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CAN YOU SPOT REDUCE FAT? | Spot Reduction Myths Exposed + 9 WAYS To Actually Reduce Body Fat – LIVE!

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Can you spot reduce fat that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this live video you guys thanks for tuning in now there’s a lot of myths and truths behind burning fat and reducing your body fat but can you actually spot reduce that’s what we’re talking about what’s up guys my name is Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and i’ve helped thousands of clients get into awesome shape and we use tried and trued methods and so I’m gonna break down exactly what we found that works and what doesn’t the very first thing that we’re going to go over is waist trimmers you know there’s a company called I think sweet sweater there’s a whole bunch of these like wraps and you just like wrap this stuff around your waist and you know people are swearing that it works but the thing is you may find that you sweat more or you reduce your your water intake for that day or you’re sweating out a lot of water and so you may find some may be a very short term effects but that’s only while you’re wearing it or right immediately after and so is there actual spot reduction of fat at that point no so don’t bother with any of those waist trimmers good what about fat burners what about some fat burners here and you know do these actually help burn fat the main ingredient in these fat burners a lot of times is caffeine and caffeine will review up right and so and I love caffeine guys with coffee and tea and that’s actually gonna be one our one of our ninja tips later down below in this video or watch a little bit later we’re going to be talking about really what does work in so but fat burners the caffeine may cause you to be a little bit more energized and you may be able to go a little longer and harder in your workout sessions and that’s great but there’s a lot of other ingredients that you have no idea what are in these fat burners and a lot of them are actually really not safe and so absolutely cannot recommend that you put anything in your body that you don’t know effect it’s gonna have and actually a lot of people have gotten very sick a lot of heart issues with these fat burners and pills there’s no regulation on these supplements guys so stay away from these fat burners absolutely waste don’t bother good whatabout ab workouts lots of ab workouts like everyday I’m doing ABS right I’m doing ABS I’m doing lots of sit-ups and crunches and man you can do all the ab workouts you want you will not be spot reducing your core your abdominal area you’re gonna be feeling maybe you might feel a burn you can do thousands of crunches a day right now for the next three months and you will maybe increase your core strength you may actually also hurt your back and your neck doing all those and so they’re horribly effective for fat loss and so calorie burn on ab workouts are very low so horribly ineffective for burning calories they will increase your core strength so it’s good to include core training into a proper fitness program absolutely but doing just exclusive ab workouts man that’s a complete waste of time you guys and what about so liposuction liposuction is something that you may look into and that’s like one of those last resorts it’s like I’ve tried everything and I’m just gonna get the light boat one day and you know one day I would say don’t bother because we’re going in there and pulling some fat out of here pulling some fat in there I’ve actually seen lots of people that have gotten the liposuction against my recommendation and they’ve had a lot of complications they’ve had all kinds of pains that they never had before their body was sort of like uneven with where the surgery was done where they did the lipo and so any kind of surgery is absolutely out of the question unless it’s life or death and you need surgery let’s not get under any kind of any kind of messing with the body like that guys so so listen if those things don’t spot reduce can you actually spot reduce an area the truth is you cannot spot reduce but guess what good news good News you can reduce your body fat so you can reduce your body fat here you can reduce your body fat here you can reduce your body fat here just not one at a time it’s all gonna come off a little bit all together at the same time so you’re gonna your body just that’s the way it works we use we lose a little bit of body fat from everywhere so we can reduce your overall body fat and so good news some of that will be here and this is the most stubborn stuff right here and so I’m gonna give you nine ways that you can reduce your body fat right now the number one way to reduce your body fat is a daily caloric deficit so first of all you got to figure out okay how many calories do I need to maintain my weight and then we’re going to create a caloric deficit and we’re talking two to five hundred calories a day is a great way to reduce your calories without you know starving to death and well it’s like starving yourself not to death and a couple hundred calories we can all do that right we can just find something in our day that we really don’t need that we’re in taking probably every day that we don’t need could be all the creamer in your coffee it could be some of that snacking that you’re doing that mindless snacking probably a lot of times is that night right we all have that little extra time and so paying attention to your caloric deficit getting into a caloric deficit daily and making it about 2 to 500 calories now the best way to do it is through a little bit of food and a little bit of exercise and so that’s a great way to find those 2 to 500 calories and really do it in the best way because this way again you don’t have to starve yourself you don’t have to workout four hours a day and create this daily deficit you do that consistently that’s absolutely the number one way to reduce your body fat I’m gonna give you eight more tips right now if you’re liking this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up you guys it’ll let us know that you like this content and you want to see more of it and also it’s going to let YouTube know that this is good content and that you value it and it’ll show you to show it to more people so we can help more people and get more people to realize the truth and what actually worse thanks you guys and so if you’re new here’s to consider subscribing we share videos like this every week listen the next thing is resistance training resistance training dumbbells kettlebells awesome any kind of weights work fantastic including resistance training into your pro into your programs definitely recommended and it works because we’re increasing the lean muscle tissue on our body which is actually the most metabolic tissue that we have and it will actually increase your metabolic rate because it cost