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BEST 10 min Lower Ab Workout IN BED to Burn Belly Fat!

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Hi guys, I’m Emi…! And I’m Chad!! Herro… First, thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video and I’ll give you guys a little bit more details at the end of the video So today we’re on for another 10 minutes low ab workout because many of you have requested one to target the belly area Right here And I’ve also read some of your comments that sometimes you’re lazy to get out of bed to get motivation to work out So this lower ab workout will actually be on the bed So no excuses You can do it after you wake up or before you sleep and it’s actually more difficult because the bed is soft Obviously if you want to do this workout, the usual way on the floor on the mat is still fine But I would challenge you to try this out and you don’t need a big bed like this one It’s just so happens that we’re in a hotel to celebrate Chad’s birthday, but normally at home when I do this workout I also sleep on a single bed and I can do it.

No problem So I hope you enjoy this workout together with me. And if you’re ready, let’s go!!! Wakey-wakey, guys, I know we’re in bed We’re feeling maybe a little bit lazy and sleepy but we’re committed to getting this workout done and working on our lower belly area So let’s make it count Emi: WAAAAH!! First exercise is leg extension Sitting up with elbows behind you, forearms on the bed supporting your upper torso up Da timer: “Exercise” Bend both knees in towards your chest Then tighten your lower abs as you extend both legs together to the front, keeping them a few inches off the bed Work your abs to pull your knees back into your chest Repeat for 45 seconds We’re not dropping our legs down until the timer is up Focus on using the lower ab muscle and crunching them up for every rep here.

You should be starting to feel a burn there (Moosic) Keep going, the burn means we’re doing it right 🙂 Good work, let’s move on to leg raises The classic lower abs exercise to keep the burn going Hands below your bum, lift off the floor, working your lower abs Timer: “Exercise” Lift both legs up together, perpendicular to the bed, then lower them back down while keeping them a few inches off the bed Repeat this for 45 seconds Again, remember to engage your lower ab muscles so your back is flat on the bed, leaving no space in between Because the bed is soft, it will actually make it even harder than your usual one on the floor… …but we can do it. Challenge yourself. No dropping, no stopping, almost there (Moosic) Chad (WE LOVE YOU CHAD): Ten seconds Timer: “Rest” Another one done 3rd exercise is “Wide U” This is a new lower ab exercise that I recently loved and thought I’d introduce to you guys as well It’s so fun and the burn is real (It is guys) Timer: “Exercise” Same starting position as the first exercise Elbows behind you with upper torso up Crunch the lower abs to lift your legs towards one side into the air Here we’re drawing a wide ‘U’ from side to side.

This is so hard, but we’re working not just the lower abs But also the side of our abs; our obliques (Emi feels the burn) Chad: 20 seconds (Emi feels the burn again) The burn in our belly area is so intense, I know. Let’s learn to enjoy the burn, guys It means we’re closer to our goals. Remember no pain, no gain. Let’s push it, we’re stronger than we think. We can do this (yas) (More moosic) 🙁 Machine: “Rest” Emi: BWAAH Emi: THAT WAS SO HARD (poor Emi) And we did it!! So good job! Next one is a little break; ‘Hands & Toes Touch’ (Dis music so good :D) Timer again: “Excercise” Lie on the bed, arms and legs straight up, then crunch your abs as you raise one leg up to 90 degrees while lifting the opposite arm to touch your foot.

Alternate between sides for 45 seconds Again, the key here is to be mindful of using the right muscles So visualise in your head that you’re crunching the lower ab muscles to lift your leg for every single rep Chad: 25 seconds Keep breathing. We’re almost halfway done (Music again) Timer: “Rest” We’re already on to the fifth exercise, ‘Leg Extension to the Side’ This is just like the first exercise, but this time we’ll work not just the front side of the lower abs, but also the side to rotate our hips and expand our legs to each side Timer: “Exercise” Alternating for 45 seconds We want the flat belly, we want the small waist, so no complaining, no slacking (👏 yes Emi) We’re gonna put in the work.

