs is brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

We cover what matters. A 6.5 minute drive covering 79 79 yards and a touchdown for Morris and it is 24-3 Tigers. And that is about as impressive at drivers we have seen out here all year. Was very impressive and very methodical. Auburn basically did exactly what they wanted to do on their opening drive. They get positive place going for word. Well, based on what Auburn has been able to do offensive lay, the number possessions that Davis going to have is going to be minimal. That got to make at the most of each one of them as you see the numbers again, — Fourteen place. 6.5 minutes. That was impressive. They are not doing this against jump change. This is up very good football team and of very good reached down here at the field. We’re going to see what he has made.

Let’s see what the offense does here. the first was from the — That’s a dominant they were on that drive. Second and 6. And dare I say Davidson is pretty much in a hurry at this point. They’ve got to score quickly . He knocks it over the middle, complete. Holy cow. Touchdown , 76 yards and there are no flags. That is an answer. That was just a nice route they are coming across. A little bit of a slap and caught it wide open and never was touched. The first touchdown of the night Right there in that scene, safety had come up and it was just a foot race from that and there was not a whole lot of doubt who was going to win that foot race. The extra point is good.

Timeout on the field, Davidson answers Auburn’s touched on that third quarter, back with more. That is pretty much what that was, 76-yard pass play we will give you an update on the score across town for McGill-Toolen. They are at the 22 or 23-yard yard line. Little bit of an opening on the outside. Covers set up and goes in and around the 30.

There is a third quarter and what a turnaround, McGill-Toolen McGill-Toolen. Now on top. They score too quick touchdowns in the second have to take that’s 25-14 lead. And another — Montgomery is up now 22-7 over Spanish port. That one might surprise you even McGill-Toolen. But that is the defending 6A champions behind. Play action. Fuller plosive away. He just got rid of it. They’re were couple back there. Second and 10. That’s what they see there. That’s a bit like to do. They like to bring fresh. That was put coach Riley Toles had been ammo and defense all year pretty something like to pressure and get penetration and they were not able to do that. That is a false start, believed — And that is not going to make Adam Weingarten Opal very happy at all. Was that on the first down play? It makes at first and 15.

It’s a little bit of a break for Auburn, if you ask me. Here he comes their side. Scipio Staten just read out and had a shoestring tackle. He reached out and got a foot. You are going to see the pitches commit and just going to grab a foot right there. Shoestring tackle. The got the probably gone for seven, eight, nine more yards, Graham. Instead of going to be second From the 36. Forty-seven over there to bring them down. In the situation he’s got the mall lined up in the quarterback here again. They do. Maybe that got across — He’s got about a yard, yard and a half and it is enough for the first down with the tackle.

Excuse me for interrupting you but it may look like there is not anybody out their covering that but the problem is for Davidson, Auburn is making some really good blocks. They are. I’ve seen three or four times already here on this possession, cramp. In his right leg. He has been bending down and pulling that toe and stretching that calf. So we will keep an eye on that to see if he is getting a little fatigued and the getting a cramp cramp.

It is not as warm as it has been . For November it is really crazy, 2:45 and counting. a quick slant. A little bit low on the pass and receiver. And that stops the clock. That is about the only thing that Auburn has done wrong. This is the first in the first quarter that Auburn has gone third and long. And that a penalty on the first play. And and that getting an attornment be a first down.

And mostly by Moore’s who is lined up with Fuller. He will throw it. There is a sack from nettles. Medals, the senior. He came charging like a bowl from the outside, from the backside over there. As he was turned from looking at deliver the ball over here in the flat to Moore’s who is his heard the locomotive coming and went down. I think there was a little bit of confusion. A mixup on the left side of the offering line. I don’t think that they can see him doing anything sneaky here. A high kick at the same time. About the 35-yard line.

So decent field position for Davidson. That is what they needed from the defense. We will see what they can do with that with 1:52 to go. They’re not out of this that any stretch. The got up up there by the defense. Anytime you got it guy who can throw the football like Johnson and receivers to can catch it and run it was such as Clemens, not to be confused, you are not out of the points by any means. And done.

Edwards can take it to the house as well. Plenty of weapons. for receivers over here to the left side in the backfield. and Johnson will throw. Pressure. Yes, that was 34 cutting across . And I don’t know if he could have reached a but I also think he was watching the ball. He was headed for that safety belt out in the flat. So second and 10. Normally a tight end , and the same set of except one wide out to the right. HeadboardsEdwards with Johnson.

