Flat Belly

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Good evening, sir. Was it that urgent? – I just got a call from Delhi half an hour ago. – What are they saying? We lost the case that we were defending.. ..against Late King Jagdishchandra. According to the will, the king’s entire property.. ..belongs to his daughter Malishwari. So, his Majesty’s property which was supposed to be yours.. ..will be given to Malishwari when she turns 21. And? According to the will, Malishwari’s uncle which is you..

..will give Malishwari’s grandfather Ram Mohan Rao’s family 100,000.. ..and his majesty’s second wife’s brother 50,000 every month. – Father! Father! – Sir! Relax, sir. Relax. Relax. I am sorry, sir. Your sorry cost me 7.5 billion rupees. It’s my fault that you’re my lawyer. You made me lose the case. But, I will win this case. I know you’ve swindled money from me. You’re a thief. – That’s not it, sir. – Quiet. I took pity on you and let you go to the Supreme Court for me. In two years you made two bungalows and three flats. But I am still losing the case. Malishwari. Malishwari. A 21-year-old girl will become the heir to the Mirzapur royal family. I’ll have to give her this property worth billions on her birthday. And I will become a beggar. I will do it. Of course, I will do it.

But she won’t be alive to accept it. Promise. Before she lights the candle on her 21st birthday.. ..I’ll make sure her pyre is lit. My dear lawyer, behind every great fortune.. ..there is a crime. I will kill Malishwari. “Malishwari.” “Malishwari.” Madam. Grandfather is calling you. “Malishwari.” “Malishwari.” Okay. No one saw anything. Nothing happened. You goofed up again, didn’t you? – You will never change. – Laxmi, wait. I have a question. Answer me honestly. What is it? No one saw me knock over the flowerpot. And no one knows about it. There are no flower pot pieces, no plant, no mud. There is no dent on the car either. So how did you find out? Because there is no flowerpot there.

Balu. Coming, sir. – My car is faster. – No, mine. Quiet! What’s the matter, sir? Why are you shivering? – I am feeling cold. – Then turn off the fan. That’s why I called you. Turn it off. Find my slippers. Now light a cigarette for me. Should I light the lighter as well? No, I’ll take it. Take the blessings. – How is your stomach ache? – It’s still the same. Take my advice, fast for 7 Fridays, 14 Saturdays, and 21 Sundays. Everything will be fine. If I do all that, then soon I’ll be no more. – Good morning, grandfather. – Good morning. – You called me. – Me. Laxmi said so. She must have said that to wake you up. So sweet. Is this what they eat for breakfast every day? Can’t we feed them rice cakes? If they eat that then they won’t be able to fly, dear. And then they will wake up late like you. Grandfather. – Malishwari. – Malishwari. What happened, dear? Are you okay? Who shot at her? Father, this must be that Bhawani Shankar’s doing. Mr. Lawyer, I don’t know what you’re going to do.

But I want to see him behind bars today. It’s easy to say which gun this bullet belongs to. But it’s not easy to say who fired this bullet. But one thing is clear. They are after Malishwari’s life because they are losing this case. Meaning, there is nothing we can do. We must wait until the judgment arrives. – Until then we can’t do anything. – Okay. What if we send Malishwari away for some days? Malishwari.

– You know Murthi from Vizag. – Yes. Go stay with him for a few days. Okay. Grandfather. I know it won’t be easy for you to leave me. But if you stay here, there’s a threat to your life. No one will recognize you out there. Will you do as I say? My sweet girl. – Hello, uncle. – Welcome. Welcome. How are you? What brings you here after so long? Let’s go inside and talk or should I say everything here? – Is it too big? – Yes. Then let’s go inside. So what’s up? – Is everything fine? – Yes, uncle. – And where is Chutki? – She’s in school. – And where is aunty? – She’s gone to see a film with our neighbours. What? Along with the neighbor’s wife. Come, sit. You sit here. Now tell me what’s the matter. I wanted to talk to you about my brother’s marriage. I’ve even brought the priest along. – Greetings. – See..this is his latest photo. I’ve been watching him since he was a kid.

No need for a photo. He’s put on some weight. – Listen, uncle. – Yes. When we proposed his marriage for you elder daughter, you said he’s too old. And when we proposed for your second daughter.. ..you said her wedding has been fixed. Fine. Now let’s fix her marriage with your third daughter. You don’t have to say this twice. There’s nothing lacking in Prasad. He’s not educated, or wealthy. But, at least he works in a bank. If you ask your daughter.. Fine, let’s ask right now. – Anusuya. – Coming, father.

My wife loves ancient names. She’s given similar names to everyone. Savitri. Rukmini. And she is Anusuya. You know what, they have brought a marriage proposal for you. For their younger brother Prasad. Take a look at his picture and give your opinion. – Who is he? – I’ve known him for two years. And this is my third month. What? You’ve known him for two years. And this is your third month.

– Doesn’t matter. – Okay, father. You can have fun with anyone you want, but you will have to marry Prasad. He works in a bank. You will settle down nicely. These days it’s hard to find a boy who works in the bank. You’re right, father. Priest, I don’t know how to tell him. Don’t worry. Once they get married everything will be fine. What are you saying? You mean we should reject them. My brother-in-law is looking for a wife and not a readymade mother.

We’ve sent 24 proposals. If we see one more, then it will become a silver jubilee. I think your brother is not destined to get married. I don’t know that. But he gets really happy when someone mentions marriage. When he was young, he would dress up like a groom and trouble our mother. He’s prayed in every temple. And to every God. Sister-in-law, you won’t believe.. ..how well the veneration was at the temple today. Even the coconut broke in half. Plus there’s a flower in it. That girl was puking. – Really? – Yes, Prasad. She started puking hearing your name. – Maybe she didn’t like my name. – She likes someone else. Doesn’t matter, brother. These things are pretty common these days. She’s in her third month. – Is she pregnant? – Yes. The sweets we took for them will be used for her baby shower. The sweets were your sister-in-law’s idea. Plus that priest’s commission. I wonder whose face I saw in the morning.

– What will we do now, brother? – We’ll eat and sleep. I am not asking what you’re going to do next. I mean what about me now? Why are you in such a hurry to get married? When 100 children are born, 60 out of which are girls. If we plan properly, you can get married twice. But when will this happen. Soon, what’s the hurry. What’s the hurry? All my classmates are married now and they have two kids. And, forget the others. I used to make health drinks.. ..for sister-in-law when she was pregnant with her. After that, I brought baby food, and then baby health food. And now I bring chocolates for her. What are you staring at? You’ll meet the same fate soon. If you trust them, nothing is going to happen.

Go. You don’t know how much I am controlling myself. One..two..three..four.. – Good morning, sir. – Good morning. – Good morning, Raju. – Good morning, sir. Six.. I’ll have to count again. One..two..three.. So Prasad, are you worried because you’re not getting married. You’re losing weight. I am not losing weight, you’re putting on weight. Always worried about other’s health. Sir, sweets. Is it your birthday, Sinu. – No, sir. My marriage has been fixed. – Marriage? – Here you go. – Thank you. His salary is 3000 rupees, and mine is 9000 rupees. So why am I not getting married? What is wrong with me? Why isn’t it happening? There is nothing wrong with you? You’re just a little overaged.

That’s all. Prasad. – Not you. – Bachelor Prasad. You! If you call me bachelor Prasad then even I’ll call you Piles Shankar. – Tell me. What do you want? – Why are you getting so angry? – There are three Prasad’s here. – That’s fine. But there’s only one Veer Venkatesh Prasad. All right, what do you want? Get the L&T statements ready quickly. – Raju. – 73.. What, sir? Send the L&T files. Okay, sir. 63.. I won’t count it again. – Sir. – Yes. – I want to open an account here. – Hold on! Go to the next counter. But, they sent me here. Then come back tomorrow. – It’s just a form, sir. – But I don’t have one.

– You don’t even have a form. – Madam, please come this way. He says no for everything. – I think he doesn’t want to work. – He understands by seeing your feet. – Rao sir, please see her. – I am. I meant to see what she wants, and not her. What’s wrong with this? – Hi. – Hi. I am Monalisa. I am Prasad. Just a minute. Coffee or tea. You see, I want a loan. Of course. What will I have to do for a loan? Open an account. Account opening is not a long process. Just two photos and a signature. Why two? One for you, is it? – Your file has fallen down. Pick it up. – No. – Look, give me one application form. – Here. – She has a short-height, sir. – She can wear high heels. – And she’s very slim as well. – I’ll do dieting for her. – Here you go. – Thank you. Your photo. I’ll give that tomorrow. Sure. Okay, bye. Bye. Sir, everyone is asking for sweets. Should I give to Krishna Veni as well? Okay. May you get married very soon.

