Flat Belly

Belly Hunger and Flat Tummy Remedy

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I am going to talk about belly hunger and flat tummy as it relates to weight loss. A belly hunger is real. People often say that hunger is psychological. It is true, I am not saying it’s totally untrue but at the same time belly hunger is true too because you feel the hunger in the belly. There are many reasons for belly hunger. You may have eaten some food, just an hour ago but you would feel hungry and then you won’t know any reason why, why am I feeling hungry? I just ate a lot of food an hour ago. One of the reasons could be the food did not carry any vital energy. It’s because the person who cooked the food put his own negative energy and the food did not have any essence or nutrients. You were just consuming food without any value, that’s why you are hungry or there is what’s called evil eye.

If someone looks at your food and they can grab the essence of the food through their evil eye. That’s why in India, if you go to temples, the food that is being offered to the deities, the Gods are not exposed to the public eye. They keep it closed and then only show the food to deity alone that’s very very meaningful. That’s why the Guru’s also do not want to eat in public; they just want to eat in private and also cook their own food in order to protect the energy. Not only that, the belly hunger primarily is caused by again some demonic forces, evil forces because they are interested only in making you to eat a lot and develop a big tummy and belly is really the place for the deposit of bad karma. That’s where the demons are very very active. That’s the reason why people find it very difficult to maintain a flat tummy and if you ask particularly for any women; their attention is only on the belly.

I can go on and on and talk about belly for a long time because it is through your umbilical cord that you are connected to the mother and that is a creative chakra, the naval chakra is a creative chakra and even the Gods and Angels fight for the naval chakra which is the belly region and if you look at the desire of a women. She always wants to show or exhibit her belly but she is not able to do that. What I am going to do now is just give you a meditation with a mantra from Patanjali, the father of yoga .The application has been changed here, by me. I just want these mantras to be used for our contemporary purpose and that is to drive away demons in the naval chakra so that you can maintain a flat belly and also deal with your belly hunger.