Up the middle again. That is Lord, the linebacker. He batted the ball in the air and was able to get the presence of mind to keep them from getting the turf. What a great play. He is the leading tackler on that and he shows some athleticism there. He looks up and finds it and he is going to corral it. He gets his hand under it and makes the interception. What a great play and a big play for the Auburn defense. From the 34 of Davidson, first and ten. That is about 7. I think this guy his get one of those certain mattresses or something. Is much as he carries the football. I hope he has got a really good mattress at home. And got a good memory mattress.

I don’t know all of those terms and all that . I just know that he needs to sleep well. And then he gets to the 15. I tell you, he has the ability to hide behind that offensive line and gets that yardage. This time he is going to run through one of the lineman and he is just going to popped loose loose. There he is right there. Pops out from behind, number 62. He’s telling start to get out of the way. First and ten on the 15. A big hole, touchdown. 15 yards. If you didn’t know who their Morris was, ladies and gentlemen gentlemen, now you do. He is having up well of a football game and our whale of I And here tonight, what is that, 200 yards . That is a pretty good night’s work. Still has got a quarter to go.

The extra point try is a line drive and it is good at the lead With 34 seconds left and watch this run, a beauty. That is a big hole there. That is and the backup for Davidson piquancy put to the line of scrimmage, Alaska had an line. That is an inevitable touchdown right there. And I noticed something on that play. They were not quite pursuing as much as they were on the previous place. They have been on the field the entire third quarter. the half.

Of the exception at Davidson scored so quickly on that one possession, that they just didn’t get the defense even enough time to get a breather. And then they are back out there there. TheThat offense, they do get a stop and then the turnover puts the defenses back on the field quickly again. That is not having enough time to catch their breath and took get any kind of rest to refresh. That is exactly playing into Auburn’s hands. We have got 34 seconds left in the third quarter. Auburn has had the ball 10:35 in Mac. The return to the 25 .

They’re going to need a lot more than that to get back into it. I wanted to make a point about this offense, the pressure is there and we talked about it at halftime. Coach talked about it at halftime. This just did not come out in sync. Maybe the butterflies causing a problem. Now they are playing from behind similar situation with those . Sometimes the frustration mounts to keep your composure here and your head back in the grand and get back in it. Make some plays. Nobody is open. This is about the first time, maybe the second that he has been able to get outside. He picks up about 6 yards and that will stop the clock to start the second period. And he got — And — I don’t know if you were watching the secondary. They are not letting anybody get Maybe first on rent and it is for Edwards.

He put get to the 39 and he will stop the clock with 12 seconds. They are going to have to hurry. And we are lined up. Ready to snap the football. , throwing again. Now he has got the hit and run and what of play. By the corner. Oh, my goodness. That is blocked. He has made up some ground quickly. I thought that was going to be a huge play and then Plott just came and made up above 4 yards. a good game so far for the Tigers. They lead it 31-10. Tonight’s game is brought to by Baumhowers. Stop in at any location across Alabama and put some self in your mouth. We will have the Baumhowers play that. The fourth quarter starts, a backwards pass. Oh, wow, that was backwards. They call it incomplete. Davidson got a break there so it 10. the warriors of got their work cut out for them here and they have got a score . And they have pretty much gone to the passing game in the second half.

They have had two. Right as I say that, they run the play. Edwards with about 2. Graham, they are probably in fourth down territory. There going to have to go for it Down 31-10. Got to get to the 39 on this fourth down play. Johnson throws it down field. Almost intercepted and almost caught. Auburn both get possession after the incomplete pass. Arming him, Graham, look at this replay first. He is just going to throw it and It is Hill over there.

He is in up in Birmingham. There was a penalty on the play. The penalty went against Davidson and he will take the football at the 41-yard line. And you are checking scores over there. I could go can tell you that Andalusia is on the way to the second round. They are still playing into class 4A but they lead tell them a Christian 14-10. It’s interesting here in mobile in the fourth quarter, central Phoenix city 49, Murphy 7. So that one is pretty much in the books up in Phoenix city. So this one is not quite over but it is looking that way . We get to pick the play of the game and I know it doesn’t seem like much right now but I would almost say like opening kickoff, the onside kick it really did. I think it got Davidson back on its heels and that along with the perfect them in the rope less than a long while, as coach Riley described when he was little I said in that first half half, that combination, he really sort of set the tone for the night and it really has played out very well for the Tigers. Second and 8 marched is a workhorse, along with the field.

