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Cinnamon and honey weight loss results you should need to know before using this compound

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Ultsbefore watching the video don’t forget to click subscribe button below and click bell icon to notify view about publishing new videos channel natural treatment and home remedies presents video on cinnamon and honey weight loss results can you really use cinnamon and honey for losing weight when it comes to lose weight many long for the quick fix we are all aware that healthy diet and exercise are our best bets but are there any silver bullets certainly one of the hottest loss weight trends today is including cinnamon and honey in your everyday diet people consume it straight use this combo and tea or utilize it as a topping for cereal and other foods but can you really lose fat simply by eating honey and cinnamon what is so great about honey in fact study shows that it is very beneficial at treating wound infections it is great for treating burns as well and is effective as a cough suppressant as some non prescription medications what’s so great about cinnamon cinnamon sticks and powder cinnamon aromatic and flavorful cinnamon is at least as old as recorded history traditional Egyptians used it for embalming and by the time of the Roman Empire cinnamon was 15 times more expensive than silver similar to honey several medicinal properties are linked to cinnamon students reveals that it has antimicrobial as well as into parasitic effects it also includes antioxidants will help wound healing and can even lower blood pressure and cholesterol additionally like honey there is a little research to support taking it for lose weight what about cinnamon honey weight loss results abound about the fat burning properties of honey and cinnamon studies on this combination is slim a few research shows promise you are watching video on cinnamon and honey weight loss results please subscribe our channel for getting new videos thanks research discovered that replacing sucrose with honey may help stop weight gain whereas another showed that it may activate hormones that decrease the appetite but no research proved conclusively that honey and cinnamon can help you in weight loss one common kind of cinnamon cassia cinnamon includes a substantial amount of coumarin found in many plants coumarin may be used to deal with edema or water retention the National Institute for risk assessment in Germany claims that even little doses of coumarin consumed for longer than two weeks may cause liver damage especially in people who already have liver disease does this suggest you should stay away from cinnamon no but if you’re taking cinnamon with honey every day make sure that you’re using Ceylon cinnamon which includes far lower concentrations of coumarin in powdered form it’s not possible to tell the two spices apart to make sure you’re using Ceylon cinnamon you should buy it from a specialty spice purveyor natural foods store or Mexican market a get thin quick solution although the jury is still out with regards to lose weight a regular dose of the combination is required for this weight loss recipe add the combination in boiled water or in a cup of green tea will at least taste good always add honey to the tap warm liquid hot liquid will destroy the enzymes in the raw honey note drink this twice a day half cup in the morning and half cup before going to bed take on an empty stomach I hope this lose weight recipe will work for you I advise you to use filtered water to have the purest recipe and get the complete benefits I hope you enjoyed watching the video on cinnamon and honey weight loss results subscribe to our channel natural treatment home remedies and learn more about new things thanks for watching video subscribe comments likes and share thanks

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