“You’re my gift for many lifetimes to come.” “May we never part ways.” “Your beautiful cheeks are being naughty, sweetheart.” “I am floored.” “Since you came in my life..” “..the season of love has arrived.” “You’re the one I desire..” “You are..” “My beloved..” “O my darling, Mona Lisa..” “..what is this intoxication in the air.” “I dwell in your heart now.” “What is this emotion that I feel?” “You’re my gift for many lifetimes to come.” “May we never part ways.” “Your beautiful cheeks are being naughty, sweetheart.” “I am floored.” “First time I saw you..” “..you disappeared after showing a glimpse.” “But now you’re here for me.” “In your soft arms..my heart seems to melt away.” “There’s a fire burning in my heart.” “Shower your love on me with your sweet lips.” “And give me some peace, sweetheart.” “Life means nothing without you.” “Don’t ever be sad.” “Since you came in my life..” “..the season of love has arrived.” “You’re the one I desire..” “You are..” “My beloved..” “My body feels ticklish all over.” “My breath is shivering.” “Come and fulfill my desires.” “Your sultry lips.” “And your slim waist, sweetheart.” “Let me touch your body.” “This bond of marriage..” “..its the bonded by our breath.” “I feel you..” “I want to be yours.” “O my darling, Mona Lisa..” “..what is this intoxication in the air.” “You’re my gift for many lifetimes to come.” “May we never part ways.” “Your beautiful cheeks are being naughty, sweetheart.” “I am floored.” “Since you came in my life..” “..the season of love has arrived.” “You’re the one I desire..” “You are..” “My beloved..” What happened, sir? Are you thinking of someone? I don’t know why I am crying? The manager is calling you.

Okay, I am coming. – But listen to me, sir. – Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him. – That.. – Come, Prasad. sit. – How about some coffee? – No, sir. Or how about some tea. Just tell me what you want. Very straightforward. So, Prasad, you know everything about her. She lives here, her husband lives in Hyderabad. It’s a lot of trouble. Even he works for the same bank. So take a mutual transfer and go to Hyderabad. And he will come here. So these two can live together. They ignore their work and always busy in romancing. – That’s not it, Prasad. – Why? Why don’t you send her there instead of calling him here? – End of problems. – They have their own house here. How can they live there? It’s more difficult for me to find a house on rent in Hyderabad. Are you married? – What is the problem? – That is the problem. I grew up here.. ..and have a huge family circle and yet I am not getting married. Who will give me a girl in Hyderabad? So what is the solution to this problem? Simple. Tell her to divorce her husband and marry someone here.

– That will be right. – Keep quiet, sir. Evil man. Trying to separate such a pious couple. You will never get married. – Your words mean nothing. – Good morning! – Where is the file? – Good morning, sir. – Hi. – Hi. Here’s my photograph. Just a minute. Who is he? – Is he your husband? – No. – Saved by the skin. – He’s my boyfriend. Even he wants to open an account here? So I brought him here. What will you do next? Go to an ice-cream parlor and drink one cold drink with two straw. What other documents do you need? One passport size photo, class 10 mark-sheet, duty certificate..

..and signature of someone who introduced you to this bank. 500 rupees minimum balance. 12 signatures and take the token and wait for 2 hours. You will get your passbook. But you didn’t tell us this yesterday. You didn’t bring her along either. I’ll give you good news in three months. – What is that? – Yesterday, I saw a very nice girl. Which month is she in? Not every girl is pregnant. That day was a mistake. No priest, I will never look at a girl again. This one is the last. Don’t worry, mister. Next month is an auspicious month. We’ll fix your marriage then. When nothing happened so far, what will happen in this month? You won’t say that if you see the girl. I will tell you only three things about that girl. She is beautiful like Aishwarya Rai. She sings like Lata Mangeshkar. And dances like Madhuri. Then tell her to try in films. When she has so many qualities, then why does she want to get married? Why do you think so negative? Look, matches are made in heaven.

Boy on one side, and girl on the other. And they meet when the time is right. Similarly, there must be someone for you too. Please ask who she is and where is she. How will I know she is made for me? Will it start raining flowers when I see her? Will thunder strike from the sky? Will I hear background music? Priest, you just show me more girls. And stop telling me stories. Why are you doing it, dear? She will do it. It’s okay, uncle. Coffee. – If its Subba Rao, then tell him that I am not here. – Okay. Hello. Who is this? I am Subba Rao’s wife. – Is your husband at home? – Yes, he’s right here. my husband wants to talk to him. This is Subba Rao. Is your husband at home? He isn’t here? See how intelligent your aunty is. She has no common sense at all. You’re right. It’s all because of the company I keep.

– Do you have any sense? – More than you. Stop talking nonsense and do your work. You’ve been making Malishwari work since she came here. Inside and outside of the house. Aunty isn’t telling me anything, uncle. I like doing this work. One should know all the work. Tomorrow she will get married to someone. She doesn’t need to know all this. She is a queen. But she is a girl after all. If you say anything else, I will kill myself.

What are you waiting for? Spare me. Whom do you want to meet? My name is Andhra Bank. Prasad’s veil came flying to me so I caught it like an accountant. Sorry! Control. My name is Prasad. This veil came flying from Andhra Bank and I caught it. Is this yours? Thanks. What is your name? Pallavi. Pallavi, I will stay with you until it stops raining.

I mean can I wait here until it stops raining. – Thanks. – Who is it? Some Mr. Prasad who works in Andhra Bank. – I see. – She brought my veil back which well down. Yes. Pallavi invited me in for coffee. Who is Pallavi? Please sit down. Sit down. Her name is Malishwari. Coffee is ready. What is your name, Pallavi? What is your name? She just told me. Malishwari. Malishwari, do you have an account in Andhra Bank? No.

– Do you want to open one? – No. – Here’s your coffee. – Thank you, aunty. You’re such a nice man. – You know, before I got married even my veil fell down. – Okay. But no one brought it back for me. I never saw you outside. She never goes out much. But she goes to the library every evening at 5 pm. Her uncle works there. ‘How much does a library membership cost?’ See you.

– Okay, fine. – Next time I will call before coming here. Okay. By the way, what is your phone number? 2543348. That’s 49. I won’t call every day, just once a day. She will call me and say sorry before I count to three. 1..2..3.. Listen. I know. – Yes. – Glass. I am sorry. It’s very nice. – Is it made of silver? – Yes, it’s made of silver. I wouldn’t have asked for it if it was made of steel. See.. See you. Aunty, you gave him our number even though you don’t know who he is. My helmet.. Good morning, uncle. – Good morning. – Where is Malli? Okay. Suggest me some murder-mystery novel, uncle. – Why? Is your mother yelling at you a lot? – Good one. – Hi. – Hi. Do you want to go see a movie? Now. No. No? Thanks. Actually, Prakash and I are going. You’ll feel bad if I don’t ask you. That’s why I asked.

– Stupid! – See you. Bye. Hi! Do you come to this library as well? Surprise. Do you have a membership here? Membership. For a long time now. Bring your photo next time then you’ll get your club membership card. You’re so small how can you understand such a big book? This is my textbook. Cute boy. Do you like children? A lot. How many children do you have? I am not married yet.

Still? Is there a problem? Basically, I am not too keen to get married. Why? I mean..marriage is like having dinner in a post hotel. Feels nice, but paying the bill is a problem. I don’t get it. You didn’t understand. Fine, let me explain properly. Marriage means like having a buffalo. Feels nice when she gives milk. But feels bad when she gives dung. Meaning. Even I don’t know what it means. Let’s change this topic, please. – I have to go. – I’ll come too. Malli.. Concentrate. – Prasad. – Yes, sir. Come here. Why does he always call at this time? Coming, sir. Yes, sir. Tell me. The GM is coming over today. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. The accounts must be up to date. – Call home and tell them. – Yes, sir. Hello. Madam, the Manager will come home late. Okay, madam. I’ve informed her, sir. It’s so late. Sinu.. Madam, this belongs to you. Keep it properly. Why did you keep it on my seat? What kind of a person is he? Does he have eyes on the back? – I am going out. – If the manager asks.. – You’re out meeting a client. – Good! And when will I be back? – Tomorrow morning. – Bravo.

You’ll make it big someday. If you ever need money, ask me. Sir, I need 100 rupees. They have already came here. Later. It’s getting late. Thank you. It’s okay. It’s okay. Thank God, I am on time. Malli. Malli. Yeah..I will get the vegetables. Hey..breaking the law. He’s gone. Come back soon. Malli, wait here. I’ll be back in half an hour. Please. Hey..meeting him every day like this is wrong. I know..that’s why I am meeting Rajesh today. – Bye. – Stupid.

– Sir, one rupee.. – Go away. – Just one rupee. Please, sir. – I said no. – Just one rupee. – I said go away. – Sir, I am very hungry. – Why should I give you money? Did you lend me money? Did I borrow money from you? Give me one reason why I should give you money? Don’t provoke me. Go away. – Sir. – What do you want? Do you want ice-cream? – Mango ice-cream, it’s very fresh. – Fine. – I’ll even give you a discount. – I don’t want it. You don’t even have two rupees. It’s not that I don’t have money. I don’t like it. You put ice pieces on broomsticks, do I look like a kid to you. If you stay here any longer, then I will bury you alive. Go away. – Ruining my business. – Selling fake ice-cream. Wow..you’re on this beach as well. How many beaches are there in this city? Correct. It’s evening. You might want to go home. – Go home for what? – Why? Don’t you have a family? I do. A brother, sister-in-law. And a seven-year-old daughter from their six years of marriage.

– How is that? – Sorry! I meant a six-year-old daughter from seven years of marriage. Don’t you get along with them? No, they don’t get along with each other. Brother has a short temper, so does sister-in-law. So naturally, they keep fighting. They always talk about divorce. They never think about their daughter’s future. It’s not a house but a 900 sq.ft jail. – I am so sorry. – Why are you saying sorry? Nice locket.

