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Bypassing the Law of Attraction

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how to ask the universe to get what you want regardless of what you are matched to I may find some loophole for you I may have me that I found a loophole in the law of attraction um yeah that a question is sort of like how do I get what I want without doing the work I will I’m gonna tell you something those of us who have been playing with this time-space reality for long enough or sort of sick of it there’s a collective movement within consciousness itself much as human consciousness but consciousness itself it’s kind of done with the law of attraction we’re done with mirrors so there’s actually a new time-space reality that is in the baby processes of being designed just like the beginning of this time-space reality by the way in this universe there are multiple universes this universe you’re living in operates according to the law of attraction there is another universe that is currently being designed at this moment that is based on desire meaning that if you desire that’s what reflects it’s still a reflective type of time-space reality but it will only reflect desire and nothing else so that’s in the process and I’m pretty much planning on going there myself after this because I’m searched down with this but yeah I I’m gonna have to let you debate let me to be whether or not I want to share what I discovered in terms of the loophole for law of attraction because it has massive implications having any aspect of yourself that could potentially be out of the law of attraction has massive implications for the planet itself and so I allow me to debate whether or not I want to teach that in general but look at the aspects of yourself that’s being a little bit lazy about shadow work right now and not wanting to actually find or change the aspects of yourself that are a match to certain things so that the reflection of the mirror changes because the question you’re asking is sort of like how do I stand in front of a mirror and make the reflection be different than the reality that’s basically the question you’re asking and the universe itself would be like why the hell you try to do that

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