If this holds up, so will — One of the arch rivals. And what becomes the quarterfinals. They’re goes Morris. Now he runs over a pair. That is a flight that is coming in. What is that going to be. It might be holding, I’m going to guess. And that is the side judge. Still be enough for the first down. Of my thought of about 20 yards on the Rhine. Still got credit for about 11. And so it will be first and ten Auburn. A couple of other scores . Oakland Ofer Montgomery Academy. Montgomery Academy a number 2 sea. And James him as is holding on and that is the fourth quarter, 21- 21-12. Russell Shoals on tops of Oxford Oxford. and large County in the fourth quarter, close one, 46-24. We could sit here and friends that every score of every day. McGill-Toolen has pulled away. First and 10 from the 30.

He and Morris both . That is good in the offense line This is the first two weeks and all lot of backs. Morris again. Waiting. He will get 2. This reminds me and let’s talk about old days . This reminds me of what most offenses look like prior to — And most per of our say what back as that. a lot of the younger viewers are wore leather helmets? You can turn offerings jerseys into Greene. That number 5 on Morrison put Bart Starr at quarterback, and you have got the morning in the backfield. That is what they ran. It is basically what they did right there. Gary Morse just lost his balance and stumbled forward . Pentecostal for you, it goes well. He lost his balance crossing the line of scrimmage. Was the walls garrison for Dallas and fullback? He did some of the — I remember that. By the way, children, don’t use tobacco products.

Fourth and 6 at the 26. They were suppressed earlier . Carol has no pulled ahead of Carol 35-31. Timeout on the field, they take it and they are leading 31-22. 7:57 remaining in the 7A first round game. Looks at we’re going to get little field practice. 43-yard attempt from seconds. Let’s make it officially 42 depending on where he spots it. I think that you were right the first time. That is long enough. And I believe it is good and it is. How about that. We will call it 43 yards officially. Atkins with the kick. Fuller with the hold and it is Unbelievable night for Auburn. We are going to shake you why as Tigers not to be confused with Saturday Night Live’s own here at — Garrett Morris. This is the first of this touchdowns. Here is a run that was almost a touchdown and then here is one that was a touchdown. And another. There is his third of the night. He got into the end zone. Well over 200 yards rushing tonight’s for the man of all of the 300 for the team.

They weren’t that skewed as yards for Auburn the now they are. That is pretty much what happened. 10:30 possession. You need to get some help on this. I would like to know how many place this offense has run. Jones with the return. First down, Davidson. A couple of other scores from up in the northern part of the state. It is the final — Dropped by Rogers and hearts win . And also no problem with horseshoe Bend. Spring garden has advanced . And Cleveland is about to. So trying to keep you up as much as we can. Lafayette in the Auburn area, winners of her Collinsville, 26- 26-6 tonight. First and 10, pass complete. Clemens is the big highlight tonight for the warriors, a 76- 76-yard touchdown catch and run. Libre defeats irritant tonight. You are going to see Johnson . It’s night that he would just assume forget. You know what, he is going to be I think he’s going to be a special player at the next level level. I do to.

A think he’s just starting to develop and whoever gets him at the next level is going to have a jam. There is a completion of close to the 40. And they will stop the play at the 41-yard line of Auburn. Will be a first down for Davidson. If a chair play him tries to get the catch, Johnson is hot and heavy after him. The thing about him is he grew so late in life and the bigger colleges, what I say bigger, I mean, the power five colleges . And what a catch. Touchdown. Coleman for the score. 41 yards. And weight just a minute, there is a flight back at the 46. And they are waiving him back. That is pretty much what it has done today. And a well thrown football. That is just example of the type and that was beautiful, perfect spiral on a line and unfortunately comes back. A tendency to hold there. It’s a great catch. Good job. He didn’t actually make the tackle but it caused him to stumble there. Walker is here. On the original screen and the does come back rate here was the key to the playoff a lot of black jerseys back to run interference. He is going to take up the lead blocker and knock him into the back just enough to get his balance off.

At Fritz on first and goal and gets 23. I am impressed with Edwards. He will get back toward Davidson Davidson. Quite frankly, Graham, the offense and and. On the field enough for us to talk about him a whole lot. Second and goal. Edwards again brings one tackle to the one. You know, however mentioned enough some of the defensive players for Auburn. That is who we highlighted that that part of the game. That might have been his last tackle of the night, the senior. Third and goal at the 1Å. They worked were down here earlier tonight . That’s the interior of our Auburn line. What does that that is the number 73 in there. Trey Randall. And I believe that is number 90 that was with him. Victory Anderson. Those two guys click the middle of the their. How is this, this pretty much explains the night for Davidson. Is her-73rd down. A lot of those were long yardage yardage. Sometimes behind the sticks.