This is not a locket, this is Lord Hanuman’s talisman. My mother gave me this when I fell sick as a kid. Whenever I make a wish, it gets fulfilled. It’s very powerful. Even if I die, I won’t take it off. Ice-cream. – Fresh ice-cream. – Shall we have ice-cream? – I’ll get it for you. – Ice-cream. – Orange! – Two ice-creams. Not to you. Please. I put ice pieces on broomsticks. Why would I give you? You felt offended. Come on. – Don’t ruin my impression in front of the girl. – No, I won’t. – I’ll give you 10 rupees. – Sorry. – Fine, I’ll give you 20. – I said leave. – Okay, 50. – Stop wasting my time. Go away, from here. Come on. Fine, fine, take this. Now give me the ice-creams. Okay, fine. – And the remaining 50. – Forget it. Ice-cream. – Here you go. – Thanks.

You’re welcome. – How is it? – It’s nice. Madam. Please, madam. Give me one rupee. You have a kind heart. I don’t want it. I said I don’t want it. 10 rupees. Good deeds go unnoticed these days. Oh no.. – How much? – 100. For his daughter’s tuition fee. No matter how hard I try to control.. ..but, this is where I spend a couple of thousand rupees every month. What to do? I have a generous heart. – You’re great. – Thank you. My friend will come along any minute. So I’ll leave. – No, no, come, sit. – No. I’ll drop you. Hold this. Come on. – Please, sit. – Okay. Thanks. She should turn around and look at me by the time I finish counting three. 1.. 2.. 3.. Yes. Listen, your bag. Madam, tea. This is all wrong. – Sir.. – Keep it there. What is this? Sinu. What happened, sir? Listen, get a pack of a razor and a fairness cream sachet in our bathroom.

– Meaning she is very fair. – How do you know? Why else would you spend so much money? That’s your problem. You take too much advantage. Sir, is she very beautiful? Beautiful. Blend Aishwarya and Kareena in a mixer and what comes out is how she looks. Are you going to marry such a girl, sir? We’ll see. If we get married, then that’s her good luck. – If not, then.. – Her good luck. Did you two talk? What’s there to talk? We had an ice cream on the beach yesterday.

We’ll meet again today and eat something else. How did you manage all this, sir? You see, I am smart from birth. Yesterday I left my bag with Malli. Hey, you study in class two. But you don’t know how to subtract 8 out of 9. Daddy, you said no borrowing. Don’t try to teach me. Just finish your homework quietly. – Excuse me. – Yes. Are you Prasad’s elder brother? Are you here to complain about him? He forgot his bag at our home yesterday.

Why did he go to your home? Because he didn’t want to come here. – Are you leaving? – Yes. I want to talk to you. Sorry, I’ll miss my bus. You can get another bus if you miss this one. But when a life is gone, you cannot compensate it with another life. You’re right, but whose life? You’re being stubborn even though you know everything. No madam, it’s punctuality.

If I don’t go on time, then I won’t get the job done. And if you don’t get this job done.. Then all the other jobs will get messed up. But, why are you telling me all this? Because what you’re doing is wrong. You have no right to play with your wife’s life. What? I am playing with her life? She is playing with my life. And, why do you try to hide it? Look at how she’s crying.

What happened? Are you crying? No, I was cutting onions. Don’t lie. – You’re being cruel to her. – That’s false accusation. Don’t divert the topic. Who are you? Why did you come here? What do you want? I want you two to live happily. We are very happy. No, Prasad told me everything. Can’t you two live together for the sake of this child. What do you want to prove by getting a divorce? What? Divorce? You’re studying so seriously? Didn’t your father go out? Chocobar for me. I don’t want it, because I have a bigger one.

Fine, keep it. Sister-in-law, please heat water urgently. I want to take a bath and go out. And, what if I don’t? Then I’ll go without taking a bath. What’s the matter? Why is everyone so serious? What’s the matter, brother? That belt around your neck makes you look like a hero. Was Malishwari here? You said you were going to the village. I postponed that. Something urgent has come up, I’ll be right back. You should postpone it too. Brother, it’s not right to fight in front of sister-in-law like this. That’s not it. – Dolly will get scared. – She gave me this belt. These days you’re doing big things. Hey..wait. – Where are you going? – Wait, brother. Wait.. – I haven’t done anything. – Wait. I won’t spare you. Wait. Where are you going? Tomatoes. Red tomatoes. 20 rupees for a kilo. Fresh tomatoes. One kilo eggs, please. Do you want a dozen? Here you go? How much? 12 rupees. 12 for one meaning 144 for 12 eggs. – It’s cheaper than chicken. – Very cheap. – So, a dozen eggs for 144. – I didn’t say that she gave me.

– And you will take it? – Yes. Let him go. He’s lying and you want me to leave him. I spared you too. You mean I lied. You mean I lied. Okay, I lied. – But you should know why I lied. – Are you blind? You don’t watch TV, so you don’t talk about cricket. We can’t talk about TV serials either. So what else can we talk about? Give me that bag. I may have lied, but you will never find a friend like me. One minute. One minute. People throw banana peels on the road. Dirty fellows.

The road is no place to throw it. What if someone slips over it? I never do such a thing. Brother and sister-in-law are not like you think they are. Sister-in-law is always fighting with the brother when no one is watching. But you don’t have to feel anything. You don’t have to feel that you misunderstood me. I never think like that. Let’s forget whatever happened and be friends. Meaning.. You won’t listen. Is that final? Okay, even I can get angry. You will never see this beautiful face ever again. Bye. Goodbye. Eggs! “You’re delicate like the flower.” “Your smile echoes in the air.” “Your tale is never-ending.” “You’re the destination my paths lead to.” “You’re delicate like the flower.” “Your smile echoes in the air.” “Your tale is never-ending.” “You’re the destination my paths lead to.” “Your voice is so melodious.” “There is no one like you.” “Your voice is so melodious.” “There is no one like you.” “I am waiting for you to be one in love.” “It’s like a prayer that’s been answered.” “What is this punishment levied on me?” “When I smile, tears trickle down my eyes.” “What is this condition I am in?” “Your tale is never-ending.” “You’re the destination my paths lead to.” “Your dreams never leave my eyes.” “I feel alleviated, soaring amongst the stars.” “Your light illuminates my path.” “You’re the one who dwells in my eyes.” “I want to always be with you.” “Your love is all I want.” “Keep seeing me always..” “And always keep talking about you.” “You’re delicate like the flower.” “Your smile echoes in the air.” “Your tale is never-ending.” “You’re the destination my paths lead to.” Wow, how nice.

– Isn’t it? – Give me more lentil. Serve me more. Come and eat. I am satisfied seeing you two like this. This because I cut my finger. You could’ve used a spoon. Or stopped eating. I am old enough to get married, and you two are up to mischief. – Does this look nice? – Why are you so angry? Even your wife will feed you like this. You’ve been saying that for four years. Forget about marriage, I didn’t even get a wedding night yet. I mean engagement. There is a time for everything. One should show some interest, sister-in-law. Your family was saying no because they couldn’t afford the dowry. But I got you two married. Now dowry is not a problem, because the father isn’t around anymore. And still, he isn’t doing anything. Imagine sister-in-law.. ..why did a girl come over with your younger brother’s bag. Why did your younger brother go over to her place? Why did he forget the bag there? Why did I lie to you two? Your younger brother likes her, that’s why he took all this trouble. But did you two ever ask what is this all about? Never.

We don’t even know her address. House no. i4, Sector 4, MCP Colony, Vizag. That’s her address. Her name is Malishwari. And even her parents live here. Now, will you two do something? We haven’t thought about Malishwari’s marriage yet. Then we’ll wait for the right time. Actually, we’re not in a hurry. Did you fix her marriage someplace else? No. That’s not it. Does she love someone else? – Not at all. – Then, what is the problem? She is not our daughter. That’s the problem.

Meaning? Her parents have passed away. She is an orphan. Then she is fortunate to get this proposal. Don’t worry at all. Do you know who Malishwari is? I am talking to them. Go inside. Actually, my wife brought her from the village. Meaning, she works here. Exactly. – But.. – Be quiet. We came over without making any inquiry. – Forgive us. – It’s okay. – See you. – Goodbye. – Where is Prasad? – The manager’s cabin. What is this? He says that he lent one million to the bank. One million 15 thousand, sir. Who gives a loan to the bank? I.. Listen, no need to come from tomorrow. I’ll send your salary. Yes. I want to talk to you. I’ll be right back. Come on. Coming.. Come, sit. – Do you think you’re smart? – What happened? We just talked a few times and you sent a marriage proposal. Ohh..did brother and sister-in-law come over? And they even brought a priest along for the auspicious time. Sorry, brother. I couldn’t understand you yet.

I didn’t know you were such a cheap man. I feel so embarrassed because of your actions. You think you’re some hero. Really? Have you seen your face in the mirror? No. You think girls are crazy about your smile. – I.. – Shut up. Crazy people are sent to the mental asylum. But they let this crazy man on the loose. Thanks. Look, if you ever come over to my house again.. ..then you’ll be in serious trouble. Can I come to the library? Don’t you have any work? I do..but I don’t use it too much.

Don’t argue with me. This time I am just explaining to you. Next time I’ll use my hands. Okay, I’ll wait for that. Okay, I’ll come. Okay, I’ll bring it along. Be ready. Okay. What was she saying? She wanted to see a movie. She’s angry because I couldn’t go yesterday. To watch a movie. I would even go to the graveyard for her. Sorry. – What do you do? – I am a CA. My younger brother is an accountant at Andhra Bank. – Okay. – Look, he’s here. – He will live for 100 years. – That’s my younger brother. – Hello. – Prasad, come here. The boy’s really very smart. He was fat before, but he’s on a diet these days. That’s Mr. Raghav Rao. He’s brought his daughter’s proposal for marriage.

