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Beginners Yoga Flow (20 minute workout) Day 29 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

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– You are about to practice Beginner’s Yoga Flow. Welcome to the Fightmaster Yoga channel. I’m Leslie Fightmaster, this is day 29 of our Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge. This video is a total body flow. We’re gonna open the hips and the hamstrings and shoulders. Plus we’ll strengthen the arms and the legs and the core muscles. Remember to take the modifications that are best for you today. Your body is different everyday, so let go of any expectations about what your mind thinks it’s supposed to do. Stay present, keep your breath steady, and remember push the pause button, take a rest whenever you need it. All right, good for you, you’re on day 29, that is awesome, let’s get started. Today’s winner of a Jade yoga mat is Laura Jones from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Laura. There is still time, there is one more mat to give away, so if you would like to enter to win it, all you have to do is go to fightmasteryoga.com/freemat and enter there.

But you have to subscribe to Fightmaster Yoga and push the like button. If you like that now, you’re a Yogi. Let’s begin sitting nice and tall. Take a big breath with your hands at your heart. May your practice connect you with your best self. Feeling your strength, your flexibility, and peace of mind. And then just change the cross of your legs. On your inhale bring you chest forward and widen your collarbones, look up. As you exhale, round your back, pull your ribs and belly in. So it’s like cat and cow, but sitting. Inhale again, look up, open up the chest, shoulder blades down the back, and then exhale, rounding the back, pull in your ribs and your belly. And once again inhale, look up, opening the front of the body, a little back bend, and then exhale, pull your ribs and belly in, drop the chin, rounding the back.

Now inhale, come forward towards your right and then your left, and then go backward toward the left and then the right. So make a big circle with your torso. So inhaling as you round your back, exhaling as you come forward. Or just keeping your breath steady. And then pause, and start by going to the left. And then over to the right, and back behind you. As you go behind yourself, pull the ribs and belly in. Widen the collarbones and chest as you come forward, inhaling, exhale rounding just keeping a steady breath. Let’s do one more and then come back to center. Bring your hands behind you, fingertips facing forward or if your wrists bother you at all, turn your fingertips out. Take an inhale and as you exhale just lift up a little bit inhale, lower back down, open the chest, exhale, lift up maybe a little bit more, let your head go back if your neck feels fine with that and then lower back down. And once again take a breath in, as you exhale press into the heels, spiral your thighs toward each other, lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees and let your head go any amounts.

Bring chin to chest and then sit back down. And crossing at the shin so you can roll forward and then just tucking the toes and coming to standing forward fold. So fold over the legs, bend the knees as much as you like, grab your elbows and just hang. Let your head be heavy, now hands to hip bone’s, come on up with a long spine walking to the top of your mat. Big toes together, heels slightly apart or hip socket distance apart. Make sure the outer edges of your feet are parallel. Inhale, sweep your arms up, draw your ribs and belly in, exhale, hinge from your hip creases and fold. As you inhale, come halfway up, lengthen. As you exhale, stepping your right foot way back, left knee is over the ankle, pull the left hip back and reach up. Palms facing in as you sink forward with your hips, pull the left hip back and exhale, bring the hands down, make your way into plank pose and then knees can be up or down, shift your shoulders forward, lower slowly to your belly, everything touching at once.

Hands by the low ribs, inhale, peel the chest up for little cobra and then lower back down, tuck your toes under, knees can be up or down, press straight up and then lifting the knees if they were down, come to downward facing dog. Arms shoulder’s distance and feet hips width apart. Now inhale to float your right leg back and up from the inner thigh. As you exhale, step it all the way up by the right hand with your left knee down, knee over ankle, pull the right hip back, inhale, add your arms, arrow-straight arms as you pull the ribs and belly in. Keep pressing into your front heel, exhale, circle the arms around, bring the hands down and then step your back foot all the way to the front as you inhale, lengthen, look up. As you exhale, fold, press through the feet, inhale, rise up with a long spine. Exhale, bring the hands to heart, back to Tadasana Mountain Pose.

Inhale again, reach up but bend the knees and drop your hips this time, weight into the heels. Keep the belly lifted and then belly to thighs and fold in. On your inhale, come halfway up, lengthening the spine. As you exhale, step your left foot way back, the right knee over the ankle, taking left knee down. Rise up, inhale, taking the arms up but pulling the ribs and belly in. And then exhale, bring your arms to shoulder height taking the left arm forward, the right arm back for a little twist.

