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Bikini To Figure Episode 1 |Pancakes | Full Leg Workout | Package Surprise

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Good afternoon everyone Danye with a “Y-E” here today’s video is going to cover four topics the first being protein pancakes super super enjoy the second being an explanation of my bikini to figure series which you’re currently watching the third being my actual leg workout from last week and the fourth being the openings of the packages that I received from a legging company and my uncle so very excited let’s get to it good morning everyone making some pancakes this morning protein pancakes these are so easy you just add water but the chaplet everything by the way right just finish it up with a little bit I can’t believe butter spray is it super simple everyone I want to jump right into my leg workout and explain the commentary but first i want to discuss the methodology behind the workout and filming so i started body your building in march of 2015 and the first time I walked into the gym to discuss my goals with my former trainer Tina Kosikowski she asked who i followed on social media and who looked up to in the bodybuilding world and I said Dana Linn Bailey duh but I never thought about bodybuilding as far as the different categories and what are you put into it and how different ways can actually just going to the gym and lifting there is so much behind it i just did it now so if you’re she laughed at me inside a little bit and not in a mean way but just in a way that I have a lot of work and I absolutely did and it took me quite a long time to figure out everything that goes into it and i’m still learning but we discuss things for a while and she showed me some different bikini girls and different figure girls and explain the different levels and the different things that go on behind the scenes as far as what you need to focus on for each category and a reasonable estimate time for how long it should take to prep for one of those shows so I ended up taking about six or seven months – – really prep for my first bikini show so i started that mar 2 2015 I had stepped on stage until I think it was September in September of 2015 so long story short after all those conversations everything we did three bikini shows and I’d always wanted to do figure but between my work schedule and other life things I not have the time to put into getting to that level of figure so I stuck with bikini and I really really enjoyed it and part of me still wants to get there but i think i have the body type to go for figures so that is what this blog series is going to be about me going from the key to figure out some time off after my third show and that was in November of 2015 I did very well I was very happy with my progress I placed third was happy with that and now the goal is to transition so i’ll go into my nutrition and that side of things in a different blog but this is definitely going to just focus on the workouts and so in the foot you will see my first set and my last set of each exercise and i think i did five or six exercises for this particular work out so i’ll be some commentary on it let you know what I’m doing the weights and everything like that so please give this a thumbs up like and subscribe if you enjoy it if you want to see more and that further ado we’ll just get to that hi everyone this is my current like day I actually did this on the thirty-first of may so it’s been a couple days but this is the fifth week I’ve done this work out and I seen tons of improvement i’m going to show you all real time my first and last set of each exercise and i will put the details for each set on the screen so you’re currently watching my warm up that I do for my lower body days so it consists of five regular squats followed by five overhead press and then five overhead squats followed by a five-step leg deadlift and I always do two sets include for my mom ok next we move into squat and I did choose 10 powered by two seconds eight followed by one set of 6 so this first set i have 65 times in my sights set for my last set my sights see has a hundred and fifteen I’m lifting yeah yeah yeah yes yeah yeah ok the next exercise and move into is the leg extension machine for these i did one set of 12 and now is what you’re watching right now and i have sixty-five pounds but i do two sets of ten and two sets of h and on the last set I and lifting 125 yeah all right the third exercise i did was wide stance leg press when you have the wider stance really works with glue works but if you want to hit your quads then move your feet closer together so here I did to set the tenant phones like to thank you and one step this first step that you’re watching I have 70 pounds side what the actual everybody on my last set of like press I had 125 pounds each side plus the actual slightly which was significantly heavier it was definitely sore after this workout I had that booty burn going on yeah ok the fourth exercise i did during this workout was worthy learning like I really enjoyed this machine in the stroller lying position it does incorporate a little bit more groups and I appreciate that so this first step I did 12 followed by two sets of 10 to seven eight and one set of 6 so in the first set I’m looking 16 and in fact that off 295 it’s very simple yes yeah yeah when I once you and the last exercising them into with it’s like workout in the tip line and deadly you’ll notice my legs are not completely locked out what they don’t change in the amount of that vary in them throughout these sets in 125 here and give your second 10 this is my last exercise so I hope y’all enjoy thanks so much for watching june fifth and just hang out my part but I got some packages in yesterday and I wanted to open for you guys so I’m very excited the first one is from my legs look like anything that me very excited they’re the Brazilian bubble and these are lime green so they’re going to be popping in the gym but this close to the camera that texture is just so awesome you can see that they’re so how pair of you already only two three quarter length there are a pair of three quarter length so I will ready in the next workout video I do so you can see kind of how they move when you’re doing exercises and things like that very very excited thank you thank you very much and my liking when I first saw that my leggings i saw that they were one size fits all and with a little skeptical but I went ahead and gave him a shot and I’m thoroughly impressed i did go ahead and email the owners of the company to ask them about their product and kind of just get a little bit information history behind the company and when they even way back they said that the reason they started these one size fits all type of leggings was because the female owner was pregnant and wanted a pair of cute leggings that was going to fit her throughout her pregnancy and I thought that was so cool and I’m not bring it but if you are and this is probably a really cool product for you because they are super super stretchy so I just thought that was really neat and I appreciate that and it takes me like they’re like you even more because whether I’m bloated or it feeling normal or leaving out I know they’re going to fit me and I know they’re still going to look good if you want to purchase these leggings and you go online to my legs .

Com please use my discount code Danny 15 for fifteen percent off da nye 15 so you try and let me know how you like them I think they’re great and the next package i have is from my goal so you guys probably saw that in the last video my Uncle Harry we talked about his reverse diet if you haven’t seen that video i will link it in the description but we also went and did some glass blowing it was pretty random it was very fun i highly recommend it and you have to wait at least 24 hours before you can pick up your finished product because there’s a cooling cycle that has to go through and made a whiskey tumbler so I’m very excited to see how it turned out because depending on what color you love it well most of them a glow orange while you’re making it and the color only shows once it is complete so I did a kelly green color should be beautiful that is so cool it almost looks a little yellow but i use a darker green and a lighter green it’s just a very nice little whiskey tumbler so very excited to use that ok awesome highly recommend glass book if you haven’t done it before hi everyone thank you so much for watching and sticking around if you did enjoy this video please give it a like and a thumbs up and subscribe so that you don’t miss the next one thanks so much and I’ll see you next time