But Malishwari? – Forget her. – But.. Finally, you got a really nice proposal. Just say yes for this marriage. – But brother.. – Listen. Coming. – Hello. – Hello. My daughter’s photo. Your daughter is very nice. You can ask him anything you want. Actually, I want to tell you something important. What? I love someone. But I have no problem in marrying your daughter. Love is not important. The bank closes at 5 pm. I’ll take that girl out for an hour and then come back home. Then I will stay with your daughter. What’s her name? What did you say her name was? – Janki. – That’s a very nice name. What are you looking at? You have a doubt that I love someone else.. ..so will I take care of your daughter or not. Look, we had a black and white TV in our home. Then we bought a color TV. But did we throw the earlier one away? No.

We watch that in the bedroom. This is just like that. That is love and this is marriage. There is no connection between the two. You can consider that. It will hurt more if someone else tells you about it. You can discuss the rest with my brother. See you. The boy told you everything clearly. So what is my commission? He loves someone else and wants to marry someone else. No, the girl’s name is Malishwari. She is very beautiful. You knew everything and still brought this proposal to me. Listen carefully. If I see you near my house again, then you’ll be in big trouble. Understand. Where did he go? He left. Left? What happened? What do you mean what happened? He found out about Malishwari.

Malishwari. Prasad. What is it, brother? What did you tell them? Look, it will be better if you let me go. There’s nothing more I can do for you. You should find another priest. Years later you got such a nice marriage proposal. – And you rejected that? – What did I do, brother? You told him about Malishwari, didn’t you? What spell has she cast on you? No parents, no wealth, we don’t know her caste. And she is their maid. And you want to marry such a girl. When I fell in love with Malishwari, I didn’t care about her wealth or caste. – But now you know. – So what? When you married sister-in-law, even you said no for dowry. It’s true that Malishwari’s parents are not alive.

And after the marriage, the husband means everything. I don’t have a problem with that. And as for her qualities, then Malishwari has all the qualities. There’s nothing bad about her. As for her caste. No one cares about the caste. I don’t like that one has to know the caste for two people to get married. When we go to see a girl, we check whether she can cook or not.

Or I don’t see these things, brother. Because I want a wife and not a cook. I am saying this for your own good. The rest is your wish. I have found Malishwari. Tomorrow morning you will get her dead body. Malishwari. One minute. I want to tell you something important. Actually, your decision will be.. Mali.. Nice book. The hero kills the heroine. But you find that out in the end. Suspense. What’s wrong? Why are you not talking to me? What is my fault? – Would you like something? – Later.

I know what is your problem. You don’t have money. But I do. My salary is 90,000 in hand. Does matter how much we spend, we’ll still save enough money. I’ll get you the rest of the money. You can buy gold with that money. I won’t say anything to you. Sir, rice-cake, pancakes, tea. You’re worried about food, but can’t you see people are in a problem here. Rice-cake or pancake? If we get married, then that will be the end of our troubles.

We can make rice-cakes and pancakes at home. Do you want to know a secret? I am buying a flat in a posh colony. You know what, I didn’t tell brother about this either. Double-bedroom flat. 1000 sq.ft. It takes more than a minute to go from one corner to another. Just say yes, and I’ll treat you like a queen. I’ll buy a flowery veil for you every day. One movie a week. Picnic once a month. And one foreign trip in a year. We can do anything we want when we have money.

But you don’t have to decide right now. We’ll meet again tomorrow evening. And then you can tell me your decision. Hey, two people are waiting here for a long time for some food. Are you not going to take our order? Are you going to stroll around like this? Go and get two cups of coffee. This is a nice place. What is this? Are you serving food or trying to kill us? What is this, Malishwari? You’re too much. I’ve been speaking for so long and you’re not saying anything.

Is this book more important? Hello. Sir, Victor speaking. Did you get rid of her? No, sir. I had to go to the hospital. What are you doing? You call yourself a professional killer. Actually, sir, a guy hit me between my legs. Then I burnt my fingers in a soup. Hit my head on a pillar. Tried to open the door. – But everything got messed up. – Listen carefully. If this is difficult for you, then I’ll give this job to someone else. No need, sir. I will kill that girl. If I send someone else, then he will not kill her.

He will kill you, remember that. – Hello. – Aunty, this is Prasad speaking. Please call Malishwari. Malishwari is not at home. – She has gone out. – Who is it? Remember the people who brought a marriage proposal for Malishwari. It’s their younger brother. Look, Prasad, I don’t know who you are. Your brother came over two days ago. I told him, and now I am telling you. Don’t ever call here again. – Will you tell anyone who calls up? – No. – When will you ever grow smart? – I can’t even talk on the phone now.

You should be careful. If he ever calls again or comes over.. ..then don’t tell him anything. – Understand. – Yes. Greeting. Who are you? Bouquet for Malishwari’s birthday. Are you stupid? It’s his friends birthday. She ordered hours ago and you’re bringing it now. She must have reached the shipyard now. Why the shipyard? Why else? The party is on the boat. Then I’ll deliver these flowers there. See you, sir. See you, aunty. He called her aunty. Do you know him? Then why didn’t you tell me before? You said I shouldn’t talk to Prasad. You mean..he’s Prasad. Hey, stop. If I fail to kill Malishwari today, then you’ll never see me alive again. Even God can’t save this girl today. – The party is in full swing. – I can see that. – Come on. – Coming sir, right behind you. – Hi. – Hi. – And you are.. – Geeta’s brother. I see..very nice to meet you. – I am Sita’s husband. – Very nice to meet you. – And you? – I am Lata’s boyfriend. Very glad to meet you.

Very sad to meet you. Look, there’s Gita. Come on. But, actually.. Thank you. But my birthday is next month. Ohh..I am out of town next month. So this is in advance. So sweet, thank you. – Okay, sister. – It’s beautiful. Hey, Sonu. The arrangements are not proper. There’s a cake here, but where’s the knife to cut it.? Hi. Good evening, madam. How did you know I am here? My spies are all around the place. That’s to filmy, sir. Why do you go everywhere uninvited? If the priest doesn’t call us, do we stop going to the temple? – How about that? – That’s too clichéd, sir.

– Yeah, I know. – Do you have matches? No. Ladies. Then you must have a lighter. Idiot. Thanks. This discussion is futile. I will count to three. If you don’t say yes for our marriage, then I.. Jump in the water? No, I will throw him in the water. The problem is between you two, why are you dragging me in this. If I die for love, then that will be routine. But if you die, it will be something different. Are you ready? 1.. 2.. Sir, I am getting married in 10 days.

Don’t get me in this mess. – 3.. – Go to hell. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Gita. Happy birthday.. Why are you so surprised? He’s your brother, isn’t he? – Maybe he got too emotional. – Who are you? My name is Prasad. And, I cannot lie. I love someone. And, I came here for her. If she says no, then I will die.

“Why are you so proud of your beauty?” “I always chase after you, don’t be so egoistic.” “Is loving you a mistake?” “Are your eyes blindfolded?” “You.. you.. I love only you..” “Me.. Yes, Me.. Make me yours.” “Why are you so proud of your beauty?” “I always chase after you, don’t be so egoistic.” “Is loving you a mistake?” “Are your eyes blindfolded?” “If you say yes I will treat you like a princess.” “If you say no, I will still not stop chasing you.” “It’s not right to show such attitude.” “Who knows when this beautiful moment will come again.” “Tell me what’s wrong with me?” “That you’re rejecting me.” “Why are you stirring things up now?” “Why are you so proud of your beauty?” “I always chase after you, don’t be so egoistic.” “Is loving you a mistake?” “Are your eyes blindfolded?” “You..

You.. I love only you..” “Me.. Yes, Me.. Make me yours.” “Tell me if you want to be treated like a girl.” “You won’t find a better guy than me.” “I’m a man with a mustache, you should know that.” “If you feel embarrassed, then make gestures to call me.” “You should know, that I am the one for you.” “I want to change my life.” “Why are you so proud of your beauty?” “I always chase after you, don’t be so egoistic.” “Is loving you a mistake?” “Are your eyes blindfolded?” “You.. you.. I love only you..” “Me.. Yes, Me.. Make me yours.” What is this? Give me something to lower my BP.

This is your BP medicine. Daddy, call for you. – Hello. – Sir, I am Shankar. I have reached Vizag. – What do you want me to do? – Sir. You keep calling me all the time because outgoing calls are free. Call me when you finish the job. – Hey, get tea. – Coming, sir. Boss, look. Sir, the road is this way. I can see the road. But I can’t turn the handle properly. I think it needs some oil. Sir, sir, sir, just a minute. Is there a party on a ship here? Yes, we’re coming from there. – Do you know some Malishwari.. – Malishwari. Of course, I know Malishwari. Of course, I do. – What is your relationship with her? – I am her uncle. Your future relative. – Which car is she coming in? – Ambassador. I even know the number. 2343. Absolutely right. Look, the car’s here.