Try to keep your shoulders above your hips. Keep pulling that right hip back, inhale, center, exhale, hands down and tucking the back toes, if they’re not already, come to plank. Again knees can be up or down, it’s always your choice. Shift your shoulders about an inch forward, pull your belly in, hug your elbows into the sides, lower slowly. Hands by low ribs, elbows up, inhale for little cobra or maybe a higher cobra if that feels okay with your back but keep your belly pulled in, lengthen sitting bones to heels. Release, back down, exhale. Tuck your toes under, you can leave your knees down or lift them up, coming to plank and then shifting back again to down dog. So if you’re coming up and you have a big arch in your back, it’s better to keep the knees down until the belly is stronger.

Lift your left leg back and up on an inhale, look forward and step it up, take the right knee down to the mat. As you inhale, rise up, pulling back on that left hip as you sink your hips forward, palms face each other. Take your arms out to shoulder heights, bringing your right arm forward, left arm back for the twist, keep reaching through the arms but let your shoulder blades release away from your ears. Pull your belly in and keep your shoulders above your hips and try to keep the hips level. Come back to center, inhale.

Exhale, the hands down and then step your back foot all the way to the front as you inhale, lengthen, make a nice flat back and as you exhale, fold, crown of the head lengthening down. Bend your knees and drop your hips, shift the weight into the heels for chair pose, Utkatasana. And now bring hands to heart center, lean forward and hook your right arm across.

Press your palms in toward the center of your chest, check your hips and, sorry, check your knees and make sure they’re level. If one knee is ahead of the other, pull that hip back so you can level ’em out. Come to center and fold. Take a little break just for a moment and then we’ll bend the knees again, drop the hips returning to chair pose, Utkatasana. Sitting back, weight in the heels, drop your tailbone down. Hands to heart center, and then taking your left arm across or the other arm, sorry I don’t remember, take the other side of your twist as you sink back. Press your palms toward the center of your chest and draw your shoulder blades towards your waist, check out your knees, make sure they’re even and then fold, exhale. Let your head hang, take a big breath, inhale, lengthen halfway up, exhale, hands to hips and come all the way to stand, back to Tadasana. Turn and face the long side of your mat, step your feet out nice and wide so your ankles are under your wrists.

Turn your right leg all the way out, your back toes in a little, line up front heel to back arch. Inhale, take the arms to shoulder height and exhale, bend the knee over the ankle. Keep dropping your front hip down, press your back thigh back, let the back inner thigh lift and make sure your front knee is over your ankle. Take your left hand behind your back and reverse your warrior and then inhale, straighten the front leg. Come back up and bend the front knee, then lean forward, take right forearm to right thigh, reach your left arm up and over but turn your tricep down toward the floor so your little finger is facing the floor. And relax your shoulders, make sure the knee is still over the ankle. Come on back up to Warrior II, take your left hand behind your back again and then as you reverse, straighten the front leg. Open up your chest, come on back up, lean forward re-bending the front knee, right forearm to right thigh, left arm up and over. Try and turn so your belly button turns up toward the ceiling, press through the outer edge of your back foot, inhale, back to Warrior II, and then straighten your front leg, feet to parallel, and now turn your left leg all the way out turn your back toes in a little, still heel, front heel aligned with back arch.

Take the arms to shoulder height, exhale, bend that left knee. Drop your left hip down, press your knee a little toward the little toe side of the foot, back thigh presses back, inner thigh lifts, breathe, relax your shoulders. And take your right hand behind your back and reverse your warrior and then inhale, straighten your front leg. Next inhale, we’ll come on up, both legs straight. Then re-bend that left knee, lean your torso forward, get some length, left forearm to thigh, right arm up and over. If you try to spin your upper arm down so the little pinky side of the hand faces the floor and then relax your shoulders.

Keep pressing through the outer edge of the back foot. Inhale, back up to Warrior II, take your reverse warrior and then straighten the front leg. Stretching the side body, inhale, back up, one more time rebend the left knee over the ankle, lean forward, left forearm to left thigh and reach your right arm up and over. Let your shoulders relax, relax your jaw but firm through the legs, firm through the belly. Press into the front heel, inhale to come up, Warrior II and then straighten the front leg. Bring your feet to parallel with your toes pointing in a little, arms at shoulder height, inhale, interlace your fingers behind you or hook your thumbs and look up, exhale, start to fold. If it’s too much to hold your hands or thumbs, then grab a towel. Now if the legs can’t be straight, shift the weight toward the balls of your feet, pull your belly in and imagine you’re holding a big beach ball between your inner thighs, you’re squeezing there.