Let’s get this done (Music) Cameraman (Chad): 10 seconds We’re halfway through 6 is ‘Leg Life in 4 Strokes’. Some of you might have done this with me before in my other workouts It’s not easy, but it’s always the best lower ab burn. So let’s get to work Computer voice: “Exercise” Hands below the bum, working the lower abs extend your leg straight in front of you, both off the bed Then crunch the abs to lift one leg up pointing to the sky so that it is 90 degrees to the floor Hold it up there while you lift your other leg up so that both legs are together pointing up. Then lower one leg down, followed by the other Remember not to let any of them drop to the bed Always keep them a few inches lifted by engaging your lower abs the whole time Keep pushing I know you want to drop your legs, trust me, I really want to as well, but I’m not dropping, I’m challenging myself to keep working my abs and getting a max burn until 45 seconds is up Do it together with me, I know you can 🙂 Timer: “Rest” THAT BURNS…

But we’re not done yet Rest a bit and let’s move on to our 7th exercise; ‘Leg Drop’ (hate this one) Same starting position, raise both legs towards the ceiling so that they’re perpendicular to the bed Timer: “Exercise” Tighten your abs, then slowly lower one leg until it is only a few inches away from the bed Then raise it back and lower the other leg Alternate between sides for 45 seconds. I know I keep repeating this, but remember to use your lower ab muscles as much as possible for the movement, so we’re targeting the right area (🎵) WORK IT! This is not as intense as the other one, so enjoy the break Chad: 10 seconds (thank goodness) Timer: “Rest” We’re so close to the end, guys 8 is ‘Reverse Crunch’ for more lower abs burn Same position, hands below your bum, with palms on the bed Timer: “Exercise” Lift your legs up to the sky, keeping your legs together with a slight bend in the knees Using your lower ab strength, tilt your pelvis towards your belly button to lift your hips up off the bed Your palms on the bed will help stabilise your body and pushing your hip up You should be feeling the burn every time you lift your hip up off the floor (bed) Repeat for 45 seconds (More good music) Chad: 30 seconds Only less than three minutes to go We’re not slacking, we’ve come this far already, get it done to make this workout worth your time Chad: Ten seconds Timer: “Rest” Last two exercises.

9th is our favourite, ‘Ab Bike’ I have a love-hate relationship with it because it’s never easy but it always guarantees a good burn for the abs, especially the lower belly Timer: “Exercise” Back flat on the bed, hands behind your head, lift your shoulder blades off the ground Crunching your lower abs, bring your left knee in towards your chest and at the same time straighten your right leg out Turn your upper body to the left so that your right elbow is touching the left knee Make sure your whole torso is moving and not just your elbows so you’re working the abs Alternate sides for 45 seconds It is so tempting to rest a bit on the bed, I know, but we’re not going to do that We want the results, so we gotta put in the work You can do it, or at least try. Don’t quit on me just yet (🎶🎶🎶) Dat voice: “Rest” Emi: (Sounds of pain) Another one done. Our final exercise in this workout is ‘Leg Hold’ Timer: “Exercise” Pretty straightforward; elbow supporting your torso up, raise both legs together around 40 degrees off the bed.

Head up and look straight at your toes and just hold it there until the timer is up The lower your legs are, the more challenging it is and the more it works your lower abs Our goal here is to finish the workout without dropping our legs even once (We got this guys) Make it till the end together with me. If it’s burning, it’s working. You can rest really soon Chad: 10 seconds Timer: “Rest” (BEGONE timer) Emi: (Pain) OK! Supportive Chad: Yay… You did amazing!! That was such a good burn on the lower abs and even side abs and our legs Good work! And it’s time to stretch out your abs And as promised, here’s more info about Squarespace It’s an all-in-one platform where you can create beautiful websites and online stores with award-winning designer templates There’s nothing to install, patch or upgrade ever with 24/7 customer support It also offers a unique domain experience that’s fully transparent and simple to set up It is used by a wide range of creators and people, musicians, designers, arches (?) restaurants and more You can now go to squarespace.com/emiwong to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase So that’s it for today.

Chad wants to go eat lunch now I’ll link a weekend blog here as well and I’ll see you guys again next week!! (WE LOVE YOU EMI) .