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CPA Exam Motivation / Never Stop Chasing your Dreams / 3 Years after Studying for the CPA Exam

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Oh yo yo yo yo yo she pinched rank back at it again Waco Florida boy Florida half Florida Marlins over that Street gorilla that Frank Lenny watch me work for Myers Florida but got that Scarface Tony Montana Cuba to Florida you know what it is post hurricane Isabella you could it was hurricane mo bro what is wrong with you see I’m on location still on go my notice this location when I do my move on with Thai sticks hurricane Irma did disrupt a lot I mean I have no power still at my house I don’t know about my office haven’t been able to get in there I’m like I’m in Pompano Beach car that black I might see him you never know some in Pompano Beach right now which is like a couple miles north of Fort Lauderdale Thai sticks has power here so I came over here hardly any gas I was unprepared so come and the guy I just didn’t think about the gas stations don’t have gas yet so it’s kind of crazy but I’m blessed to have a place to stay this is a video about my CPA license and just uh kind of rethinking it a little bit I’ve recently got some comments because when I first started this CPA strength channel it when I was fresh you know a couple months off of I think I was six months deep of getting my CPA license which I basically was working on for about six years to get my CPA license you know after I graduated college just taking the exam took me I think I almost two years of taking the exam I was like four years of college two years of taking the exam I wanted to you know I gave a lot of tips about the exam and stuff but I was just starting my channel it was a very narrow field so I wasn’t getting much reach I made some accounting for beginners videos and you know those kind of took off because I don’t really think about it but debits and credits are the same the whole world over so the whole world can watch my youtube videos whereas the CPA exam is just a narrow field that being said I’ve gotten some recent comments about CPA exam and the 20 minute long video where I have my CPA motivation is getting a lot of play now so this is this might be like a part two you know like two years removed or three it’s crazy I was thing about two and I was only two years but no it’s been three years since I’ve been studying for the CPA exam that’s what I kind of want to put in in the main thing in this video I know I like to talk a lot and this is this is just letting me have some normality because filming YouTube videos is what I love to do I don’t I don’t want to miss my I don’t have a video for when your seat the day you’re seeing this then tomorrow for me I don’t have a video and I have a daily upload streak of like six or seven weeks and I’m just you know I’m personally really proud of I don’t really make a huge deal about it but I’m personally just very proud of it and I mean I’m sure you know it would be what it would be if I didn’t post a video but this is about I got well first of all I got a comment from some young lady that said like I just got my CPA license in Florida and I didn’t I never stopped and and and you know you helped me you helped motivate me and keep me going and and it was just like wow man I was like so cool like you know I just thought that I just grabbed me I was like sometimes I forget that I went that’s where I’m gonna try to get to that I’m like three years removed from studying for the exam I’ve had my CPA license since January 15 September 17 right now so I’ve had my license and I never thought it was gonna be true until I actually had the license in my hand or I was on the state website as being a licensed CPA so two and a half years I forget sometimes that I went through all that I forget sometimes you know the struggle the doubt the persevering the getting how proud I was of it you know and how proud you should be of getting it because it’s super tough you know some people can do it easily and good for them they’re like super duper smart but you know for me I just talk for me it was freaking hard like there was like I gave it I had to give it everything I had and I didn’t think I had anything more and I gave it more and when I finally when I finally passed when I finally finally passed it was great it was something that I actually you know and after that my friend passed the CPA exam I was talking to a friend about something else and I said so I’m like why pass the CPA exam I can do it he said well just because he passed the CPA exam doesn’t mean that you can do everything John and I was like well no it in my head – no it does seem like that I know you know certain things would take a lot of hard work and dedication but certainly the sea pigs it was so insurmountable for me that I feel like I can do anything now which I think you might feel as well I got it the the reason this video is kind of being prompted well number one I can’t get into my office so I can’t do a accounting for beginners number two reason because that one message where the lady from Florida got to hurt her CPA license then there was turned that over I should have put on airplane mode then I just got a comment saying because then I just got a comment saying hey should I put everything on hold – Pat put everything on hold of my life to pass the CPA license and then resume but I just have to say yeah that’s what I did I’m sure I know someone right now I was taking the exam and he’s soup he’s really smart he like leap degree he was in my grade and uh in like middle school but he leaped the grade like when we were on 6th grade they said you’re so smart you go to seventh grade he took far for his first exam and got like a 93 on it so you know there’s people like him where it’s like he has wife two kids a full-time job I don’t know when he studies but maybe I don’t know so I guess this isn’t for him so yeah I had to put everything on hold and this is also like if you’re doubting yourself over there like can you do it I would assume most people who’ve passed the CPA exam had a certain point you know where they doubted themselves well they didn’t know if they could do it or not you know I don’t know about everyone else I know about me for sure I know that that was over two I’d failed far I had worked a tax season so I thought hey I can pass the tax portion and I was reading everywhere how many hours everyone said oh you know I forget 100 out 80 hours per Section I forget what it was so I thought okay so I just studied for a certain amount every day then put it up the first first far I got I got a 73 filled that then I took the tax portion and I got 72 so I was over two and I might add well I worked at H&R Block for tax season and ice I saved up you know I saved up so most of the money so I wasn’t work you know just spending my savings and stuff studying for the tax and I wasn’t you know and I was only starting a certain amount of time so what I’m saying so after that I was out for two and I it was one of the moments where I really really really didn’t know like I was trying I thought I was trying like what what’s going on I thought I was trying damn it my battery is gonna run out here anyways I thought I thought I was trying to do the exam but I guess I really wasn’t and I just you know I was over too I just kind of like look myself in the mirror and said you got to do this man yeah you can do it so I said the hell with only studying certain around I just studied till I couldn’t study anymore then I would exercise for a little bit then I would study some more until I couldn’t do it I just went I just didn’t had no idea I could go that hard and study that much anyways I passed the next three CPA exams and that felt so rewarding I knew I could do it so if you can sit for the exam you know you can do it I’ve been I’ve been in jail I’ve been homeless I’ve been on meth I’ve been on heroin I’ve been a horrible drug addict I’ve been the worst of the worst everybody thought shit of me including myself you can do that if I can do this you can do this okay post-hurricane Irma I just wanted to get something up about the CPA motivation because I haven’t made a CPA video in like frickin a year-and-a-half and I feel like I’m a much better my oratory skills are much better and to make a video and I couldn’t do an accounting video so my main thing is if you’re having doubts everyone has doubts in the CPA exam I had serious doubts like there was that when I was over to I was about to just say well you know I say what were you thinking what JD what were you thinking you’re not smart enough to do this man you should just stayed a scumbag drug dealer man what are you doing with your you know what the fuck but you know I did it and you can to have a blessed life stay positive glass-half-full be nice to people be nice to yourself live a blessed life deuces