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BURN BELLY FAT | 5 Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat ➟ Flat Tummy – Fat Burn

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Welcome to this five minute abs workout. Today we are focusing on side fat. We will also be focusing on getting rid of the overall belly fat. It’s only five minutes. Let’s get straight into the warmup We’re going to start off with some back steps here If you need a longer warmup, by the way, you can pause the video and just repeat the three warmup moves we’re going to be doing but I’m just starting with back steps make sure you keep your abs engaged and just step and step and step in the name of love! Step in the name of love. It’s too early to be singing! Next up we have Pogo jumps You’re going to keep your core engaged and you’re going to make like a penguin just like I’m doing Yeah! I know, very sexy! POGO JUMPS You look good, you look good already. Make sure you have your abs nice and engaged. Awesome! POGO JUMPS Finally we’re going to do high pulls make sure you keep your core engaged Awesome! Those are the 3 moves we’re doing for the warmup again If you need a longer warmup, I encourage you to pause the video and do all 3 over again.

2 or 3 times and you’ll be nice and warm and ready to go! Let’s do this! HIGH PULLS Let’s turn it off with front kicks, your core is engaged and you’re just stepping as fast as you can you You got it? Alright, let’s go! FRONT KICKS You’re doing good, you’re doing good! Keep going This looks almost like a dance, doesn’t it? All right, next stuff … We have back kicks You’re going to keep going with that movement except now you’re kicking your leg backward and you’re just making your arms into like a scissors movement BACK KICKS I Know you got this, let’s go! BACK KICKS All right, we’re going to go straight into a half plank Just make sure your abs are engaged you have a straight line going from your head all the way down to your heel.

HALF PLANK Yeah! HALF PLANK That is good. Keep just stay stay stay awesome! That was good! PUNCHES Next up, you’re going to stand up and go into punches keep your core engaged And just punch You are punching that fat off of your body everything standing in your weight you are punching them punch, punch, punch punch your exes, punch your neighbour Okay, no, don’t … don’t punch anybody Just just do the workout, Okay? PUNCHES Next up we have jumping jacks. You’re going to keep that core engaged.

And you are just going to go for a speed. Go as quickly as you can Suck your abs in oh, that is good! You’re doing good. You really are doing good! After this we get a break JUMPING JACKS You are doing awesome! Go, go, go, go, go. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh that was amazing! take a few seconds to rest catch your breath subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already It’s totally free for you and it means so much to me! It just makes me so happy! REST Subcribe to my channel REST Welcome back! We are going to go straight into those jumping jacks again, if you needed a longer break I hope you pressed pause and took a longer break. Because guess what? You are your only competition here! And you have goals and you will reach them. You just have to work with your body and go at your own pace Alright? Keep going Okay, we’re gonna go and reverse and go punch, punch stuff Yeah! keep that core engaged and just go for it Just go for it. There’s no holding back. There’s no judging! Go, go, go.

Awesome! Keep your core engaged Very good! PUNCHES You look really really good, I have to say All right, are you ready? We’re going to go into that half plank right now Keep your core as engaged as you can Keep a straight line from your head all the way to your heel You got this, you can actually do this You are almost at the end and that is so awesome! I’m so proud of you! HALF PLANK Okay, I’m gonna have you get up and now we’re going to go into those back kicks again You’re going to do the scissors thing with your hands and just you’re jogging on the spot go at your own pace Doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. Just go at your own pace. Do your best, you worked out today. That’s amazing! That is awesome! You’re good. Keep going BACK KICKS Oh, you are awesome! One more move and you’re done Front kicks, hands on the waist and you’re just kicking forward. Hands on the waist kicking forward. Keep your abs nice and tight Good, good, good, good! FRONT KICKS You did this workout, you worked out! You worked out today, keep going! We’re going to do a very fast cooldown here starting with side twists Keep your abs engaged and just twist from side to side I’m so proud of you! You did so good today! SIDE TWISTS Do what feels good to your body.

Finally, you’re going to put a slight bend in your knee Give yourself a huge hug I just want you to always remember that you are amazing! You are awesome! You have something awesome to bring to this world And this is the body that’s going to help you do just that! So keep showing up Keep working out. You will reach your goals. I love you Okay, that was kind of awkward, but I do love you! Thank you for working out with me today Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already and I will see you in my next workout video Subscribe to my YouTube channel KOBOKO FITNESS www.kobokofitness.com .