Malishwari. Malishwari. Stop. Malishwari, get down. Get down. Someone’s here to see you. – He says he’s your relative. – They are very good people. I asked for matches and he gave me a lighter. Look. Look. Uncle, there’s your Malishwari. Grandpa has met with an accident. – Accident? – He’s in the hospital. – Which hospital? – Apollo. No need to worry. He wants to meet you. Come with us. Malishwari. Keep this. This will come in handy. Okay. Call me when you get there, okay. Brother. Your change. Hey.. Malishwari. Is he your uncle? Hey, what’s wrong with you? Nothing yet, but something is going to happen now. How dare you touch Malishwari? You touched, Malishwari, didn’t you? With this hand. Say sorry. Say sorry. Sinu. – Yes, sir. – Deflate the tires. Okay, sir. Come on. Stupid, you deflated this tire as well. Just like you said, sir. I meant their cars. – Where’s the driver? – He ran away. Come on. – I’ll come too. – Hurry up. Why did you stop? Come on. This is all your fault? You are so stupid. Why did you tell them that I am Malishwari? I didn’t tell them.

They asked. So they weren’t your relatives. So you finally understand, stupid. – But who are they? – I don’t know. I must get to Hyderabad urgently. Listen, book a ticket for tomorrow evening’s train. – Okay, sir. – Not tomorrow, I must go now. – How can you go now? – I’ll ask someone for a lift. If you wait any longer, then your uncle will give us a lift. – One way ticket upstairs. – You’re right. Shut up. Exactly. You won’t find anyone to give you a lift at this hour. You must be crazy. – Don’t hit me, sir. – Who do you think you are? No, sir. Sorry.. Is that the way to talk to a girl? What happened, sir? Why are you beating him like that? She wants to go urgently, and he’s refusing to give a lift.

He should be clobbered with a shoe. But how can I give a lift when I don’t have a car. How can the poor man give a lift when he doesn’t have a car? He should’ve said that earlier. Stupid. – What is your name? – Qualis. – I meant your name. – Pappu. What do you do? I have an event management company. We arrange weddings, sir. Like catering, etcetera. What are you doing in Vizag? I came here to see a girl for myself. Then what happened? – I like her a lot. – She is very lucky. But she rejected me. Look straight while driving. – Sir.. – Look ahead. You’re a strong guy. What do you mean? I mean you have a short temper. That’s not it. Who are you? How is this girl related to you? Why are you going to Hyderabad at this hour? If you ask these questions then I will lose my mind. As you say. Thank God we didn’t talk too much. Or that would’ve been my last.

Drive properly. What are you doing? – What happened? – The car stopped. – But why? – Because there’s a puncture, sir. Then what are you waiting for? Change the tire quickly. I can’t change in this darkness. This much light is enough. – I have no stepney. – Why didn’t you say that before? If I had told you before then you would’ve yelled at me. What? Do I look short tempered to you? Do you think I am a blood pressure patient? Actually, I don’t get angry at all, understand. I can see that. What will we do now? We’ll have to wait for her tonight. Is there a hotel close-by? Yeah, and she won’t settle for non-ac. I want Ac. I can’t sleep without Ac. I am not some ordinary man. I am not talking to you, Keep your mouth shut. I am not talking to you either. Careful. She is a female but she is very brave. You’re right. – But she is arrogant too. – That’s right too. Let’s sleep here. – Okay, sir. – What are you thinking? – How will we climb up? – Why will we climb up? We’ll lie down on the grass.

– Correct, sir. – Then what are you waiting for? What is this? No manners how to drink water. – You won’t drink this now? – No. Fine, I won’t drink either. – Here you go. – Mannerless fellow. Come on. Hold this. Hold this. Now let’s sleep. Sorry. I mean you sleep. Are you making a line of control? I don’t want to see your ugly face in the morning. On the contrary. If I see your face in the night, I won’t be able to sleep. Stupid. Idiot. Thank you. Same to you. – Do I have to sing a lullaby for you? – No. story. I always hear a story before sleeping. Can I sing a song for her? You don’t sing, I will tell a story. But it shouldn’t be a ghost story.

Why? Are you scared? I am not scared, but tell me a movie story. Movie story.. One day I was returning after watching the second show of a movie. It was winter season. There was pin drop silence all around. Not a soul on the road. I sped up my bike and turned into an alley. There was a light at the end of the alley.

That’s when I heard a sound, something like.. – Dog? – No, owl. I wasn’t scared and kept speeding ahead on my bike. There was a graveyard at the end of the alley.. ..and, I had to cross it to get home. As soon as I arrived near the graveyard.. ..the streetlight turned off. I was a little scared. I sped up my bike. And then I heard a sound.. – My tire was punctured. – Why doesn’t your mouth get punctured? I got down and started walking on foot. I thought someone’s following me. When I looked behind I saw it was my friend. I asked him what he’s doing here. He said I live here these days. I was scared and asked him for a cigarette. He took a cigarette out of his ear and gave it to me. I said I don’t have matches. And he said not to worry, I have. And he showed me his burning finger. I was scared and then and I looked at his feet.

There was a dead body burning at a distance, and I saw his feet. His feet was normal but his feet had turned backward. He got scared. “Your beauty is..like the flowers.” “But you are no poet..” “..so stop following me.” “How long are we going to play hide and seek?” “You’re the reason for all my troubles.” “You look so delicate even when you’re angry.” “You are no poet..” “..so stop following me.” “You complain if I say something.” “You complain even if I don’t say something.” “I want to be yours forever.” “You were made for me.” “You can die for me.” “Who am I to you?” “I can give up my life for you.” “Believe me.” “Why do you keep repeating yourself?” “You’re so mischievous.” “Your beauty is..like the flowers.” “When I come closer, you send me away.” “When I go away, you come closer.” “You have a strange habit.” “You go here and there.” “You go left and right. What is your problem?” “I will elope with you.” “Give me your permission.” “Don’t try to mislead me with your words.” “I am feeling intoxicated slowly.” “Your beauty is..like the flowers.” “But you are no poet..” “..so stop following me.” “How long are we going to play hide and seek?” “You’re the reason for all my troubles.” “You look so delicate even when you’re angry.” Where is that Pappu? He hasn’t returned after fixing the tires.

He isn’t going to come back. He must have run away. There’s no place he can go. He will have to come back. How can you be so sure? Because I picked his pocket. See. You stole from here. I did. And this is your fault. I fought, I stole, God knows what else I will have to do. Shut up. What are you staring at? Aren’t you ashamed to eat alone? You’re not offering someone who’s with you. But you said you won’t eat what I’ve eaten. That was yesterday. You should join politics. You will defeat everyone else.

– You.. – What are you doing? – Why are you hitting me? – You made me eat that eaten food. I knew carrots make you strong. But I didn’t know it makes the other person strong as well. – How much further? – Just one kilometer. – Is that all? – You’ll get used to it after that. Here you go. Oh! Come on. I won’t get in the water. It will ruin my sandal. Then pick it up in your hands. I won’t walk bare feet. It’s nice. You will like it because someone else is carrying you. Don’t you know how to carry properly? Do I look like a horse to you who carries the burden? You’re heavy like a buffalo. – Are you calling me a buffalo? – Let it be. Or else people will start calling buffaloes as Malishwari. Shut your mouth. Shut your mouth. Yes, I am yelling at you. Do you see anyone else here? Hold this. If you yell at me again then I’ll drop you in the water.

“In your eyes..” – The puncture is fixed, sir. – Fill up the tank, okay. Sir, would you like something to drink? – Do you have a cold drink? – Yes, I do. But it should be chilled. How much? 1200 What are you saying? The new government has lowered fuel rates. – My purse. – Is it lost? Yes. Would you like a cold drink? Give me one rupee. Can’t you be more polite? Do you want me to beg you for one rupee? At least she didn’t try to strangle me. Don’t move. – What are you doing? – The goons are coming. Just do as I say. – Wait, I’ll pick it up. – No, I’ll pick it up. – No, I am picking it up. – Wait, I’ll pick it up. – Hey.. you.. – What are you doing? – Remove this. – Take your hands off. Your hands are on my face. Take your hands off.. That’s my hand. Sir.. – Keep this. – Thank you, sir. Pappu. What happened, son? What happened, my friend? I came here to fix my car.

But somehow the car disappeared and I got here. That’s a lie. When will you stop lying? Last night you behaved really badly with me. Sir, please. Don’t look so angrily at me. – Tell me. – You told me to always tell the truth. The car was punctured. I got it fixed. Put some fuel. And also drank some cold drink. But later I saw that my purse was missing. – I immediately talked to the manager. – I see.

– But his anger scared me. – What happened then? What else? I am cleaning cars now. Now I realized how it feels when someone loses his purse. I just remembered something. I found this purse lying on the grass last night. Is this yours? Sir, that wasn’t the right thing to do. I took it so that you don’t lose it. – What are you doing? – I am leaving, sir.

– Forgive me sir. – Pappu. – I cannot clean any more cars. – Pappu. – What is this? – Bill. – What is this? – Money. She is walking away. I’ll have to rob a bank to meet her expenses. You’ve lost so much weight, Pappu. You had to clean cars when you didn’t have your purse. Why didn’t you sell your chain instead? – It’s not real gold, sir. – Is that so? Then you should’ve sold the diesel in your car for immediate relief. If I was that smart then I would’ve never given you a lift, sir. That’s true. – Hurry up, we’re getting late. – Coming.

Giving orders like a queen like we’re your servants. – Pappu, stop the car. – Why? Don’t ask questions. Just stop the car. Look, there’s the supermarket. Women don’t tell everything to men. Even men can’t tell you everything. Two cups of tea. Can I ask you a question? How is Malishwari related to you? My future wife. You are very lucky, sir. She’s a very nice girl. Nonsense. She is crazy about me. What are you saying? – She’s after you? – Yes. She used to come to the same library I used to go to. At 5 am. One day she didn’t go to the library and came to my home. And then one day she came to my bank. Last month my friend’s birthday was on the ship, and she came there too. And I couldn’t say no to her. Her insistence melted my heart. Even I was wondering what is so special.. ..about you that girls are crazy for you. Sir, sister-in-law is going in the rickshaw.