This time they fall hand off coming around the corner . Maybe a yard and it gives it back to Auburn. It is been the kind of night and Adam Weingarten is looking very happy right now. Is a good show and tell the final 4:50 takes off the clock. He’s got a 42-10 lead. They stuffed Davidson on a fourth and goal. And a big tackle, and he has been stuff like that. 4.5 to play. Earlier this year those two teams met and it was all Red Devils. I just daresay that this was a different Auburn team. That was week three.

You are bright. That was a different team. That’s central faced. And I had those totals. Tyler James with the tackle. And they just at the edge. Get some guys running interference and he just doesn’t impressed itself. And whale of night for terrorists Morris. And are they going to let him sit down. It looks like he consistent. And we will check that number right there, first and 10. You are probably going to see a few newcomers out there on the field for Auburn. Just over 3 minutes to go. They helped off Snellville and advance for the 36-0 win . There is Clark. Mobile schools are doing pretty well tonight.

We are so trying to get an update . It is 22-20 with 3:36 left in the game as Spanish Fort tried to score and misted. That’s against Carver Montgomery Montgomery. So still a lot of time in that game. We may have a final before we call it a night. Third and about 7. the number that Auburn is worried about right now — There he goes. That is fresh legs, who narrowly down. Auburn’s last loss, September 16 September 16. Watch him take the pitch here and pick up about 15 yards.

I tell you what, you’re right. Almost broke one. First and 10. And people check our Baumhowers play the game and is a minute seem like it but kind of set the stage. This is the opening kickoff of the game. Graham, this set the tone for the entire night for Auburn. And for Davidson. It’s I want you to watch David sit and watch how you react. They stood there. They were shot. And that really has set the tone and they never really recovered from that play, even though Auburn didn’t stop on that drive drive. They never really recover from that particular play. Of the physical run. Blocked. Running over people. He’s spotted them. Here, come here. Let me you. Let me go back to what Auburn has done since the life to enterprise. They won a nonbreaching game . They with Lee, even though it was 42, it is not even indicative of how dominant they were and that game. They beat Jeff Davis by 7 and they finished with a win over Demopolis.

So they have done exactly what they have half needed to do to put themselves in this position. And now they have got a chance in the air and that should be the final play of the game. The Auburn Tigers, looking like their elder brothers, with 834- 834-10 victory over homes Danny Davidson. Auburn improves to 8-3 for Adam Weingarten. And they will go to Phoenix city Davidson seasons comes to an end end. It’s been a great season for his team, 9-2 is their final count. and thinks fixed to coach Riley at all the help they gave us and getting ready for this. It was a pleasure . For everybody Auburn Tigers. That to take anything away from them, they just ran into a bustle.

A tough night for Davidson, but at the same time a great neighbor offered and they stay alive and they will play next week. a few usually say, great sportsmanship both teams shaking hands. And they will finish this one up Weingarten before we go off the air. We will try to grab him here in just a minute or two. As far as we will be in next Friday night, we don’t know yet. We will hopefully know something by the end of the night and then we will certainly let you know here on your local Raycom channels. We want to thank our folks watching in the Opelika area, Phoenix city area . I know that we have had several interested parties that got to push their team. Graham, final numbers for Garrett Morris, 280 yards and three touchdowns. Let’s see what Weingarten hit disable threat is 65 yards rushing. Hey, coach. The opening kickoff really set the tone. Where did that come from? That’s something we have done all year. We have been really aggressive all year.

Is nothing unusual for our team and we believe in our kids and we are always going to play aggressive to try to win. He took that you can speak with family and everybody having a purpose. Talk about these guys. I want to thank my Lord and Savior and blessing to coach this team. This is been an unbelievable journey and I’m just don’t think I’m blessed to be there coach and just to be up to enjoyed this 2016 season. It’s just been an honor to coach watch them grow. This is what teamwork is all about. This is but sports is all about them very painful for them. Good luck next week. Yes, ma’am, thank you. a happy bunch across the way. The Auburn Tigers as they are salivating right now with the alma mater. They will be back in action next They will begins Phoenix city to take on central and another big 7A quarterfinal game in East Alabama. It has been a good one and we will be back with you again next week. Check your local listings and we headed. We will have another great playoff game for you. Our continuing coverage for path

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