your body calories to maintain that muscle about 50 calories per pound so if we reduce our body fat and we exchange our body fat for lean muscle tissue and be looking great but also increasing our metabolism so resistance training you can use weights we love the kettlebells your bootcamp but also body weight is a resistance as well we do TRX training and a lot of body weight drills a lot of cardio and core as well and so but we’re using no machines we’re using the resistance of free weights fantastic so get into it and actually we have a lot of videos for you guys right here on YouTube you can follow along the entire workout and we’re doing them with you so check those out we’ll have some link down below resistance training now circuit training the next tip is actually circuit training so including that resistance training into a circuit fashion is the best way to achieve fat loss in a lean toned body so circuit training going from one exercise to the next it’s also really a lot more fun than you know banging out just replic one two three man that is boring training and you know you will build some lean muscle tissue that way but actually it’s super boring and circuits are going to be much better for fat loss they’re also going to keep you you know having fun while you’re training and so that’s what we recommend a circuit training hands down best for fat loss good the next few tips we’re going to be talking about our sleep increase your sleep okay so when we get good sleep our hormones are under control our body can actually do what it wants to do and that is to be a natural fat burning machine and so increasing your sleep I am so guilty man I could be getting more sleep and anybody can anybody relate some people function well on six hours I think six is great six seven eight is fantastic if you get more than that awesome but if you can really work on getting some more restful sleep that’s gonna be a great way to control your hormones and therefore your body’s gonna actually allow itself to become a natural fat burning machine also decrease your stress next tip is decrease your overall stress that could be with work that could be in your relationships whatever is stressing you out man we gotta just sometimes you’ve gotta let go and so the good thing is like if you get a proper fitness program it’s an awesome stress relief too right and so you can actually reduce your stress by working out so that’s a number that’s one of the best ways to actually reduce it and then get rid of some of the clutter anybody that’s in your life that’s causing stress you guys life is too short and too precious so reduce your overall stress that’s gonna allow our hormones again to communicate properly and when our body stressed out we actually tend to hold on to body fat so reducing the stress now limiting alcohol okay this next tip is gonna be harder for some of you than others I have a lot of clients who love their vino their wine and so it’s I’m not saying don’t drink at all maybe choose one or two nights a week where you’re gonna go ahead and enjoy a couple cocktails but the thing is it’s not just alcohol calories because alcohol a good when you in take alcohol consistently it does it does cause inhibit fat loss okay so when we’re really drinking a lot it’s going to we’re gonna have a harder time really keeping the fat burning going but also it’s the bad decisions that go along with it and so bad decisions like maybe the munchies right or maybe we’ll have another cocktail and another one and so the calories really add up and then getting less sleep and then the next day were less productive we may skip the work after just feel like crap and so limiting alcohol consumption will really help and that’s gonna help some of you more than others who are consistently you know doing that every day so let’s go ahead and limit that pick a Friday or Saturday night enjoy and then be good the rest of the week okay good last two tips right here guys and these these are all tried-and-true methods you combine all these tips and you will become a fat-burning machine with consistency these work green tea or coffee so we talked about fat burners and we know how unsafe those aren’t and not gonna be taking those but actual coffee and green tea option black would be fantastic that’s we recommend getting closer to black black coffee and green tea they actually caffeine will blunt your appetite and it’s been proven in conjunction with a proper fitness program and clean eating to actually increase body fat reduction between two to five percent so I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but hey I’ll take it won’t you I mean every day if we can get a little help and that actually works and men get a little little caffeine but gone before your workout you will be putting in some extra work I’m gonna feel a little more energy so nothing wrong with that if you’re sensitive to caffeine I am not recommending that you add in lots of caffeine but if you’re cocaine with it let’s just go ahead and try get more to that black coffee than putting all that cream and sugar in there and green tea also has a it’s a little lower in caffeine but also works very well for reducing your appetite wanting the appetite and also increasing that fat burning during the day the last tip and actually this is tip number nine on ways to reduce your body fat is creating a lifestyle you guys creating a fitness and health lifestyle where you are making all of these tips part of your day that’s the number one way to actually reduce your body fat for good okay so it’s not like okay what and look think about down the once you do reduce your body fat because you’re following all these tips let’s say you get there what happens it’s not like the switch like you just don’t have to do any of these things it’s all about consistency and it’s a long game it’s a long-term play so I encourage you guys to find a fitness program that you like if you’d like some of our videos check them out we’d love to have you follow along and inspire you how long your journey that’s what our channel is all about and also you know getting into a proper nutrition program where you’re consistently controlling the total amount and also trying to clean out those calories and when you’re following all these other tips you guys you’re just making it a lifestyle and it’s something you can do yourself and then also encourage your community to do it as well your loved ones your neighbors your friends your family and so creating a lifestyle is really the number one way that you’re going to reduce your body fat and so men hope you guys like this video thanks so much for watching if you’re here until the end you are a rock star don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and also consider subscribing if you’re new here thanks so much you guys hope you found this video helpful and until next time have an awesome day you

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