Release your hands to the floor, inhale, come halfway up, lengthen. If you feel unsteady, walk in a little bit, keep your right hand down, left arm up and twist. Inhale, create length through the spine, exhale, maybe twist a little deeper. Take your left hand down, inhale, lift the right arm. Try and keep your hips level. So you may need to pull your left hip back a little. And again, inhale creating length, twisting as you exhale, return both hands down, look up, exhale, bring hands to hips, inhale, come all the way up. Turn your toes out and your heels in and bend your knees, press your knees back and lengthen your tailbone down. Widen your collarbones, take your arms up to shoulder height and take your right arm over the left, either touch your shoulders or touch your palms.

Keep drawing in through the belly pressing knees back and tailbone down. It’s a big hip opener, keep those knees in line with the middle toes, inhale, straighten the legs, reach up through the arms, stretching out your whole body. Let your shoulders relax. Take another breath and then return hands to hips for a moment, knees back, tailbone down. Belly lifts and take your arms to shoulder height, left arm over right, either touch your shoulders or wrap the arms and touch the palms. Again, draw the tailbone down, press the knees back and lift the belly, try to lift your frontal hip bones toward your lower ribs. Reach the fingertips up gently and then inhale, straighten the arms and legs, look up, feel that energy just moving through the entire body. And then release it, come to parallel feet again, arms at shoulder height, inhale, hold the breath. Step or hop the feet together, exhale, turn to the front.

Either feet together or hip socket distance apart, outer edges parallel, inhale, sweep up and lengthen the spine. Exhale, hinge from your hip creases and fold keeping your spine as long as you can. Inhale, lengthen again, look up. Exhale, stepping both feet back into plank pose. Knees up or down, always your choice. Shift forward, hug your elbows in, maybe you can hover shoulders at elbow height or go all the way to the floor, come up into up dog, thighs and knees up, or stick with cobra, exhale, down dog.

Pull your ribs and belly in and then looking forward, stepping or hopping to seated, use your hands to lower down or you can keep them off the floor. Walk your heels in under the knees, feet hip socket distance apart. Now inhale, lift your hips, your low back and mid-back, maybe the upper back. Grab the sides of the mat and pull or roll the shoulders under interlacing the fingers. Spiral your thighs and toward each other and lengthen your sitting bones toward the backs of your knees, this will keep your lower back protected. Keep the neck long and even out your breath. Take another round of breath. We’re gonna stay here a little bit longer, just one bridge. Keep pressing the heels down and drawing the heels in toward your sitting bones to really firm your leg muscles.

Release and lower and hug your knees into your chest. Rock a little side to side. Maybe little circles on the low back and now lengthen your sitting bones toward the floor, keep your right knee hugging in, extend your left leg and then take your right knee across and twist. If that’s too intense of a twist, bend both knees instead. Look over the right shoulder and turn your belly up toward the ceiling and breathe really long breaths in your twist. Inhale, return to center, hugging the left knee and extending the right leg out. Exhale and take it over to the right, look over the left shoulder. Try to relax your shoulders and your jaw as you twist here and even relax the belly a little bit as you take big breaths into it. In our yoga poses we wanna have equal amounts of steadiness and stability with ease and comfort. Come back to center and hug your knees in. Lengthen your sitting bones toward the floor, stretching out your low back.

You can even take your hands to the tops of your hips and lengthen your buns toward the backs of your knees, I do that because my low back likes to arch and let your feet flop open, bring your arms a little away from your sides with your palms up and then relax, relax your jaw, your face, let your body be heavy. Our quote today comes from Desmond Tutu. “Do your little bit of good where you are, “it’s those little bits of good put together “that overwhelm the world.” And then rest, I’ll be back shortly. Begin to take some deeper breaths, and then slowly start to make some movements, fingers and toes, hands and feet, take a nice long stretch through your arms and your legs. And now bend your knees and roll yourself off to your right, take a moment to honor yourself, you are on day 29, you are amazing.

Slowly make your way up to seated, bring your hands together, bring hands to your forehead to remind you to have clear and loving thoughts, hands to heart center to remind you to have clear and loving intentions, and hands to your mouth reminding you to have clear and loving communication sending positive energy out to all beings everywhere, namaste. Excellent work, my friends. So glad you made it today, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I do have a little announcement. I would love to see you in person and I do have some retreats coming up this summer. One in Provence, South of France, and another one in Denmark, Plus a two-day masterclass in Amsterdam. So I will put the link below, you can visit fightmasteryoga.com to see all of the details and I will pin a link below. It’s great to meet in person because if you get to meet other Fightmaster Yogis, you will be so pleased.

Such a wonderful community that we have. Now one more thing, if you are still here at the very end of this video, thank you and let me know by putting the word joyful in the comments below so our secret word today is joyful. Have a wonderful day, I will see you tomorrow day 30, very exciting, bye. .