She never goes anywhere without me. Sir, sir. That madam left this note for you. “Thanks to Pappu for giving me a lift to Hyderabad.” “And thanks to bachelor Prasad as well.” “Don’t follow me. Malishwari.” Sir, tea. – Can I drop you at jubilee bus stop? – Why? You can get a bus to Vizag from there. If she left in a rickshaw you think I’ll go on a bus. Malishwari is my life. I won’t even drink water until I don’t find her. There’s no sugar. Get some sugar. How will you find sister-in-law in this big city? Today morning she called home from the petrol pump. We’ll find the address from that number. You’re clever like a fox, sir.

You’re right. And yet sister-in-law fooled you. – Murti. – Yes, uncle. – Do you suspect anyone in Vizag? – No, uncle. No one knew about her in Vizag. Then who told you that she left for Hyderabad. Prasad, the guy who saved Malishwari’s life, his peon told me. – And I came here immediately. – What should we do? I think we should file a case against that Bhawani. If we file a case, then it will never end. And the government will put a stay order on this property. Meaning, we should run away if he attacks again. Or die. And no one should know about it. Even if the court finds out, then we’re still in trouble. – That’s not it, sir. – Then what is it? We hid Malishwari for so long, and that’s our mistake. She doesn’t need security, she needs publicity. That’s why we must call for a press conference. – And then. – We’ll tell them everything. We’ll also tell them about the attacks on Malishwari.

But we won’t tell them who is behind these attacks. Then the idea will deal with him. This is a good idea. This idea will definitely work. Tomorrow if Malishwari slips and fell.. ..the Bhawani will be the main suspect. Okay. Arrange for a press conference. – You got the wrong address, sir. – No, this is the one. Or maybe the phone number is wrong. Let’s go inside and find out once. I helped you get here. Can I leave now? Why are you so scared? They won’t kill us if we go inside. – I’ll stay here, you go inside and find out. – Sir. What happened? We’ll go inside together. What if someone steals the car? The car has insurance, but I don’t. Hello. Hello, mic testing. Listen, arrange all the chairs properly. Put that up there. Yeah..i said up there. Why is that here? Put it in place. – Please hold this mic. – Yes. Balu. – You called, sir. – Get my cigarette packets from my room. And the lighter. What about the ashtray? Give me the ashtray.

– Who do you want it for? – That man sitting on my head. I was carrying the cigarette and lighter to save myself the trouble. But I forgot the ashtray. Listen, my master should get the Bharat Ratna Award. He’s such a lazy man. He always instructs others to do his work. – I am stuck in this mess. – Always talking nonsense. Ashtray. So Balu, you’ve been talking a lot about me behind my back. Let the conference get over, I will break your hands and legs. Sir, how did you hear that, sir? Where is the mic? You’re carrying the mic in your pocket? Listen Balu, go stand at the gate. Wait. First, listen to the instructions. Don’t let everyone in. First, ask them from which newspaper and then let them in. – Now go. – Go. Come on. Left, left, left.

Which newspaper? Yuva Bharat. Yuva Bharat. See. Yeah.. Sir, he wouldn’t have asked if it was an English newspaper. Forget it. What is sister-in-law doing in such a big house? She must be tutoring the kids and looking after the old. One has to do something for a living. Does sister-in-law have to work as a maid here? Once she says yes I will treat her like a queen. Hello.. May I have your attention, please. Gentlemen, you all know about the Mirzapur Royal family. And about the 20-year-old court case for the property. We’ve arranged for this press meet to introduce you to our queen. Now I take the pleasure of presenting you that only legal heir.. ..of Late King Jagdishchandra Prasad. Her highness Ms. Malishwari. The Princess of Mirzapur. Pappu, let’s go. Such a rich girl. And she deceived you so well, sir. She didn’t deceive me, Pappu. It’s her generosity that she stayed with us even though she is rich. But lying is wrong, sir. Malishwari didn’t lie, Pappu. I lied to you that she loves me. But it’s not a lie that you love sister-in-law.

You’re right. One can desire to see the Taj Mahal. But not to live in it. What does this mean? They are telling the world that we’re her enemy. How will that benefit us? A mouse is saying that there’s a cat in the house. Now if the mouse does who will be the suspect? Tell me. Meaning..we’ll be the suspect.

What will the cat do now? – He won’t stop eating meat. – No need. But you can’t do anything openly now. Meaning..the knife can be mine, but not the hand. I should not be accused of it. Malishwari has to die. Bobby, give this girl lots of cash and a cotton sari. Okay, daddy. In the current news. “There was a huge storm in Bengal today.” The storm can come at any moment. Thunder has already struck in Bengal. And it can head in this direction at any time. Leave me. Leave me. Help! I’ll change the station, sir. Sir, sir, I’ll turn it off. You keep smiling and make others cry. This time it’s different. You should forget about sister-in-law. I forgot about her long ago. But you still remember her. You don’t want to go, do you? It happens in the beginning. But then you get used to it. Shall we? Rickshaw. – Do you know Jubilee Bus stop? – Do you? – I don’t know. – Then hop in.

Prasad, get in the car. I have some business with you. Let’s go home. Laxmi. Laxmi. Laxmi is not at home sir. – She’s gone out to buy vegetables. – Okay. Get this cleaned. Gauri. Clean this. – Uncle. – Yes. He’s the guy who saved Malishwari from the goons yesterday. – Hello. – Hello. – Thank you very much, son. – It’s okay. Have you seen those goons before? No, sir. But they sounded like they were from Hyderabad. Can you recognize them? Yes. I’ll talk to the Commissioner and arrange for an identification.

So you must stay here for a couple of days. I hope you don’t have a problem? – I work at the bank.. – Will they fire you? – Take maternity leave. – Men don’t get that leave. We’ll discuss that later, first take him to the guest room. Come with me. It’s a nice room. What is your name? Bala Subramaniam. – What is this? – Clothes. – Should I keep these? – Keep it. Get them washed and return it tomorrow. Balu. Get me a glass of milk. And hurry up. The flower pot’s kept here.

Bathroom. Bathroom. People don’t know what to keep where. Hi, Snoopy. He’s lazier than me. They dropped me expensive pant for a cheap flower. These people have no brains. Looking nice. Come, come, come. Snoopy. – You? – How could you forget so soon? – Who let you in here? – You didn’t invite me. I came here uninvited just like a storm. If grandpa finds out about this then he won’t spare you. Your grandpa asked me to stay here. You’re lying. Only you have that quality, not me. – Hey.. – Hey. Did I ever lie to you? But you lied to me all the time. You lied about your name, your village, even your telephone number. And also that you’re an orphan. Even you lied about your brother. Silly girl, I only lie for the benefit of other people. Don’t try to be too smart. You’re not getting married.

Malishwari, I already told you. You can talk about anything you want. But not about my marriage. Stay in your limits. Or what? What will you do? Who’s going to marry you? This is not your city, this is my palace. I’ll give you a good beating which you will never forget. This is terrible. I saved her from goons and now she wants to beat me up. Yes. Shut your mouth, wear your pants and lie in some corner. I will take revenge for all the trouble you caused me. Her name should’ve been Patal Bhairavi and not Malishwari. – Dinner is ready. – Go and get it. I can’t. You have to go there. Is that a rule or request? By order.

Where are you taking me, buddy? Sir, please don’t call me buddy. Okay. Feels like I am walking to digest my food. More ahead. Is this a lift? Is this Malishwari’s mother? Come, we’re almost there. I cannot walk anymore. How much further is it? This is the dining hall. Feels like I just succeeded in climbing Mt. Everest. Let’s go. This way. Anything else? – Can I get some ghee? – Of course. Where are you going? It’s in the corner, I’ll go get it. No, let it be. I’ll take it tomorrow when I sit there. Dial a number for me. – 0891.. – Is it STD call. Why? can’t you call from here? 2754540 Hello. Hello, brother. It’s me. Yes, Prasad. How are you? You know what, Malishwari is not Mr. Murthi’s maid.

She is the princess of Mirzapur. Yeah, even I read in the newspaper. I am at her palace. I’ve been given a room. Tub in the bathroom. AC in the bedroom. Phone in the dining room. And a servant to scratch my back. A grand bed as well. First, you don’t want to sleep on it. But if you do, then you don’t want to get up. – Are they taking good care of you? – Yes, brother. – I am like a king here. – Yes, King Kong. Am I not? How are sister-in-law and Dolly? – First class. – Tell sister-in-law to clean my bike. Don’t worry, she is cleaning it every day. Thanks. Dolly misses you a lot. Talk to her. Talk to him. – Uncle. – You’re missing me, aren’t you? I’ll be back in a couple of days. Do you know what mom was saying to dad? We’re so happy that you left.

These rich people don’t know about.. ..the love that we middle-class people have. Sir. Everyone sleeps early in this palace. – So if you can.. – I’ll go too. It’s getting dark. And, I have a long way to go. – Okay, sir. Go. – Okay. Do you know the way? Hey..I never forget a way when I see it once. Sir! This way, not that way. Bring to be over smart. Sorry, I thought this is my bedroom. All the doors look similar, so I got confused. Can you show me the door to my room? Malishwari is sleeping. So what were you doing in her room? Why are you quiet? That Balu talks more and works less. But, you’re not like him. You talk less and also work less. You are very dangerous. Ohh.. You have a good personality. But you will look better if you laugh. You should practice laughing.

