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BUSINESS MOTIVATION: How to Stay Focused & Grow Your Business | Behind The Scenes With Neil Patel

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It’s this and then the other thing that’s exhausting is eight hour speeches I just came back from Jordan and I had to do four hours a lunch break and then four hours of talking and the worst part about talking is I love helping people some of the people in there were newbies some of the people in there were you know learning marketing they’ve been doing it for a few years and then some of the people have been doing it for like ten plus years and they’re like alright we want to teach everyone how to do marketing you know to like the nth level get the results that they can ranked number one and make a shitload of money two things hit me I was like well one you know half the people in here telling me to slow down and give more basic information than the other half like so it’s not gonna work and I get paid to speak so it’s don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but I hate disappointing you disappoint one person it just adds up and it’s like your brand is tainted for a life like I believe you do everything to protect your brand so not only did I give this speech I’m hoping they’re happy because I know some people won’t be then after that I’m doing three or four more calls with the whole group and doing intermediate advanced and basic sessions and giving them a ton of stuff for free just because I don’t want to look bad I love it I love helping others it’s funny everyone always thinks that it’s about money and money’s you go buy a fancy car you go drive a Lamborghini you see the on YouTube all the time what does that mean it’s like all right cool you got a Lamborghini my business partner Mike yes – this is the second one he’s selling both of them you get it after a while you stop driving and you don’t give a you know like alright what’s next but what’s crazy is you buy this stuff and what does it mean you got to work more to pay your bills why would you want to keep buying stuff so yet to work more hours you should only be loving what you do and everything else should even matter it’s just like cars homes I’m a fancy home here in Hollywood right got robbed two times over the past two minutes and the last time the criminals were actually nice I was really happy with them and I know that sounds stupid but better break the windows and the stupid windows are so hard to replace because they go into the wall but these guys undid the alarm sensors they got into the house and they undid the closets to see if there are safes behind but there’s nothing in the house no artwork and every time I get robbed they never take anything cause like I’m cheap I don’t have anything in the home and I only bought it because I knew I’d make money on the home well like everyone thinks like oh you’re driven because you want to buy a fancier home or private jets or all this stuff you don’t need any of that I was happy as a kid and I grew up dirt poor and I didn’t realize like Oh more money is like amazing but yeah it also creates problems and no I’m not complaining saying my life sucks I’m extremely happy with them happy with my friends you guys are here my family life but you don’t need fancy to be happy don’t go buy a bigger home that just means you’re gonna have to work more don’t buy cars that you don’t need go use uber X that’s just cheaper than going paying for gas insurance paying for maintenance right you want to live a minimalistic life I used to go by fancy clothes and you know what then I’ll just keep buying more and more and then I stopped wearing all of them I’m like this is all useless I don’t give a what people think about me or they think I have a nice home or like oh this guy’s poor cuz he has a crappy house who gives a do what you love and for me that’s helping people specifically related to marketing and entrepreneurship and that’s what drives me work isn’t work work is having fun and having fun is helping people grow their businesses it’s my fun it’s the sport I want to work and I want to do whatever it takes to do better each and every single day not because I want to make more money but so I can compete with my buddies and my friends and ideally create something that’s bigger than them it’s like a little scoreboard right it’s like our game of basketball or whatever it may be but you want to keep doing better and it’s not so you can just like again buy it’s so you can just do better so that way you can compete with your friends