Snoopy. Snoopy. Don’t waste your time after him. Do your job. Snoopy. Come on. Come. – Wrong. – It’s not wrong. – You two. – Venkatesh. – What? – Your conscience. So what? – Isn’t it wrong to see her bathe? – Not at all. Because she didn’t see you see her. But my heart doesn’t agree. Crazy Prasad. You’re not looking at that girl. You’re looking at the swimming pool. But she came in your view. Nothing else. No, I was looking at that girl. Then look at her. Look at her from top to bottom. But make sure no one sees you. That’s important. See you. “Malishwari..” “Malishwari..” “I feel thorns pricking my heart..” “..whenever I see you.” “O beautiful, don’t go away.” “No, no, don’t do this.” “Or you will get in trouble.” “Don’t come so close to me.” “Why is my wish unfulfilled?” “Why are we still separate?” “You will get in trouble when you’ll see me like this.” “You’re such a capricious girl, you have a jolly nature.” “Tell me how can I change your heart, Malishwari.” “No, no, don’t do this.” “Or you will get in trouble.” “Don’t come so close to me.” “You’re beautiful like fire. You are so intoxicating.” “I feel immersed in your beauty.” “I am usually very coy.” “But in your love, you know I feel very capricious.” “Don’t come close to me and then go away.” “Don’t be so hasty understand.” “You’re such a capricious girl, you have a jolly nature.” “Tell me how can I change your heart, Malishwari.” “No, no, don’t do this.” “Or you will get in trouble.” “Don’t come so close to me.” “Say what you said just now.” “Why did you reveal the secrets in your heart?” “Tell me what’s in your heart.” “What is that you feel? Do you feel a tune resonating in your ear?” “Why are you trying to hear it like this?” “Why do you call me coyly? Will you take me out?” “Come and fulfill my desires.” “You’re such a capricious girl, you have a jolly nature.” “Tell me how can I change your heart, Malishwari.” “No, no, don’t do this.” “Or you will get in trouble.” “Don’t come so close to me.” “Why is my wish unfulfilled? Why are we still separate?” “You will get in trouble when you’ll see me like this.” “You’re such a capricious girl, you have a jolly nature.” “Tell me how can I change your heart, Malishwari.” Hi, Snoopy. Don’t tell anyone about this, okay.

Snoopy. Don’t do this. Help me. Help me. Snoopy. Don’t do this. Save me. Don’t bite. Help me. Help me. Save me. Don’t bite. Snoopy. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. What have you done? Tell me. I haven’t done anything. He was attacking me. Don’t accuse an animal who can’t speak. Maybe, but he has big teeth. I was never scared of dogs, but now I hate him. I got your clothes. – How are you? – Can’t you see? What is the problem, sir? Him? I am a dog lover, sir.

What is his name? Snoopy. – Hi, Snoopy. – Pappu, don’t provoke him. Sir, you’re too much. He’s dead. Hey, Snoopy. See! See what he did to him. What’s wrong with you? – They are playing along. – What is he doing? Separate them. – Snoopy. – Separate those two. Pappu.. – Be careful, sir. – This way, Pappu. Please Snoopy, spare me. – Snoopy. – Separate those two. Look at what he’s doing to him. – Pappu.. – Why are you after my Snoopy. – Snoopy. – Pappu’s youth is ruined. – Pappu. Don’t worry. – Snoopy. – Stop! – Sir, sir.. Hail Malishwari! Poor Pappu. – Pappu. – Snoopy. Stop him. – Why is he after me? – Don’t hide behind me. Pappu. Pappu. – How did this happen? – He jumped out the window. How can anyone die by jumping out the window? The window was on the second floor. He was a nice dog.

– He never use to bark. – He only used to bite sometimes. It’s also written in the Gita. “One who is born is destined to die.” He really was a nice dog. He was the king of dogs. Lord, if there’s a paradise for dogs, then please send him there. So that his soul can rest in peace. Sir, I want to take an oath in front of you. I will build a tomb for him. Made of marble. And I vow to light a lamp at his grave every day. – Really? – Of course. Swear on him.

I love you Snoopy. I love you too Snoopy. Mali.. Let her go, sir. Stop. Stop. Stop. This palace is in such a secluded place. – It’s hard to find a rickshaw. – You won’t get a rickshaw here. – We’ve to go out there. – Such rich people. Why don’t you buy a few rickshaws instead? – Sir. – What? Madam is in the car. I am not sitting in her lap.

I am sitting on the front seat. Nonsense. – Madam. – Yeah, let’s go. – Where to? – Shopping. What do you want to buy? – Personal items. – Will you be more clear? Underwear. I have only two. I washed one and put it out to dry. – And the other one. – The dog tore that up. You mean.. Balu, stop the car on the side. – Catch the ball. Catch it. – Run. Run. Come on. Run quickly. Run. Run. Run faster. Come on. – Come with me. – Run. Hurry up. – Can we get underwear here? – Let’s see. I only wear VIP or Jockey underwear. – Do they sell those in that shop? – I don’t know, sir. You know better about these companies. Meaning. Out. Out! Hey..who did that? – Malishwari. – Madam. – Malishwari, are you all right? – Madam! – She is unconscious. – Hurry up.

Let’s go. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best. Hello. Did you see that truck’s number? No, sir. Do you doubt someone? No. Look, your highness, this was not an accident. You know that, and so do I. Take my advice, and meet with Bhawani Shankar once. And put this enmity to an end. Otherwise, this will continue like this. I’ll leave. Sir, even I think we should meet him once. What will we talk to him about? Even seeing his face is a sin. Nonsense. Mali, I’ve kept juice for you. Please drink it. I’ll be right back, okay. Malishwari, tablet. Keep it there. The doctor told you to take it now. I’ll take it after a while. Take it, Malishwari. I said I’ll take it later. Do I look like a small kid that you’re doing this? Get well first then you can scold me. There, I took the tablet. Don’t just stand there. Leave. Prasad. Sorry. I am a little angry. – It’s all right. – Friends? The government should declare a holiday today.

– Why? – You always scold me and I say sorry. But today you scolded me and also said sorry. Malishwari, who is Bhawani Shankar? Stupid. Don’t you read the newspaper? 5 people die from a rickshaw. But I gave you a huge truck. And you couldn’t kill one girl. – Who gave you a license? – Sir! You said there should be no witnesses. You tried explaining me this cat and mouse game.

Don’t give me these stupid ideas. If I sit idle, then nothing will happen. But, sir.. Killing Malishwari is my headache. And your headache is to save me from punishment. Don’t give such stupid ideas again. Let’s go. When will you start the flooring? In a couple of days, sir. Are you scared now? You will reach down before the lift. Your skull will crack as you hit the surface. Then your neck will be broken and then your hands and limbs. – And then you will die. – Leave me. Leave me. How old are you? 50-60 years, right. If you eat sweet, you’ll get sugar. If you eat salt, you’ll get a high blood pressure.

And if you eat chilies, you’ll get an ulcer. And if you don’t eat properly, you will die. Why do you want so much money? If the father dies, you’ll get the job. If the mother dies, you’ll get her gold. If the entire family dies, you’ll get the entire property. You must forsake such thoughts. If you attack Malishwari again, I will give you a sad death. Got it. And yes, don’t waste your time trying to find out who I am. Everyone calls me Prasad. I am an accountant at Andhra Bank. I am still a bachelor. Let me know if you have a good marriage proposal. But it shouldn’t be your daughter. Sir, did you get a discharge. – Are you the in charge here? – No. Then why are you disturbing me? Nonsense. Useless fellows.

No work and they only trouble others. Look at this. The garbage bag is lying around. When did he get discharge? Move aside. Move aside. Madam is coming. Come, madam. Come. Please move aside. Madam is coming. – What are you doing? – Careful, there are stairs ahead. – Come on. – Leave me. – I am not sick. – You’re getting angry. Wait, I’ll open it for you. Come. Come, sit. Come, sit. Front seat. Front seat. Go on. Let’s go. See sir, this is just a namesake hospital. There are no beds for the patient. – Look ahead. – Madam is in the car. Are you comfortable? What is this charade for? What is it? – It’s nothing. – Nothing.

– You will get angry again. – No, I won’t. What is this? The money that I spent on you. The money that I spent on you from Vizag to Hyderabad. 4250 rupees. – Ice Cream, 120 rupees. – Butterscotch. You bought that in Vizag, remember. Flower bouquet; 200. I bought it for your friend’s birthday. So that’s on your account as well. STD Bill,150 rupees. You called Hyderabad from the petrol pump. I spent lavishly back there. But then I found out how rich you are, so.. I mean, if I could get my money..

Actually, I am running short on money. So..if I could get some money from your account.. Not a word more. – You’re asking for the money that you spent on a girl. – So what’s wrong. Yesterday you called me a friend. So you’ll take money from a friend. I am not asking you for a loan. I am asking for my money. What will you do with all that money? I will kill you if you say another word. I won’t leave it so easily. I will take this money from your grandfather. Madam. I want to buy something. Okay. Balu, get out quickly. – Why? – Mali, come out quickly. Come on. Sir, good news. We won the case. – Really? – Look, this is the court’s copy.

I was really happy to hear that. – Congrats. – Thank you. Come on. Come on. – Here’s the money. – What are you doing? – This is no time for shopping. – Come on. Where are you taking me? This one is so cute. Come on. Let’s play with it. This yellow. – Mom, I want a balloon. – Okay, dear. Stand still. Don’t move. Which one do you want? – How much for that one? – 15 rupees. Give me the green one. There they are. Mister. Spare me something, I am hungry. Give me something. You’re always up to mischief. Where did they go? Come on. Leave me. Prasad. Check. Bhawani Shankar, where is Malishwari? – Sit. – Let it be. Stop this charade. I’ll withdraw all the cases against you. Don’t harm my granddaughter.

What do you want in return? Property? Factories? Money? Just tell me what you want. I want her to become my daughter-in-law. Yes. My son will marry Malishwari. Then I will spare her life. Promise. That’s the only solution. Come on. No, Prasad. they will kill me. Just leave me here and go away. Please. I will go away. But only when I see you smiling. I will leave when you become the Princess. The Malishwari whom I saw on the road to Vizag.. ..the Malishwari who had coffee with me..

..I didn’t know she was a Princess. I feel so proud of myself. I can do anything for you. You will die with me too. Why are you worried about me? You will be fine, Malishwari. As long as I am around, you’ll be fine. Remember one thing. They will have to kill me before they get to you. Come, let’s go. Now we’re relatives. Congratulations. Mali. Mali. What happened, dear? Is everything fine? Come, we were waiting for you. We’ve discussed everything. Bhawani Shankar and I have become friends. We don’t have any differences now. Do you know, dear? This is what Bhawani Shankar wanted. He has a small wish. That you become his daughter-in-law. There is no problem in that. Someday we’ve to live together after all. Take your father-in-law’s blessings. What are you thinking? Take his blessings. Bless you. You know that I always wanted a daughter. Now God has answered my prayers. What a beautiful daughter? You’re also getting gold with this beautiful daughter. – Take some, sister-in-law. – No, brother.

The doctor has advised me against it. What to do, sister-in-law? The doctor has advised me against it too. But I am drinking. Maybe you’re mistaken. The doctor has advised you against drinks. I don’t always drink. – Only sometimes. – Listen, she’s completely drenched. She might fall sick like this. Go inside and wipe yourself. You should think about that. – Now take her inside. – Yes. Hurry up or else she will catch pneumonia. Prasad. Prasad. One minute. We want a small help from you. Can you sleep in Balu’s room tonight? You see, we have extra guests tonight. And Bhawani Shankar is a man of principals.

He might feel awkward seeing you here. You’ll have to adjust since he’s a renowned guy. Can you do it? I’ll go, sir. – Let me take my clothes. – I’ll get them. Balu. Get Prasad’s bag. What happened? Any secret? No. Prasad wanted to leave but I told him to stay. What happened, brother? Tomorrow is Malishwari’s birthday. You stayed for this long, so why don’t you stay another day. Murthi. Remember..you threatened me for her. And these people are requesting me. And since they are insisting so much, I cannot reject this property. Now listen carefully. I will kill Malishwari by tomorrow morning. Promise. Nice.. Stupid people. They have invited an impostor to their home and giving them respect. They don’t know that I will ruin them. Mister, food is ready. – The food is getting cold. – Yes.. So you’re not going. You will attend the party tomorrow. Sir. Let it be, I will carry it.

Forget them, sir. They have big homes, but small hearts. Until yesterday these people wanted to kill Malishwari.. ..but now they have become relatives. You risked your life to save her. But what did they do to you? What kind of people are they? Even madam didn’t thank you. It’s all right, Balu. One gets paid for doing his job. If you lend money, you get interested. But if I help you, don’t ever say thanks. I’ve been working here for 10 years. But I never saw a king. But after seeing you, I know that this is how kings are. Sir. Please go, sir. You have no business here, sir. I will leave, Balu. I will leave after tonight. Prasad. – Open the door, dear. – Mali. Mali. Open the door. Mali. Mali. I thought some thief got in here. So I came here to catch him.

But there’s no one outside. Why did you lock the door from outside? No, sir. Believe me, someone was here. What he is doing in this room at this hour? Hey, don’t try to be too decent. Sir, he said to me that he will kill Malishwari tonight. What nonsense. Are you in your senses? Think about it, sir. They caused the accident. He sent his men to kill Malishwari. Will you believe me or him? Tell me, sir. – Malishwari, you tell them the truth. – What nonsense? What nonsense? Are you drunk? – Get out of here. – Don’t believe me, sir.

But don’t believe him either. He wants to kill Malishwari. Malishwari, he’s your enemy. – Stop your nonsense. – Prasad. – Mind your language. – What are you waiting for? Get out. Sorry, I cannot save you. Get out. – Sir, please believe me. – Get out. – Sir.. – I know why you’re doing this? Because we rejected your proposal. It was our mistake that we let this poor man in our house. – Let him go. – You don’t know. He broke our trust. Listen. It’s wrong to hit any human being. Listen, mister, if you quarrel here then my son will get up. And he will want to know what’s going on here.

Then I will have to tell him everything. Tomorrow is a big day. These things are not good. One should knock before going into someone’s room. And not go in through the window like thieves. That is wrong. Let’s go. Prasad. “I can always feel you around me.” “It’s difficult to forget you, you don’t know.” “Your rudeness..drives a sword through my heart.” “Even if I die, I will still love you.” “I’ve devoted my life to you.” “I can give you my heart, my life.” “I always see you wherever I look.” “You’re my life, you’re my world.” “Why did we separate like this?” “My earth and my sky are looking for you.” “Why did we separate, I cannot endure this pain.” “I can always feel you around me.” “It’s difficult to forget you, you don’t know.” “Sorrows surround me all the time.” “Why did I get punished for my love?” “Tell me why did you leave me?” “Tell me what was my mistake.” “You separated from me, I was heartbroken.” “I am living only because of you.” Whose are you praying for? Malishwari.

Welcome, all of you. You must know that today is Malishwari’s birthday. As you all know. One candle increases on every birthday. But..on this birthday, Malishwari’s bank balance.. ..will increase by 7.5 billion. Today, Bhawani Shankar will.. ..legally handover her property. Today is a big day. Because Malishwari is going to become Bhawani Shankar’s daughter-in-law. Now I welcome, Her highness Malishwari. Princess of Mirzapur. From this moment, this property is yours. Sign here. Here’s the pen. In order to give me my father’s property.. ..my grandfather fought in the court for many years.

For this people tried to kill me. And when they failed, they are making me their daughter-in-law. – Mali. – Let me speak, grandfather. I’ve lived like an ordinary woman before becoming a princess. Even I have a heart. Even I have desires. But no one cares about that. I have lots of money.. ..and that’s what they want. Everyone wants my money. But only one person loves me. And his name is Prasad.

I feel special around him. When I hold his hand, I feel strong. I feel the zest to live again with him. His salary is very less. Every day he buys a flower. Takes me to the movies once a week. If I get angry, he laughs. When I am in trouble, he cries. When I cry, he gives me courage. What more can I girl ask for? I would rather live like his queen.. ..then live like a princess in this palace. That’s why I am donating this property to my father’s trust. – Malishwari. – Malishwari. You must marry my son, or else.. Yeah! – Wait Malishwari. – Malishwari. – Malishwari. – Malishwari, wait. – Come, madam. – Open the door. – Quickly. – Come. Sister-in-law. Balu. What are you doing? Get in. Move aside. Move. Sorry, he’s no more. Stop. Stop. Stop. Pappu. Come on. Hurry up. – Hurry up. – Get in quickly. – Come. Come quickly. – Come on. – Are you blind? – I’ll talk to you later.

‘Your attention, please..’ That way. Come. ‘Is ready to leave..’ Prasad, where are you? – Prasad, sir. – Prasad, sir. – Who is Prasad – What’s going on? – Prasad sir. – Prasad. Bachelor Prasad. Malishwari. Malishwari, I’ve told you don’t call me that. Thank God you said it here. if you had said this at my home, my reputation would’ve been ruined. If you don’t respect me, then who will marry me. Tell me. I won’t get married. – Vishaka Apartments, sector 18. – We are happy. MBP colony.. – Hi. – Malishwari.. – Hello. – Sorry, we’re late. – The flat is very nice. – Thank you, brother. – What is the rent? – One minute. – Congratulations, Prasad. – Thank you. You donated the entire property to the trust. You did the right thing.

Otherwise, I would’ve gone crazy counting the money. What is the rent? – Sinu, listen. – Yes, sir. – Here you go. – How nice, sir. You gave me the money before I asked. Go get sweets for everyone. I know the rent here is pretty high. – Did you get promoted? – Prasad. Not you. The bachelor Prasad. What is this, sir? I am married now. I am Malishwari’s husband. – Listen, don’t get angry. – Okay. Balu, smoking is wrong. If you smoke regularly. Just one packet a day. – Pappu. – Coming, sir. – Where’s balu? – Sir, smoking is wrong, isn’t it? – What? – Look there. – Balu. – Coming. Balu, do you smoke. Sorry, madam. I won’t smoke again. Sorry isn’t enough. You burnt his shirt. Prasad, what is the rent? – Don’t be angry.. – Come here. – Do you know? – What? Your brother didn’t rent this flat. He bought it on loan. What are you up to? Nothing.

I was giving good news to your brother. Tell us too. – I got a transfer to Hyderabad. – Congratulations. – Did you tell your husband? – No, he is coming here. I will give him a surprise. Darling. Look, my husband has arrived. Good news. I was transferred here. .

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